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Outstanding opportunity for established vendor sales professional to introduce a cash advance product that vendors can utilize to facilitate the sale of their products. To apply, please send resume to

Monday, August 14, 2006


Classified Ads---Operations
    Archive-August 15,2000—Steve Geller on Orix
        Super “Broker/Lessor” List
Classified Ads---Help Wanted
    Top Stories--August 7-11
        Leasing 102--by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP
        “What good is Lease Education
            for the back office?”
Linda Kester Waiting for your e-mail
    Leasing Association Meetings open to All
        Cartoon----“Hanging Out”
Bode goes Swimming--by Kit Menkin
    Placard---“Rules of Life”
        Remembering a Legend---Bill Graneri
Mongolia: IFC Advises on new Leasing Law
    News Brief---
        You May have Missed---
California Nuts Briefs---
    "Gimme that Wine"
        Calendar Events
Today's Top Event in History
    This Day in American History
        Baseball Poem
            SuDoku Puzzle

######## surrounding the article denotes it is a “press release”


Classified Ads---Operations

Youngberg Hill Vineyards, McMinnville, Oregon

and Inn *

Orange County, CA
Operations/Credit Manager with 15 Years Experience, Middle & Large Ticket, initiated policies for Patriot Act and Sarbanes Oxley, Team Motivator.

East Windsor, NJ
Skilled Manager in credit, collections, training, documentation, policy and procedure, lease and finance operations. Get results and keep the customer coming back.

New York, NY
10+ years in equipment leasing/secured lending. Skilled in management & training, documentation, policy and procedure development & implementation, portfolio reporting. Strong work ethic.

Wayne, NJ
20+ heavily experienced collection/recovery VP looking to improve someone's bottom line. Proven, verifiable track record. Knowledge of all types of portfolio. Will relocate

For a full listing of all “job wanted” ads, please go to:

To place a free “job wanted” ad, please go to:

* "We are perched 700 feet above Oregon's Willamette Valley, 10 minutes from McMinnville in Yamhill County and surrounded by twelve acres of our own award-winning Pinot Noir vineyards. Youngberg Hill is the highest rated Inn in the valley and provides the perfect location for those seeking a quiet, romantic getaway, events, as well as a great base for those wishing to tour the Oregon wine country."



Archive-August 15, 2000—Steve Geller on Orix

“Closing of Orix Portland Was Vendor Driven Operation

Have no fear! The ORIX small ticket operation, operated out of our office in Oregon, was always a vendor driven operation, not open to lease brokers or finance companies for discount. It is not related to my operation in New Jersey, which continues ‘business as usual.'"

"Geller, Steve"

(Even Steve didn't know the changes underway at the time. Today

Today he is at:

Leasing Solutions, LLC
Steve Geller, CLP



Super "Broker/Lessor" List

( for funders specializing in “Story Credits, “ please click here
for Broker/Lessors List "A," please click here, for list "B," pleae click here,
for Funder List "A," please click here, for Funder List "B," please click here )

There is no advertising fee or charge for a listing. They are “free.” Leasing News makes no endorsement of any of the companies listed, except they have qualified to be on this specific list.

Affiliated Investment Group, Inc. LPI Healthcare Financial Srvcs, Inc.
BSB Leasing Quail Capital Corporation
Leasing Solutions, LLC  

For those who want to be listed on this form, please fill out Super "Broker/Lessors" Form
and fax to 408-374-3843
or you may e-mail to:

Leasing Associations: All non-profit leasing associations are abbreviated. To see the full name and learn more about the association, please click here.

Business Reports: Companies listed may make any netiquette comment about their company or reports or other information in the footnote section of their listing. Leasing News recommends readers also view the footnote as well as the section itself or searching reports on the business.

It also should be noted that if a BBB report listing is found by a reader, as there may not have been one when this was last up-dated, please send the link to so Leasing News may up-date this section.

BBB - Better Business Report | CBB - Leasing News Complaint Bulletin Board
| CNI - Current News Information

A -Requires Broker be Licensed | B -Sub-Broker Program | C -Warehouse Line | D -Also a Funder

N/R (not reported)
* (no response---these listing do not come from the company directly, but from our research from many sources. It is our policy not to put anything in this section without confirmation.)

In Business Since
Leasing Association
Business Reports
BSB Leasing, Inc.
Bruce Zwillinger, Vice President
800.945.3372 ext. 306
Application only up to $150,000
Quail Capital Corp
Mohammed Ahsan
888-44Quail X23

$10,000 to $10 million, App only $100K

LPI Healthcare Financial Services, Inc.
(primarily loans, not leases)
Kurt Hess
770-579-2900 ext. 11
$15,000.00 up to $800,000.00
Affiliated Investment Group, Inc.
("Although the company was established in 1991, it has been inactive until recently and is the proud continutation of the 20 year history of Affliated Corporate Services, Inc. Known as “The Flexible Funding Source,”actually since 1991 worked under trade style of Affiliated Corporate Services.")
Jim Lahti , CLP
PH: 512-336-7335
FAX: 512-336-7336

$25,000 min., with no max.

