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Romoff's Key Sales Person Leaves

Jean Cutting is one of the first to leave ICB Leasing Corp., which was merged into Sovereign Leasing. Almost 30 employees, in operations and sales, are moving or looking elsewhere, some have been let go.

Cutting was senior indirect originator at ICB, where she was responsible for purchasing middle-market leases and loans from independent lessors and bank leasing companies. Prior to that, she worked in various capacities for Bank of America Leasing, IBJ Schroder Leasing, and American Brands, Inc. In total, Cutting has 22 years of experience in the equipment finance industry.

U.S.Bank Equipment Finance grabbed her in a hurry, naming Ms. Cutting “vice president and sales associate” for third party finance, a specialty unit within the vendor finance group. U.S. Bank Equipment in a press release said, “Cutting is responsible for finding, building and managing funding relationships with independent and small bank-owned leasing companies as well as intermediaries in the eastern region. “

Originally working in New York City , she now is located in New Jersey .

“We're very pleased to have Jean join third party finance. She's a significant addition to this team, bringing with her years of experience and a wide range of existing business contacts,” said Ed Cipro, vice president and managing director of third party finance and capital markets finance at U.S. Bank Equipment Finance.

She is a graduate of St. John's University , Staten Island , N.Y. Cutting resides in Morris County, N.J., with her husband and two teenage sons.

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