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Brican America September, 2012

The cases against Brican and others continue. This email was received about the co-founder of Brican America and responded to in "We get eMail:"

“Good afternoon. I run a small business in Florida that specializes in smartphone marketing for the marine and real estate industries. We've been looking for ways to expand our product a little before launch, and one service that I had been interested in is video marketing from a company called Citrus Pie. Back in the Spring, I was approached by a man running the company based in Miami named Jean Vincens who was looking for commissioned salesmen to sell a marketing and video product to the marine industry. Being that my background was in yacht sales before I became an attorney, he was interested in my connections in the industry. I decided to pass on his offer, and moved onto my current project.

While your field and mine don't generally cross paths, the reason I'm emailing you is your news site seems to have Mr. Vincens name pop up a few times, and none of the times are very flattering to Mr. Vincens and the ventures he's been associated with. I'm sure this email is highly unusual, but I'm wondering if you have any information you could share about him and his companies, and if you know anything about Citrus Pie USA. I appreciate anything you might be able to share, as I'm starting to think it might be wise to look elsewhere for video marketing services, especially when I recall that he did discuss financing the videos for doctors and yacht brokers when he tried to hire me. Based on what you've written about his other ventures and leasing, I'm thinking that it might be an issue.

(name with held)

(My opinion: Run, don't walk, as fast as you can away from Mr. Vincens and his colleagues. Editor)