"Ap only" program $25,000 - $75,000

Leasing Solutions, LLC
Steve Geller, CLP
$20,000 to $2MM
  * * * *

N/R (not reported)
* (no response---these listing do not come from the company directly, but from our research from many sources. It is our policy not to put anything in this section without confirmation.)

(A) BSB Leasing, Inc has been providing syndication services for brokers nationwide since 1982 and have been funding business directly since 2002 through BSB Direct Finance, LLC. We offer Brokers a complete internet solution for credit submission and tracking and document preparation.

BSB will fund up to $75,000 App Only on our direct line under BSB Direct Finance, LLC and we now offer App Only up to $150,000 through BSB Syndication (our house syndication group

Broker Qualify - Please Call or see application on-line at

(B) Affiliated Investment Group, Inc. is the proud continuation of over 20 years of serving the broker community. We are a balance sheet, cash flow, credit lender. The primary question on every transaction is "what is the likelihood of being paid back". Our motto is "any equipment, for any Lessee, anywhere in the country". Also known as "The Flexible Funding Source" as we look at a deal with the philosophy of "what's right" about it "how can we make it work". We have significant sources of funds from A to C+ credits.
Broker Qualify - Yes

(C) Quail Capital specializes in large structured and complex transactions. Mohammed Ahsan began his days at Westinghouse Credit (then Atlantic Federal, Mitsubishi Bank, Bank of CA, First Sierra) funding transactions. He has been in the leasing industry for 25 + years. His partner Jeff Rudin has over 27 years. In addition to equipment leasing, Quail Capital is also involved in Asset Based Lending, Franchise Funding, International Finance, Acquisition Finance and Real Estate Secured transactions.
Broker Qualify - Please Call

(D) LPI-HC specializes in Working Capital Loans for new and established medical professionals with our target market being dentists, medical doctors, veterinarians and physical therapists. We also offer Dental Practice Refinancing for established dentists that want to consolidate all their practice debts and improve their cash flow position. "We have the financial solutions to help start and grow a practice with repayment programs designed for medical professionals to manage their money."
Broker Qualify - Please Call


These companies basically function as a "broker," meaning most of their transactions are sent to other leasing companies or funders. The great majority of their transactions are on a “non-recourse” basis. They may have a “warehouse” line for “housing” a lease transaction or making payments in advance, or building a portfolio to sell, and they also may “keep” leases for their own “in house” portfolio. They are classified as a “Super Broker” because the great majority do not directly “service” accounts, but “sell” the transaction to another. Their intention it not to act as a “funder,” although they may present themselves as one, but to “sell” to another.

An additional description: the majority of their business comes from others, who are acting as a “broker.” These “deals” may come from an independent, a “company,” or even a “lessor” or “funder.”

Most are very experienced in the leasing industry and well-known.

In relation to the rest of the industry categories, this is the smallest. You will only find the “elite” listed here. To date, Leasing News has turned down eight who have requested to be listed due to not having a “satisfactory” Better Business Bureau report (this does not include those listed on the Leasing News Bulletin Board Complaint who have not applied to date.)

It is Leasing News experience that most “advance rentals” or “deposits” have been kept primarily by those acting as “super brokers,” particularly with “tougher” credits or equipment situations.

Their source of business is varied, meaning both new and experienced brokers will come to them because they may not have the "volume" for the source the "super broker" may have; they may be have sufficent years in the leasing business to qualify for many sources: they may be looking for a better rate than their regular sources, or the transaction was originated by another broker and they need to acknowledge that the transaction comes from another broker, called "sub broker," in the trade (most funders will not accept business from that has been “re-brokered.” .” As important, the sender may not have a regular source for the specific transaction they want to place, such as a young privately held company wanted the lease as “corporate only.”  Both parties also realize the sender may “go direct” or grow to that point or utilize the “Super Broker” as a consultant for new sources.

Most important, the transactions may come from a lessor that wants to satisfy their client, and they have a "minimum" that the transaction does not meet; or perhaps their client is to the maximum amount of exposure for them.

For whatever reason, they come to a "super broker" to place the deal on their behalf.

In the question of sub-broker business, we take for granted that the “super broker” not only has a written agreement with the sub-broker but informs the lessor when submitting an application it has come from a sub-broker. A violation of this will have the company removed from the list.

