From The Birmingham Jewish Federation
May 31, 2009





Sculpture of the Hebrew word "Chai" has been installed outside of the Day School.

In December of 2007, 17-year-old Leah Marks, a former N.E. Miles Jewish Day School student, was killed in a car accident. Leah was a passenger in a car driven by a teen under the influence of alcohol. She was not wearing a seat belt.

Barry Marks, Leah's father, has used this tragic event to encourage others to "affirm life." A stainless steel sculpture of the Hebrew word "Chai," which means life, has been installed outside of the Day School.

This gift to the school and the Jewish community campus has been donated by friends and family of Leah, to remind young people and parents to live life to the fullest, maintain a healthy lifestyle and value each and every day.

The sculpture was designed by community member Eve Laxer and produced by well-known sculptor Brad Morton.

To further support the emotional needs of young people, and to ensure students gain positive self-esteem and an understanding of healthy lifestyles, Barry has established the Leah Marks Honor Our Children Fund in the Birmingham Jewish Foundation to benefit Day School students and others.

Programs relating to guidance, self-esteem and safety will be supported by this fund, honoring the memory of Leah for generations to come. In the fall, final landscaping and the dedication of the sculpture will be completed, and will include life-affirming designs by Day School students.

If you are interested in supporting the Honor our Children initiative please contact Susan Greene at the Day School at 879-1068 or or Sally Friedman at the Birmingham Jewish Foundation at 879-0416 or