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Credit: Seeking an energetic, enthusiastic sales oriented credit analyst & packaging specialist at our Irvine CA., headquarters. This key position is responsible for credit analysis, transaction packaging and placement of equipment leases on a discounted, brokered or assigned basis to Pacifica's established lender alliances.


Monday, August 16, 2004




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        Alliance Funding Group & CapitalWerks Respond  

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    ABS market at typical August pace

        Dash in Kuwait Waters

            SBA Breaks All-Time Loan Record

    Lessors Network Launches “Discounted Events”

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                "Gimme that Wine"

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########  surrounding the article denotes it is a “press release”



Help Wanted Ad Hiatus


Effective today we will stop taking "help wanted" ads until September 7th. The only exception will be advertisers who understand there will be no new edition from August 31st through September 7th.


We will continue all “free ad” activity.

No “help wanted” new ads will be posted during this time period until September 8th as Kit Menkin will be on vacation.




Your One stop solution for training and reference material for the Leasing Professional



Classified ads---Asset Management


Austin, TX.

20+ years exper. lease/finance. P & L responsibility, strong credit & collection management, re- marketing& accounting. Computers, construction, auto & transportation. Both commercial/ consumer portfolios.



Bloomfield Township, MI.

15+ yrs experience asset management and credit analyst. Leadership and training skills. Audited returns, max residual, lease end and resale negotiator.



Chicago, IL.

MBA, 15+ years exp. Long history of success in maximizing residual position through outstanding negotiation skills & lease contract management. Third party re-marketing, forecasting etc...



Oxnard-Hollywood Beach, CA.

19 Years w/Equity Analysis/Placement and Residual Forecasting of Computer Assets. Portfolio Manager for Two Major Lessors and Strong Analyst Background w/Leading Information Services Firm.



Princeton, NJ.

Asset management/credit/collection

20+ years experience in equipment financing. Last five years in Asset Management including remarketing, end of lease negotiations, equipment and market evaluations



(full list of ads available here:




Leasing Icon Ira Romoff Back in Business








CELL 201-776-7040

HOME 201-995-9594




Economic Events this Week


August 17


Consumer Price Index: July

Housing Construction: July

Industrial Production: July


August 19


Leading Indicators: July

Weekly Jobless Claims




Archives, Aug 16,2000---

Signature Required to Run Personal Credit


“The FTC states that a consumer credit report may not be used for any purpose, nor may it be obtained for any purpose, even for a business transaction, without the prior written consent of the consumer in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The language of the FTC letter is unequivocal, and the Commission's position is the same.”


Rob Yohe

"Helping Friends Get Funding From Friends"




Alliance Funding Group & CapitalWerks Respond to NY Times Story


(Here is the original story in the New York Times, if you have not read it.


   Let the Renter of Equipment Beware



Alliance Funding Group:


-- funded well over 5,000 customers.


“The article published on August 12, 2004 cannot be more erroneous! Fact: Alliance Funding Group Inc. did fund a couple of leases for Connie’s Disposal Service, Inc. Fact: All of the monies have been applied to the leases and/or have been refunded.  I have personally left a message for Terrance Chester (Accounts Payable Manager) without a return phone call.


“As for the complaints on Better Business Bureau, we have been diligent about responding to each and every complaint with BBB.  We have a total of 15 complaints and have funded well over 5,000 customers. That equals to three tenths of a percent.  Perfect? Not perfect, but we attempt to meet the expectations of ALL our customers. 


“Without getting into specifics about each and every complaint, we choose to retain deposits when one of a couple scenarios unfolds.  A.) There is an attempt to “fraud” the lender. B.) The client backs out of the transaction while in funding with no material changes on our end. Our lease proposals/documents clearly spell out the above conditions of the deposit monies. This has been our policy and we are not looking to change that in the near future.  This policy provides us the assurance to fund small ticket leases efficiently in a competitive landscape.  


“We have funded over $120million in small ticket equipment leases over the past six years.  Our mission is to be a valuable partner with our funding sources, our vendors, our lessees and at the same time manage the business economics. 


“As for Elizabeth Olson of NY Times, she inquired about the treatment of deposit monies. We addressed her questions openly and honestly.  With respect to Connie’s Disposal Service, Inc., she asked to speak with someone. We indicated that we would pull the funded files and answer her factually. She went no further.  We are actively seeking our counsel’s advice related to this matter and we will update the leasing world as the story unfolds.”