In addition to the above qualifications, the "Super Broker" must have a "clean" Better Business Bureau rating, no Leasing News Bulletin Board complaints or a poor record, and must belong to a national leasing association, as we view this that they are professional and abide by their association standards and code of ethics.

We also will be verifying warehouse lines or "lessor" lines with their bankers (as done with those on the Story Credit List.)

Leasing News reserves the right not to list any company it believes does not meet the qualifications as stated above.



Classified Ads---Help Wanted

Marketing Specialist

ELD Marketing Specialist
Walnut Creek, CA

Serve as a liaison between the leasing department and several hundred brokers . Requires a BA/BS; 3+ years of leasing and contract experience; Click here for detailed description & resume submission info.


Highest Commission in Industry

Seeking self-motivated, energetic individuals for California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois,Texas
equipment transportation leasing/financing. Moderate travel & extensive phone work.
Email resume : or fax to 718-392-5427.

About the Company: Advantage Funding was recently acquired by Marubeni Motor Holdings, a major Japanese trading company and is a leading commercial and consumer vehicle and equipment financing and leasing company based in Long Island City, NY.


Outstanding opportunity for established vendor sales professional to introduce a cash advance product that vendors can utilize to facilitate the sale of their products. To apply, please send resume to



Top Stories--August 7-11

Here are the top ten stories most "opened" by readers last week.

(1) IFC gets Walloped in Jury Trial

(This was the most read story since Leasing News has been keeping records of "Top Stories," evidently also sent to many who are not regular readers.)

(2) Balboa Capital pushes "Evergreen" to Brokers

(Look for more stories as readers do not appear to be in favor of the "Evergreen" clause in lease contracts.)

(3) Sales Makes it Happen---by Linda Kester
“Broker Commissions”

(Consistently always in the "Top Ten;" readers evidently like what she writes about and her opinion.)

(4) Leasing 102 by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP
“Revenue ruling 179”

(A new column by Terry Winders and the subject was obviously of interest to many readers.)

(5) NY AG Spitzer gets Nine more NorVergence settlements

(This was an exclusive, not from a press release. Periodically check court and AG web sites for information, and found these. Six were current, and three not as current. Why these companies did not settle when GE, CIT and the majors did is not answered here.

The terms and conditions were the same or better.)

(6) "Being a Broker" Module: Big Hit

(Again, a follow-up to another exclusive story, wanting to find out how this program was received. The NAELB has been very responsive when you ask them for information and Leasing News greatly appreciate this.)

(7) June brings top Second quarter for 25 Leasing companies

(The results with graphs, including one of our own.)

(8) Pacific Capital joins “Funder List”

(includes the announcement of more "funders" being added with an List "A" and List "B")

(9) NetBank posts loss, halts dividend

(Leasing News is working on a story that NetBank leasing is for sale; Dwight Galloway, Charles Randall and their staff may move again to stay together.)

(10) Lisa Lersner, Lease & Finance Consulting

(When she placed an ad in our Classified ads-Outsourcing, thought there may be an interesting story here. It seems the readers agree.)

“Consultant: Ridgefield CT.

Lisa Lersner w/20 years exp. specializing in leasing technology now providing lessor selection and management services, including the securing of debt and equity and acquisition guidance services.

Email: Go to”

Readers did not agree on the:

Contact Management Survey

(While the response was good, those wishing to see the results was relatively low.)

The full RW Professional Story

(Readers write to us about when is Drayer going to be sentenced.

This was a follow-up and it yield a great novelette, from the US Attorney. It came from a public site and was discovered in following up the sentencing procedure. I thought this was the best story of the week, although to understand it you had to read the 153 pages and learn that from one account, Medpro, Barker received $4.3 in commissions, The millions of dollars in wire transfers, the work of the IRS, the state board of equalization, how the banks were fooled, and inside testimony of what really was going on as conducted by Barry Drayer. This is for operations people to read, community bankers, and how this conviction was obtained; how they did it.

Fascinating, especially if you a detective novel fan as I am.)

Blody now VP at Butler Capital

(Since I have changed this regular format to tell you about what I thought was an article that should have been read by more readers, one of my favorites was interviewing Don Body at Butler. This first came as a press release, and I had seen it in the competition editions, so when the Butler marketing person called, I said I need a new angle or something different, as the has been printed elsewhere. After perhaps two e-mails, I decided to call up Body and see if I could get a “new” story.

He answered the telephone and I asked if I could do an interview, and my first question was, “Now that you are a vice-president, what do you do?” He answered, “I don't know.” And the conversation was hilarious from then on. Finally, I got him to talk about where he had been. In the course, he also told me he had an opportunity to go elsewhere, and how he had decided on joining Butler. We talked about GE Tilden days, and as my bent, I sent him a draft of the article, which included his picture the marketing person sent along. He made some corrections and deletions, and made a comment that he preferred if used the photograph, to make him look like Brad Pitt. So Leasing News accommodated him:

Donald A. Blody

The marketing person followed up before the article was printed, and I told her it was a hilarious interview, and that Mr. Blody had quite a good sense of humor. She said, “You don't know the half of it.”


