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Why I became a CLP

D. Paul Nibarger

This is the fifth in a series about the Certified Lease Professional program, explaining why individuals decided to become a CLP, the process, and their reaction to the knowledge and other benefits gained.

"Three equipment leasing associations support the Certified Leasing Foundation by promoting the CLP Program to their members," Cindy Spurdle, Executive Director explains. "Each of the associations appoint two of their member CLP's to serve on our Board of Directors each year, so information can flow freely back and forth. They also invite the Foundation to exhibit at their annual conferences each year. This year the Foundation will hold either a one-day CLP Class, an Introduction to the CLP Program Workshop or both at the annual conferences. We are often invited to take part in regional events.

"All three of the associations wholeheartedly support our mission to raise the professional standards of our industry through testing and continued education."

"The representatives this year are:

Steve Crane, CLP, Bank of the West - Equipment Leasing
Shari Lipski, CLP, ECS Financial Services, Inc.

Joe Bonanno, Esq., CLP, Law Office of Joseph Bonanno
D. Paul Nibarger, CLP, Nibarger Associates

Jim Coston, Esq., CLP, Coston & Rademacher PC
Jim Merrilees, CLP, Pacific Capital Bank - Equipment

The first to respond was Paul Nibarger. Well-known in the equipment leasing industry, he also supplied Leasing News with his collection of leasing news magazines from the 1970's, which completed the Leasing News library collection. There were also records and handouts from the many leasing conferences Mr. Nibarger attended ( we had over six large boxes) in his thirty-three years in business.

"Nibarger Associates is an investment banking firm which provides corporate financial advisory services in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures of public and privately held business. The firm has a strong specialty in meeting the intermediate and long term financing needs of its clients through equipment financing and leasing and continues to acquire and service asset based portfolios. We are members of Equipment Leasing Association (ELA) and National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers (NAELB) with a California Finance Lender/Broker license, # 603-8622."

"In 1992, Steve Dunham of Leasing Associates and I were the only two west coast representatives at the NAELB meeting in Atlanta," he said as explaining his role as a director. " Since then, I've watched the organization grow from its regional roots to a national organization. In 1995, our firm became a member of NAELB

"The NAELB motto, 'Success by Association' is most appropriate. I've profited financially as well as intellectually from my association with NAELB. Perhaps the most important benefit of association is that of the strong encouragement within NAELB to practice high standards of personal and professional conduct with our funding sources and fellow brokers and their long time support of the Certified Lease Professional ('CLP') program.

"I remember the stirring challenge at the 1996 NAELB annual meeting to become a CLP. Several CLP's put on an overview of the CLP program and the steps needed to obtain the CLP certification. While I had been in the leasing business since 1973 and had run the large ticket group for a major bank, had been a lessee/lessor advisor and purchased numerous portfolios of leases and loans for our own account, I was nevertheless intrigued by what the NAELB was attempting to do in raising the ethical and professional level of the leasing community. I accepted the challenge, gained new knowledge and through UAEL became a CLP in 1997. I've subsequently become a "mentor" and enjoy being able to give back to my profession.

"A continuing hallmark of NAELB has been this promotion of ethical professionalism in the leasing community and being a strong supporter of the CLP program. At NAELB's 15th Annual Conference (April 20-22, 2006, Hilton Hotel, Minneapolis, MN) on Thursday, April 20th there will be an all day CLP Review. This comprehensive eight-hour program will be taught by CLP's and provides an in-depth review of some of the tougher subjects in equipment leasing: lease classification and terminology, leasing law, documentation and collection, math of leasing and accounting for leases. There is no additional cost for the class."

"The NAELB is a strong supporter of the CLP Foundation," said Heather von Bargen, the association's president." As you know, we provide the CLP Foundation with booth space at our annual and regional conferences, in addition to meeting room space for review classes and testing. We also promote their products, services, and involvement to our members and prospects.

"We recognize our members with CLP designations at conferences and award their plaques.

"We give the CLP Foundation a link on our website and we promote their products and services to our members.

"We have open communication with them through their board members that represent the NAELB.

"The NAELB and the CLP Foundation both are committed to promoting ethical industry practices and standards."