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Why I Became a CLP
Doug Dawkins, "the industry veteran"

This is the eleventh article in a series about the Certified Lease Professional program, explaining why individuals decided to become a CLP, the process, and their reaction to the knowledge and other benefits gained.

"The industry veteran:"

Doug Dawkins is an old friend of Kit Menkin, who has survived many companies that were sold, merged, or closed down by the parent company. His story is unfortunately typical of our industry. He started his leasing career with Commonwealth Financial, in Oakland, in 1978. After changes there, he went to Equico Lessors, who also were bought out, so he moved to Litton Industries Credit Corp in early mid 80's. They consolidated, and he went to work in 1986 at Potomac Leasing, which soon became Dana Commercial Credit (Camelot). After this consolidation, he joined Orin Hall at Heritage, who eventually became part of Sierra Cities, then moved to Bell Atlantic TriCon, who decided to get out of the leasing business, as Doug also decided to do as he was tired of the musical chairs. But he missed the "action," so re-entered the leasing industry with Tokai Financial Services, then joined AT&T Capital (VP Sales west coast). That soon became Newcourt Financial, and then CIT. "CIT closed down our group, so I moved to HPSC, then to GE Capital, in the Sun Computer group. From GE/Sun, I came to Tyco Healthcare. I've been with Tyco for more than 3 years. I like it here. I think this is a very stable position and a great company to work for."

"I had been working in sales or sales management for various lessors since 1978. When my father passed away unexpectedly in 1993, I took a hiatus, and found my way into personal financial planning for seniors. I earned a life and disability license, and also the series 7 and 63 securities license. While I was moderately successful at it, I realized I missed the leasing business.

"I got back into leasing with Tokai Financial Services, around 1996, and it felt good to be back. Tokai offered financial assistance to upgrade my leasing knowledge, so I chose to take the CLP study course, and test. I really wanted to test myself; to be sure I hadn't lost anything while I had been away.

"Although I was more comfortable with the concepts being covered, I felt the CLP exam was more difficult than either the Life, or the Securities exam.

"I remember waiting anxiously, hoping to hear that I had done well enough to pass.

"I was certainly more proud of that accomplishment, than anything I had done prior, in my leasing career. I felt I had validated my leasing knowledge.

"My wife, Karen, and I drove down to Palm Springs, in April 1998, to receive my plaque at the next Western Association of Equipment Leasing meeting.

"I am currently managing the leasing programs for a medical equipment manufacturer. I come into contact with many leasing people daily. I am sometimes discouraged by the lack of knowledge, and professionalism displayed by some who approach us to do business.

"I would like to see a greater emphasis on training in our industry. I think we should all strive to be as competent as we can be in our chosen profession. Choosing to take the CLP exam was one of the best things I did in my leasing career, and I strongly urge others to consider doing the same."

Douglas R. Dawkins CLP

Director Customer Finance

Tyco Healthcare
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