One extra this week, readers on our mailing list received immediate news at their desk:

Fed Leaves Rate "As is"

(Our competitors did not have this until the next day.)

Kit Menkin, editor



Leasing 102

by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP

“What good is Lease Education for the back office?”

The back office is clearly a large expense, and to minimize it have each person good at there job and do what they are told to, to hold down costs. How many times have I heard that comment!!! Efficiently comes from people that are not only trained in their job but trained in what leasing is all about so they can detect errors and omissions. Robots can perform many tasks but you do not expect them to think. I believe that too many lessor's think the same about their staff.

On many occasions I have had to thank my lucky stars that a member of my staff questioned what was occurring and therefore saved my bacon. This would not have occurred if I had not understood how valuable education on all aspects of leasing was to my staff. They need not be lawyers but they need to understand documentation and the purpose of doing it correctly. They do not need to be accountants but they can find a problem with structuring and pricing faster than you can. A completely trained staff is the best back up in the world. If you train and respect them they become part of the team and not part of the furniture.

Regardless on how many years someone has been in leasing, changes occur every day. New ways to offer and handle the business need constant attention and management is not always on top of every change. Sending staff to training to refine their tasks and review current changes can support your need to control costs and be on top of your market. Just staying abreast of changes in documentation can save you time and money and protect the viability of your company.

One of the cheapest ways to offer training is to have one of the many lease educators come in and do a review of your procedures by having all of the staff explain their function and where they fit in the chain of events. When everyone sees the correct work flow and its purpose, it gives meaning to their jobs, and once in a while suggestions surface that will improve the duplication of effort and establish a more efficient method. Current changes in the companies business plan can also be presented that makes everyone aware of the company goals and makes sure they are all pulling the same way.

Usually an outside trainer is best because the teacher is not handicapped by the restrictions of the company's outlook and current and new approaches can be presented.

If everyone is trained to understand leasing and its benefits then they can be your ambassadors away from the office. A happy employee encourages customers to do business each day because the customers get answers instead of being past off to others. The more professional your staff looks the better it is for your company reputation.

Another suggestion I have is to prepare a test for your staff on the rules and regulations plus questions on your company policy and simple questions on types of leases you offer and the markets you prefer and then prepare yourself for the results. If you are not surprised at some of the answers you will be in the minority. If you need help preparing these tests contact me because I have a lot of such tests.

One thing is for certain “all the rules and all the competitors change everyday” and staying on top of the changes is a full time job. It is difficult when you have a strong understanding of commercial leasing and an impossible job if you do not. Plus your organization, when poorly trained can destroy you. Education and training is a must to a properly run leasing company.

Mr. Terry Winders has been a teacher, consultant, expert witness for the leasing industry for thirty years and can be reached at or 502-327-8666



Linda Kester Waiting for your e-mail

“Broker Commissions”

“I'll take on the role of investigative reporter to provide you with more info on this subject. Please share your knowledge of typical points and deal sizes (I'll keep you anonymous if you like), I'll compile a summary and share the information in a follow-up article to make us all more knowledgeable on current industry trends.”

Please contact Ms. Kester and help us with this survey: “on” or “off the record.”

Original Story:



Leasing Association Events-Meetings Open to All

August 14, 2006

EAEL Golf outing
Rock Spring Country Club
Orange, NJ

Hosted by Jim Jenco and Robert Ingram.

For registration information, please contact the EAEL office at 212.809.1602 or


August 17th
Golf Outing

Rock Spring Country Club
West Orange, NJ

To register or learn more, please go here:


September 8-9th
Western Regional Meeting




 Commitment Fees:  When are they are earned and when they are not is always a hot topic for discussion.  Have you heard you're missing the boat because you don't collect commitment fees?   Many folks collect commitment fees to get a deal off the street.  Do you?  Should you?  When the deal doesn't get approved or doesn't fund, the fun really starts!!    See what your fellow brokers have to say about this hot topic.  Do you face competition from banks, captives, or large lessors?  Of course you do!  That's why you'll find an abundance of expertise and advice on Competing with Banks, Captives, and Large Lessors at the upcoming NAELB Western Regional Meeting.   Every broker competes with these folks and they all do it in different ways.  Learn directly from those in the trenches, who have already faced a situation you may be in now!  You'll get back to the office Monday with a new "slingshot" to compete with the "big guys."  


Don't forget to vote for the 10 roundtables you want to learn about!     