        Brij Patel, President

        Alliance Funding Group

        Anaheim, California




  from CapitalWerks:


--- targeted to exceed $125,000,000 this year,

                  up from $55,000,000 in ’03


“Most of the time when one thinks of an inheritance, one’s mind conjures up images of a nice little windfall.  Well, it seems we continue to pay (and pay!) the “death taxes”, in one form or another, on behalf of some of the dearly departed leasing co’s, whose assets we have acquired over the last several years (including, but not limited to: Preferred Capital; MSM; Saddleback et al.), to the extent, our projected and much anticipated “nice little windfall”, seems to have morphed, once again, into a PR headache.


“Would that I had known, that when acquiring a failed company’s assets, you  inherit their headaches and the ensuing windfall to be had, may take the form of detritus on spoiled fruit, with the decay’s lingering effects, never quite dissipating with time.

“With respect to the recent article in the small business section of the NY Times, much of what Elizabeth Olson, a freelance writer for the NY Times, has opined and alluded to, is a prime example of the fictional, creative writing, masquerading as fact-based journalism, that the NY Times has in more recent years, become infamous for and which has repeatedly landed the paper in hot water.  This journalistic fraud perpetrated by Ms Olson, continues in this pedigree. It is nothing more than a thinly veiled hatchet job perpetrated on CapitalWerks.  She willfully ignored the facts, as were clearly explained to her in the numerous conversations with her over the last 12 to18 months. Furthermore, not only has she lied to her readers, she has clearly deceived her editors along the way. On who’s directive?  I am truly curious as to her motivations

“It is precisely because of this sloppy style of journalism, the maxim, “the NY Times…the paper of record”, no longer applies…the spirit of Jayson Blair?  The Grey Lady is not what she used to be.


“She cites two examples in her screed.  One is a complete fabrication and the other is a legitimate dispute between business entities, both confident in their competing positions on the facts of the case, of the sort that is a common practice and a daily part of commerce in a capitalist society.


“Perhaps it is the raw capitalist nature of our business that so offends Ms Olson’s delicate eastern sensibilities.  Perhaps a day in the life of a hardworking commission-only sales rep – who wakes up every day, essentially unpaid and unemployed, and who can only eat after the kill – will shake her ivory tower sufficiently enough, to awaken her to the realities that we, yes, the whole industry (as her article is an indictment and smear on all of us, as attested to by the ELA rebuttal), face daily. That we are the little people locked in a daily struggle to survive, that she should take great pains to defend.


“An in-depth examination of the daily regimen of the hardworking sales men and women who make up our industry should be on her “to do” list.  These are real people who toil incessantly under the yoke of quotas, with no minimum wage and confront daily, the rejection and  thankless, unreciprocated courtship of would-be clients.  These are the one’s who close these deals, then invariably end up suffering due to the lies and distortions of their clients, then end up being sued for only doing their job.


“Ms Olson would be doing far more to assuage her conscience would that she sung the praises of this forgotten class.  They are the true unsung heroes of the business world, and who should be lauded as such, not vilified as Ms Olson alludes to in her smear on our industry. 

I have communicated the many falsehoods, smears and distortions in her article to her editor, Brent Bowers, in the several conversations I have had with him, while out here in New York. His shock and surprise was genuine and he has committed to conduct a serious investigation.  Furthermore, The NY Times legal dept. has been notified of the immediate and on-going damages sustained by CapitalWerks, as a result of this sloppy, fictional piece of journalism. 


“Our position on commitment fees was stated three years ago when this debate first made your column.  A policy adopted and practiced by the majority of Lessors and brokers in our industry.


“Even after providing verifiable proof to Ms Olson regarding the origin of these enumerated complaints, she continued to disregard these facts and others.   As I related to her and again to you, much of these are the result of a lingering liabilities hangover from the acquisition of Preferred Capital Corp., MSM Corp., and other asset acquisitions. 

Although only the assets were purchased, including their names and databases, unsecured small creditors failed to understand the transaction and sought recovery wherever possible.  Even the Neoforma situation was the result of several underwriters providing approvals, and although funding some of the business, the commitments for the balance vanished after 9/11, as did most venture leasing commitments, during this difficult economic downturn.  Although CapitalWerks had a valid contractual claim for the majority of the commitment fee, we agreed to return it in good faith.


