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Day In American History
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Actual dates are up-dated annually.
Any missing days to be completed in the near future.

This Day in American History
Edited by Ralph Mango

Since Ralph Mango has taken over the role of associate editor, actually proofing and reviewing the final draft of each news edition, he has also gotten interested in "This Day in American History." His role is not only to proof it, fix grammar, take out redundancy, but add events missed, as well as have me explain or re-write original items.

This feature began over 30 years when I would include what happened in the day of the month that I sent a birthday card to a client, friend, or vendor, where I knew their birthdate. Originally it was put together from various American history books, where I was a history buff. It was before the internet, which brought even more opportunities, including links to footnote events.

I am sure it takes Ralph over an hour each issue, as it certainly takes me that long also, to make corrections or explain further, as well as add new events. Sometimes the day has not been up-dated in five years or longer as each one is completed for a news edition.

I keep thinking they are getting too long, but then, we might leave out an interesting fact that occurred that day. Certainly they may help you if you watch Jeopardy, or play Trivial Pursuit.

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