Register for the NAELB Western Regional Meeting now at 
to join us in sunny California September 8-9!

Non-member companies who join NAELB at this meeting will receive $50 attendee fee credit toward their 2007 membership dues and are entilted to memberhsip privileges for the balance of 2006.

There are over 30 "Round Table Discussion Topics"
and attendees vote for the 10 discussion topics they would like to have on the agenda for the Western Regional.

Registration form:


National Association of Equipment
Leasing Brokers

Eastern Regional Meeting
November 3-4, Atlanta, Georgia

Renaissance Concourse Hotel
One Hartsville Centre Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30354





Bode goes Swimming

by Kit Menkin

Sue taught Bode how to swim. She gets annoyed when I say this, as she says, “You can't teach a dog how to swim. They know how to swim naturally.”

She did teach him where the steps were, and got him comfortable there. Then she held him in the water, taking him around, for several days. Finally, she played with him on the steps and got him to jump in and chase after her. To me, that is teaching him how to swim.

Our three black labs and golden retriever, when they were alive, never went into the swimming pool. The ocean, yes.

A lake, yes. Even “Sam” liked to chase the ducks in the pond in Mendocino. But none of them would ever go into the swimming pool.

Sue says the other dogs we had were female. Bode is a male. He swims right up to her.

Here is seven month old Bode Ace Menkin swimming in our backyard pool:

He swam to her.

He certainly likes to be in the water, and whenever we are in, he wants to be there, too:

I may have to ask my friend Greg McIntosh to come down from Sacramento and help me train Bode. He has his dog get the newspaper for him every day.





Remembering a Legend---Bill Graneri


### Press Release ###########################

Mongolia: IFC Advises on New Financial Leasing Law

Mongolia has officially adopted a new law on financial leasing. The law, developed with the support of IFC's Leasing Development Project, facilitates an important new financing mechanism for small and medium enterprises, helping raise income levels and stimulate job creation.

The new law complements the country's civil code by providing a definition that distinguishes between financial leasing and similar contractual relationships, enabling the introduction of leasing-related tax amendments. Revised VAT and corporate income tax laws, including several favorable articles for financial leasing, have also been adopted and will go into effect on January 1, 2007. The leasing law clarifies what type of assets may be leased; the rights and duties of the parties, in particular those of the vendor; and addresses the issue of repossession. The law will benefit Mongolian small and medium enterprises, which often lack collateral and thus cannot obtain long-term loans to purchase equipment.

“The leasing law is a powerful tool that can help transform Mongolia from a supplier of raw materials into a manufacturer of end products. Leasing provides a new method of financing that will can help small and medium enterprises improve production by modernizing their equipment, thereby helping create new jobs and raise income levels,” said Mr. Gankhuyag Davaajav, Chairman of the Parliamentary Working Group on Financial Leasing.

The new law was developed with the support of an IFC technical assistance project to promote leasing in Mongolia, which was officially launched in March 2005 and is supported by the Japanese government. The project draws on IFC's extensive experience in leasing development programs in several countries of the former Soviet Union. It provides training and consulting services to small and medium enterprises, who will be the beneficiaries of a well-developed financial leasing sector, as well as to financial intermediaries and the Mongolian government.

Leasing in Mongolia is in its initial stage of development, but growing fast as financial intermediaries position themselves to take advantage of the new legislation. In 2005 the total value of leasing was $10.7 million, an increase of 40.2 percent over 2004. Banks recorded an increase of 813 percent on their outstanding lease portfolio in 2005, while nonbank financial institutions reported an increase of 200 percent.

About IFC

The International Finance Corporation is the private sector arm of the World Bank Group and is headquartered in Washington, D.C. IFC coordinates its activities with the other institutions of the World Bank Group but is legally and financially independent. Its 178 member countries provide its share capital and collectively determine its policies.

The mission of IFC is to promote sustainable private sector investment in developing and transition countries, helping to reduce poverty and improve people's lives. IFC finances private sector investments in the developing world, mobilizes capital in the international financial markets, helps clients improve social and environmental sustainability, and provides technical assistance and advice to governments and businesses. From its founding in 1956 through FY05, IFC has committed more than $49 billion of its own funds and arranged $24 billion in syndications for 3,319 companies in 140 developing countries. IFC's worldwide committed portfolio as of FY05 was $19.3 billion for its own account and $5.3 billion held for participants in loan syndications. For more information, visit


### Press Release ###########################

News Briefs---

Oil field shutdown demonstrates Alaska's dependence on oil industry



You May have Missed---

Backing up the Border Patrol



California Nuts Briefs---

Zinfandel as state grape is now up to the Governor

Schwarzenegger's supporters drum up ag votes



“Gimme that Wine”

Want to cash in on rising global temperatures? Consider buying a vineyard in northern Europe or planting grapes in Maine.