“Our underwriters, bankers, and funding sources applaud our approval to funding ratios, as a result of providing them with committed transactions.  Our agreements are written in bold, plain English, pursuant to how all fees are applied.  Clients are well informed ahead of time on all structured transactions of the work and time necessary to process their deals and the costs associated with the work.

All one-sided, anti-business stories are alike, in that they neglect to mention the good that is done on behalf of SMALL BUSINESS, BY SMALL BUSINESS (without the government’s help…here’s the real story, Ms Olson and the NYT should be focusing on). Specifically, in this story, they neglect to mention the record-breaking amount of small business finance provided by CapitalWerks, which is targeted to exceed $125,000,000 this year, up from $55,000,000 in ’03, and its positive effects on the health of small business hiring.


“This overwhelming success can only be attributed to our much maligned and dedicated sales and support staff, of which Ms Olson is so quick to discredit, and to the many repeat customers and relationships they have cultivated. 


“Our commitment to propelling CapitalWerks to become an industry leader and small business success story, is evident by our rapid growth and by offering the highest compensation structure in the business. 

All top producers please forward your resume to Ashley Verb to join our team in over seven major cities.”


Mark McQuitty

CapitalWerks/Preferred Lease


for readers who did not read Equipment Leasing Association President

Michael Fleming “Letter to the Editor,” here it is:


  from Michael Fleming,

              President of the Equipment Leasing Association:


Letter to the Editor:

  “In Equipment Leasing Deals, Let the Renter Beware” (August 12, 2004).


“Dear Mr. Feyer,


     “I would like to clarify a few points in the article “In Equipment Leasing Deals, Let the Renter Beware” (August 12, 2004). The article is misleading as it implies that so called “access fees” -- more commonly referred to as application or commitment fees -- are unusual. The article also suggests that such fees should always be fully refundable. Whether a home mortgage, line of credit or an equipment lease, the application or commitment fee document should clearly spell out the responsibilities of the parties, including conditions such as refundability.


      “ In most financial businesses it is common for credit application fees or commitment fees to be part of the financing transaction. Similar to loan application fees when applying for a mortgage, lessees pay a commitment fee to a lessor. These fees pay for the research and due diligence before credit is extended. As standard practice, commitment fees aren’t refunded if the lease deal does not go through because the organization needs to defray costs for work already conducted.


     “Every day 30,000 to 40,000 leases are written for hundreds of thousands of companies from small bakeries to multi-national companies in the U.S. The overwhelming number of these transactions proceed routinely as reflected by an industry-wide delinquency rate of less than 2 percent.*


     “The industry, as a whole, produced between $100 billion and $300 billion additional real GDP, produced between $227 billion and $229 billion additional real equipment investment, and created between three million and five million additional jobs between 1997-2002.**


     “But, the most important contribution of the equipment leasing industry lies in providing access to capital. If leasing were unavailable many entities, from non-profit to private organizations, from tax-exempt entities to public companies, would not be able to acquire the equipment they need.”




Michael Fleming



Equipment Leasing Association



*The Equipment Leasing Association’s (ELA) 2002 Survey of Industry Activity (SIA) report.


**The Economic Contribution of the Equipment Leasing Industry to the U.S. Economy, a study conducted by Global Insight, a global economic and financial forecasting company, August 2003.




Readers on the NY Times Article


Leasing News has received many e-mails on this.  We are printing

only e-mails where people would allow us to use their name, as

in this instance, if you have an opinion, you will need to sign

your name to get published regarding this issue;



“Really enjoyed the article and your excellent reporting of it.

 However...who cares what the NY Times thinks about our industry? We don't tell them what to charge for newspapers and advertising do we?The cost of the Sunday NY Times has become almost criminal.


“And then there is always the issue of Jason Blair...the "honest

 reporter”. So who the hell cares what the NY Times thinks?

And you can forward this email all over the world for all I care.”


Steve Nardi





“ I don't suppose they would print a correction, but they are implying that this is "typical" in the leasing business.   I think we know it is

 not...unfortunately, I guess, it is also not "uncommon" enough.


“I will however call the Better Business Bureau of the Southland (of

which I am a member) and express my displeasure of his blanket agreement.”


 Scott Wingate

 GamePlan Financial, Inc.



“I too have written a letter to the editor of the NY Times and I would

suggest that every one else should as well. This article, while it may have merit in some of its points, paints a very bad picture of the leasing industry as a whole and the skepticism that will arise from prospective clients will resonate to all of us who run ethical businesses.”