Wine Prices by vintage

US/International Wine Events

Winery Atlas\

Leasing News Wine & Spirits Page



Calendar Events This Day

Canada: Yukon Discovery Day
In the Klondike region of the Yukon, a Bonanza Creek (formerly known as Rabbit Creek), George Washington Carmack discovered gold August 16 or 17, 1896. During the following year more than 30,000 people joined the gold rush to the area. Anniversary is celebrated as a holiday (Discovery Day) in the Yukon, on nearest Monday.

Pakistan: Independence Day.
Gained independence from Britain in 1947.

Victory Day: Rhode Island.
State holiday commemorating President Truman's announcement of the surrender of the Japanese to the Allies on August 14, 1945. Official ratification of surrender occurred about the USS Missouri at Tokyo Bay, September 2 (Far Eastern Time.)



Today's Top Event in History

    1848-Congress created the Oregon Territory (Idaho, western Montana, Oregon and Washington).



This Day in American History

    1746-Fort Oswego in north central New York was captured by the French under General Joseph de Moncalm de Saint-Veran. General Montcalm surrendered the fort useless for military purposes and returned to Montreal.
    1765-- On this morning, the people of Boston awakened to discover two effigies suspended from an elm tree in protest of the hated Stamp Act. From that day forward, that elm became known as the "Liberty Tree". For the next ten years, it stood in silent witness to countless meetings, speeches and celebrations, and often served as the rallying place for the Sons of Liberty. In August of 1775, as a last act of violence prior to their evacuation of Boston, British Soldiers cut it down because it bore the name "Liberty". The American Liberty elm was named after "The Liberty Tree", Our Country's First Symbol of Freedom.
    1776- Land grant to deserters from the British Army during the Revolutionary War was authorized by the act of the Continental Congress. The act offered American citizenship to British and Hessian deserters from the British Army and gave each desert or his heirs 50 acres of un-appropriated land in certain states. On August 27, 1776, a similar act was passed to encourage officers in the British forces to desert.
    1846-Henry David Thoreau is jailed for tax resistance.
    1846-Mormon Elder Sam Brannan preached a sermon in front of Richardson's Casa Grande, San Francisco.
    1848-Congress created the Oregon Territory (Idaho, western Montana, Oregon and Washington).
    1849-Thomas Tennent began San Francisco Bay Area weather observations from roof of the building at the northeast corner of Union and Dupont. He also recorded earthquakes.
    1862-Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith begins an invasion of Kentucky as part of a Confederate plan to draw the Yankee army of General Don Carlos Buell away from Chattanooga, Tennessee, and to raise support for the Southern cause in Kentucky. Smith led 10,000 troops out of Knoxville, Tennessee, on August 14 and moved toward the Cumberland Gap—the first step in the Confederate invasion of Kentucky. After a Federal force evacuated the pass in the face of the invasion, Smith continued north. On August 30, he encountered a more significant force at Richmond, Kentucky. In a decisive battle, the Confederates routed the Yankees and captured most of the 6,000-man army. The Confederates occupied Lexington a few days later.
    1863-Birthday of Ernest Lawrence Thayer, poet and journalist, born at Lawrence, MA. He wrote a series of comic ballads for the San Francisco Examiner, of which “Casey at the Bat” was the last. It was published and he received $5 in payment for it. Recitations of the ballad by the actor William DeWolf Hopper greatly increased is popularity. It is said that by 1900 there were few Americans who had not heard of “Casey at the Bat.” Died at Santa Barbara, CA, August 21, 1940.
    1883-Birthday of African-American Ernest E. Just, American marine biologist, pioneer of cell division, born at Charleston, SC. He was the first recipient of the NAACP's Spingarn Medal and was a professor at Howard University from 1907 to 1941, where he was head of physiology at the medical school(1912-20) and head of zoology(1912-41). He died October 27, 1941, at Washington, DC.
    1900-After a siege of nearly two months, troops from the US ( Marines), Great Britain, France, Russia, Germany and Japan reached Peking and put down the Box Rebellion. Bitter antagonism against all foreigners in China broke into open warfare when a nationalist group, the Boxers, occupied Peking on June 20 and besieged members of the diplomatic corps, their families, and others in the British legation. The Boxers wanted to rid China of all foreigners. Under pressure from the U.S., the other powers agreed not to partition China further. On September 7, 1901, China and eleven other nations signed the Boxer Protocol, by which China agreed to pay 4333,000,000 in indemnity. The U.S. Received $24,5000,000 but in 1908 this amount was reduced and the money was used to educate Chinese students in the U.S.
    1909 Jazz Violinist Stuff Smith Birthday
    1926-Birthday of pianist/singer Buddy Greco, Philadelphia, PA.
    1929-Birthday of singer Lorez Alexandria, Chicago, IL
    1930—Birthday of vibraphonist Eddie Cost, Atlas, PA.
    1935-Congress approved the Social Security Act, which contained provisions for the establishment of a Social Security Board to administer federal old-age and survivors' insurance in the US. By signing the bill into law, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was fulfilling a 1932 campaign promise.
As a side note, US Senators/Congressmen do not pay into Social Security, and, therefore they do not collect from it. They felt they should have a special plan. When they retire no matter how long they have been in office, they continue to draw their same pay until they die, except it may be increased from time to time by the cost-of-living.
    1936-Kansas City, MO has its hottest ever temperature with 113.1936 - Temperatures across much of eastern Kansas soared above 110 degrees.. It was one of sixteen consecutive days of 100 degree heat for Kansas City. During that summer there were a record 53 days of 100 degree heat, and during the three summer months Kansas City received just 1.12 inches of rain
    1940 - Dash Crofts of Seals & Crofts is born in Cisco, Texas. The group has three top 10 hits, all of which reach No. 6: "Summer Breeze" in 1972, "Diamond Girl" in 1973 and "Get Closer" in 1976.
    1941 - David Crosby is born David Van Courtland in Los Angeles. He is a member of the Byrds, then teams up with Stephen Stills and Graham Nash to form Crosby, Stills & Nash in 1968. The group wins the best new artist Grammy in 1969. CSN's two top 10 songs are "Just a Song Before I Go" and "Wasted on the Way."
    1945- President Truman's announcement in 1945 that Japan had surrendered to the Allies, setting off celebrations across the nation. Official ratification of surrender occurred aboard the USS Missouri at Tokyo Bay, September 2 ( Far Eastern Time ).
    1947-Miles Davis record his first session under his own name, New York City ( Half Nelson, Milestones, Little Willie Leaps).
    1949---Top Hits
Some Enchanted Evening - Perry Como
Bali Ha'i - Perry Como
Again - Doris Day
I'm Throwing Rice (At the Girl that I Love) - Eddy Arnold
    1950 -- Birthday of American cartoonist/humorist Gary Larson.
    1953 - David N. Mullany and his 13-year-old son, David A. Mullany, while trying to come up with a ball that would curve every time it was thrown, wound up inventing the Wiffle Ball. The ball had oblong holes on the top half, and a solid bottom. The original Wiffle bat was wood, but for many years it has been a skinny glowing yellow shaped plastic bat.
    1953-June Christy records “Something Cool,” Los Angeles.
    1957---Top Hits
(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear - Elvis Presley
Love Letters in the Sand - Pat Boone
Tammy - Debbie Reynolds
Bye Bye Love - The Everly Brothers
    1959-The formation of the American Football League was announced at a press conference in Chicago. Play was set to begin in 1960 with at least six and possibly eight franchisees.
    1959-Birthday of Earvin “ Magic” Johnson, Jr., former basketball player and coach, born Landsing, MI.
    1965- Frank Mitchell, age 15, of Springfield, IL, was appointed by Representative Paul Findley, Republican of Illinois, to become a Congressional page, the first African-American to hold this position in the history of the United States.
    1965-The McCoys' "Hang On Sloopy" is released.
    1965---Top Hits
I Got You Babe - Sonny & Cher
Save Your Heart for Me - Gary Lewis & The Playboys
Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers
The First Thing Ev'ry Morning (And the Last Thing Ev'ry Night) - Jimmy Dean
    1967 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "All You Need Is Love," The Beatles. The group's manager, Brian Epstein, dies of an accidental drug overdose while the song is No. 1.
    1969 - The New York Mets were 9-1/2 games behind the league-leading Chicago Cubs. The Amazing Mets began a comeback that launched the phrase, “You Gotta Believe,” as they began a drive that took them to the National League pennant and the World Series Championship (over the Baltimore Orioles). It was the first championship for the Mets franchise which began in 1962.
    1969—The Woodstock Music and Art Fair opens for three days on Max Yasgur's farm in Bethel, Sullivan County, New York.
    1971-Rod Stewart released "Maggie May."
    1973---Top Hits
The Morning After - Maureen McGovern
Live and Let Die - Wings
Brother Louie - Stories
Trip to Heaven - Freddie Hart & The Heartbeats
    1974-Paul Anka's "You're Having My Baby," is gold despite its denouncement by feminists. The objection is the use of the word 'my' as in "my baby", not "our baby." It is Number One by the end of the summer.
    1976- The longest softball game began at 10am and continued until Saturday, 4pm, when it was called because of rain and fog. The game was played at Summerville Field, Monticello, NY between the Gager's Diner and the Bend n” Elbow Tavern. About 70 players, including 20 women participated. Some $4,000 was raised for the construction of a new softball field and for the Community General Hospital. The Gagers made 832 hits and scored 491 runs; the Elbows made 738 hits, scoring 467 runs. There were 31 home runs. To date, this remains the longest softball game on record.