Deborah J. Monosson


Boston Financial & Equity Corporation

1260 Boylston Street

Boston, MA 02215





Classified Ads---Help Wanted


Account Executive / Small ticket leasing account reps

Small ticket leasing account reps., nationwide. Seeking self starters with proven ability to work individually. Our technology gives you the flexibility to work from any location.  Aggressive compensation structure, travel exp.,health insurance, matching 401. Grow with us.
Send resume:  
In addition to our our internal lines, we are partnered with 20 premier funding sources.



Credit Analyst: Seeking an energetic and organized Credit Analyst. At least one to two years of experience as a Credit Analyst in financial services (banking, insurance, leasing, or mortgage) is required.

Funding Manager: Seeking a very organized, detail oriented Funding Manager. Minimum two years experience in brokering and discounting commercial equipment transactions is required.

Operations Manager: Seeking an experienced Operations Manager with knowledge of all sides of operations. Must have a minimum of five years related experience.

Send email or fax to Ryan Johnson, Corporate Recruiter.
Fax: (888) 462-4305

We are ready to hear from you and field any leasing questions that you may have.
Five Point Capital
10525 Vista Sorrento Pkwy
San Diego, CA 92121


Credit: Seeking an energetic, enthusiastic sales oriented credit analyst & packaging specialist at our Irvine CA., headquarters. This key position is responsible for credit analysis, transaction packaging and placement of equipment leases on a discounted, brokered or assigned basis to Pacifica's established lender alliances.


Equipment Finance Sales Executive

Equip. Finance Sales Exec. Grand Rapids, MI. Generate lease originations, call on individual lessees, branch associates, business bankers and commercial bankers, plus create third party vendor programs. Click here for a full job description and/or
to apply for the position.

About the Company: Huntington Bancshares Incorporated is a $31 billion regional bank holding company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.


Marketing Indirect Origination

New York. One of the largest ind. equip.lessors needs  motivated, self-starter to purchase single investor leases from institutional investors; min.transaction  $1 million; portfolio of primarily investment grade lessees/good "story credits". 
Min 3 yrs exp. sourcing/ originating leasing transactions, knowledge of credit and pricing.


Senior Contract Specialist

Senior Contract Specialist, Los Angeles. Bachelor's Degree plus five years of leasing contract experience required.
Full description: here.
Email resume with salary history to




ABS market at typical August pace




Last week marked another slow session in the U.S. ABS primary market, as August rolled on and the Republican National Convention neared. As of Thursday evening, roughly $4.8 billion in new-issue ABS had priced, while close to $2 billion in mortgage ABS was still making the rounds.


With the FOMC raising short-term interest rates 25 basis points to 1.5% early in the week, and a new set of disappointing employment numbers coming late the week before that, the market had a lot to digest. However, secondary liquidity improved dramatically on Wednesday, the day after the Fed’s announcement, according to research from Credit Suisse First Boston. The overall tone of the secondary market remains positive, CSFB analysts said.


Real estate ABS was responsible for the bulk of volume, with about $4.7 billion having priced for the week. AmeriQuest Mortgage had a big week and priced roughly $3 billion in two separate transactions from its new subprime MBS shelf.


The first, pricing Monday, was a $2.89 billion subprime MBS offering via Citigroup Global Markets off AmeriQuest’s Park Place Securities Trust vehicle. The series 2004-WCW2 deal widened across the capital structure, with the triple-A rated, 2.40-year notes coming in at 38 basis points over one- month Libor versus guidance in the 35 basis point area over. The one-year triple-A class came outside of expectations at 17 points over, while the 2.7-year triple-A class was four points outside of talk, at 34 basis points over. Meanwhile, the 5.20-year triple-B rated notes priced at 205 points over Libor relative to guidance in the 195 to 200 point range.


Later in the week, AmeriQuest tapped the market again for $982 million in traditional home equity led jointly by Banc of America Securities and Morgan Stanley. The triple-A rated one-year notes were a touch wide at 17 basis points over one-month Libor versus talk in the 16 basis point area over. Down in credit, spreads tightened on the 5.02-year triple-B plus notes, pricing at 190 points over one-month Libor versus guidance in the 200 basis point area over.


Soundview Mortgage was also in the market with $463.4 million in subprime MBS led jointly by RBS Greenwich Capital and Wachovia Securities. The offering priced largely in line with guidance, as both the 2.44- and 6.51—year triple-A rated notes came on target at 16 and 35 basis points over one-month Libor, respectively. The 4.73-year double-A rated notes priced wide at 68 basis points over Libor relative to talk in the 65 basis point area over.


Additionally, Barclays Capital issued $392.5 million of home equity loan-backed notes off of its SABR shelf. The spread on 2.63-year triple-A rated notes was 38 basis points over one-month Libor.


In the equipment sector, Trinity Leasing came in with a $157.6 million transaction backed by railcar leases via Credit Suisse First Boston, completed with a full Ambac wrap. The single-tranche fixed-rate offering came in at 60 basis points over swaps, the tight end of guidance.


At week’s end, GMAC-Residential Funding Corp. was still shopping a $600 million mixed-collateral subprime deal from its RASC shelf. The three-year triple-A rated notes were being talked in the 50 basis point area over swaps. Meanwhile, price guidance for the three-year, triple-A floaters was set at 28 points over one-month Libor. — SM




Dash in Kuwait Waters


(Dash is in the middle)


My only son is 5’10; all muscle.  In the pictures he looks smaller, I assume, but most of the men on this detail are “big.”  He was in Florida when they asked him to try out for the Seals, but wanted to finish he college courses and was very glad that he did.  He strung mining wires in Nevada, two miles down, plus built “robots” when he lived with me here, so has an electrical background.


My son Dash is an electrician on the USS Preble.  Sailors also serve

many other positions, such as he is a second class diver and is called

up when needed here, plus he is an “expert” in light weapons ( plus

heavier machine gun weapons” and participates in boarding

of small ships.   He is a “hot dog,” as we used to say in the US Army.

He is a professional, whereas we were volunteers (in reality, we

thought it stupid to volunteer for any extra duty, whereas my

son has certificates in anything the Navy offers him, works out every day, and I don’t know when he finds time to sleep.)


While off the coast of South America, before going to Kuwait,

he participated in “boarding” of ships in the high seas that

are suspected of running cocaine, illegal goods, or do not

respond to registry calls, and a few other things, he explained

one day.


He has been on nine “boardings” since his arrival in the waters off Kuwait. He sends eMail to me in “real time” on the internet, by the way. They are approximately 10 hours ahead of us.  He says it is night, 112 degrees in the sun and very humid. It is public knowledge he is part of the Navy group that not only “transports” US Marines, participates in landings, but “....... guarding the ABOT oil platforms  and all vessels in the area are under our coalition forces.... we are smack dab in the middle of the s**t that is making the news ....keeping America alive and doing our jobs... It's what I was training for... now it's my routine... it's my life and my teammates life.

Good night ... good day to you!!!
I think of you always... I try to be honorable!
I honor you every day!


(Dash: far right )



### Press Release ############################


SBA Breaks All-Time Loan Record


U.S. Small Business Administration Administrator Hector V. Barreto announced that, with almost two full months still remaining in the fiscal year, the SBA has already backed more loans in its 7(a) and 504 programs than ever before in its 51-year history.


As of August 6 – eight weeks before the end of fiscal year 2004 – the SBA’s 7(a) loan program had guaranteed 67,493 loans in fiscal year 2004, more than the record 67,306 7(a) loans made in all of fiscal year 2003. In addition, the agency has backed 6,974 loans through its 504 program, surpassing the 2003 record of 6,863. The 2004 fiscal year ends on September 30. When compared to the same time period last year, these record-breaking numbers represent dramatic increases: 23 percent for 7(a) and 27 percent for 504.


“In 2003, the SBA set all-time records in its two major loan programs. It took us less than a year to break those records,” Barreto said. “I am proud that our loan programs, and especially our flagship 7(a), are growing and reaching out to more small businesses than ever before. I am hopeful that we can continue this trend, particularly if the President’s proposal to make 7(a) self-sustaining is approved by Congress.


“Breaking records like this is about more than making history,” Barreto added. “This is good news for America’s small business owners. It means that we are making a real difference in the lives of more and more entrepreneurs, and that they are going on to make a real difference in our economy. Over the last 11 months, American farms and businesses have created 1.5 million new jobs. We know that when the economy is growing and jobs are being created, small businesses are always in the lead. They are the engine of our economy, and I am proud to be able to work with President Bush to help create an environment in which they are succeeding.”