    1976 - Nick Lowe's debut solo single, "So It Goes," is released.
    1976-The Steve Miller Band's "Rock 'N Me" is released.
    1977---77,691 fans, the largest crowd to that date to watch a soccer match in the US, saw the New York Cosmos, led by Pele, defeat the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 8-3, in a National American Soccer League quarterfinal playoff game at the Meadowlands in East Rutherford, NJ.
    1981---Top Hits
Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield
Endless Love - Diana Ross & Lionel Richie
Theme from "Greatest American Hero" (Believe It or Not) - Joey Scarbury
Too Many Lovers - Crystal Gayle
    1982-The first National Navajo Code Talkers Day. Coded military radio transmissions using a Native American language began in 1942, when the Allied and Axis powers were competing to devise communications codes that could not be deciphered by the enemy. Philip Johnston, a missionary's son who had grown-up on the Navajo reservation, proposed the idea of using the Navajo language, a complicated system in which the meaning of a word is often determined by expression and pronunciation. Marine Major General Clayton B. Vogel approved the plan and recruited 420 Navajo “ code talkers” to handle coded radio communications in the Pacific theater. the codes combined everyday Navajo words with about 400 special terms made up by the code talkers. Members of other tribes were employed as well. The Japanese were aware of the Navajo codes, but never broke them. They were kept top secret until 1968.
    1984 - IBM released PC-DOS v3.0 for PC/AT (with network support). A 286 processor, 20-30 megabyte hard drive and 256k/512k RAM for somewhere between $6000 and $9000.
    1987 - Mark McGwire set the record for home runs by a rookie, as he connected for his 39th round-tripper of the season. He got the homer off of 317-game winner Don Sutton of the California Angels. McGwire led the Oakland Athletics to a 7-6 win -- in 12 innings.
    1987- Slow moving thunderstorms deluged northern and western suburbs of Chicago IL with torrential rains. O'Hare Airport reported 9.35 inches in 18 hours, easily exceeding the previous 24 hour record of 6.24 inches. Flooding over a five day period resulted in 221 million dollars damage. It was Chicago's worst flash flood event, particularly for northern and western sections of the city. Kennedy Expressway became a footpath for thousands of travelers to O'Hare Airport as roads were closed. The heavy rains swelled the Des Plaines River above flood stage, and many persons had to be rescued from stalled vehicles on flooded roads.
    1988 - Eighteen cities in the northeastern U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date, and the water temperature at Lake Erie reached a record 80 degrees. Portland ME reported a record fourteen straight days of 80 degree weather. Milwaukee WI reported a record 34 days of 90 degree heat for the year. Afternoon and evening thunderstorms resulted in about fifty reports of severe weather in the northeastern U.S. One person was killed at Stockbridge MI when a tornado knocked a tree onto their camper.
    1989---Top Hits
Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx
On Our Own - Bobby Brown
Once Bitten Twice Shy - Great White
Timber, I'm Falling in Love - Patty Loveless
    1989-Bon Jovi's "New Jersey" LP becomes the first U.S. album to be released legally in the Soviet Union. The Russian label Melodiya pays the group with a truckload of firewood since rubles can't leave Russia.
    1990-Denver votes for a 1% sales tax to pay for a baseball franchise.
    1992 - Wayne Newton files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The singer, a former owner of the Alladin Hotel in Las Vegas, is one of the highest paid performers on the Vegas strip.
    1995 - Members of the Grateful Dead meet and decide to cancel their fall tour in the wake of Jerry Garcia's death.
    1998 -The A's Rickey Henderson's stolen base in the first-inning against the Tigers makes the thirty-nine year old the oldest player to steal 50 bases in a season.
    1999 -With Pudge's 20th stolen base in Chicago, Texas backstop Ivan Rodriguez becomes the first catcher in major league history with 20 homers and 20 stolen bases in the same season.
    2003-Largest power outage in US history hits the Northeast. By 11 p.m. in New Jersey, power had been restored to all but 250,000 of the nearly 1 million customers who had been in the dark since just after 4 p.m.



Baseball Poem

Catch the Ball that's
Thrown to you

Francis Levy,
New York Times, August 7,2006

I had my little moment of glory
when I caught a baseball at
Yankee Stadium
and my son looked at me in
He was really proud of me,
thought I hadn't done anything but
grab what was coming my way.
Ihad to do two things:
stand up
and extract my good fortune
from a biblical
sea of hands.




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