Not only has the SBA broken overall lending records, but it has also already exceeded 2003 numbers for some of the fastest growing segments of the small business community. With almost two months still remaining in the 2004 fiscal year, the SBA has already surpassed the total 2003 number of loans to African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, women and rural entrepreneurs. When comparing with the same time period last year, the increases are even more dramatic. Loan guarantees to African Americans, Hispanics, and Asian Americans are 30 percent ahead of their totals at the same date last year. Loans to women are up by 25 percent, and rural loans are 11 percent ahead.


For more information about the SBA, visit


### Press Release ############################


Lessors Network Launches “Discounted Events” Service For Equipment Leasing Industry



  Weeks before scheduled equipment leasing events, promoters would rather discount unsold seats than to see them go empty


ATLANTA, GA ( The Lessors Network has launched a new free service facilitating filling unsold seats at industry networking events a few days before they begin.


Like retailers selling overstock inventory on eBay, a few weeks before scheduled events, promoters would rather discount unsold seats than to see them go empty.


Because of today's busy schedules, many industry professionals may not be able to commit to events months in advance; however, they may still be interested in attending networking events scheduled in just a few days.


The Lessors Network, the world’s largest equipment leasing network, now provides free advertising for event promoter’s offering discounted attendee registration including links back to their web site were attendee registration utilities are available to prospective attendees.


For details, visit -



The Lessors Network is a sales & marketing network facilitating new business development opportunities within the corporate and municipal equipment leasing markets. Networking showcases are traditionally held from the Ritz-Carlton in Atlanta each spring and fall. Website programs and services provide free access to news, events and important resources facilitating funding/syndication, technology and outsourcing services exclusive to the equipment leasing & finance markets.


Additional information can be viewed at



John O. Semon


### Press Release ##########################



News briefs---



NYMEX Crude Hits Record $46.90



Former S.D homeowners find real estate profits go a long way


Empty Olympic stadiums set off alarm bells






Sports Briefs---


Little to differentiate Gannon from Collins

(What I saw: The 49ers stink with all their Oregon State coaches—Raiders still have too many penalties and Kerry Collins in only a few plays outshined Gannon who looked pretty rusty—49ers Dorsey not only slow, but dead in the pocket. York is to blame for such a lousy team and why most of the stadium were Raider fans.

Where is George Seifert when we need him?  Fishing in Bodega Bay.



Patriots have staying power







“Gimme that Wine”



Washington Wine-grape harvest down about 3 percent from 2003


Napa Growers to Create Registry of Historic Vineyards,1145,2570,00.html


Madonna  £500,000 to help her father's ailing wine business,,30500-13189500,00.html


Wine, Freezers and Freezing Points (better to add ice cubes)





Day in American History

August 16, 1929 Bill Evans Birthday

    1777-Bennington Battle, a major victor for the colonial army, primarily because the battle

was delayed by rain.  The rain delayed British reinforcements, and allowed the Vermont Militia to arrive in time, enabling the Americans to win a victory by defeating two enemy forces, one at a time

    1780-In the Battle of Camden, S.C., American forces under Gen. Horatio Gates were defeated by the British under Gen. Charles Cornwallis.   Baron Johann de Kalb, a Prussian officer who was commissioned a general in the Continental Army, was mortally wounded in the battle.  Gates suffered disastrous losses.  Nearly 1,000 Americans killed and another 1,000 captured by the British. British losses about 325.  One of America’s worst defeats in the war.  General Washington replaced

gates with Nathaniel Greene, who is credited with “brilliance” in turning the war situation around

as outlined on his birthday, August 7.

    1812 -- A mass meeting in NYC denounces the War of 1812.

    1812-Brigadier General William Hull surrendered Detroit to British forces under General Isaac Brock, making no attempt to defend the city though the attacking force was smaller than his own. Hull was court-martialed two years later for yielding without resistance.

    1813-, Sarah Porter - U.S. educator. SP created Miss Porter's school in Farmington, CN, one of the outstanding school for girls in the nation.   Raised in an exceptional family that produced a president of Yale College allowed her to study the classics to an extended degree, this brilliant woman started her successful school in 1843.Initially she kept the school small teaching Latin, French, German, chemistry, natural science, mathematics, history, geography, and music in addition to the basic subjects. She gradually added staff and accommodations but took pains to maintain the schools standards which were unique in the nation for their excellence. , She also demanded strong characters. She was also way ahead of her times by insisting on daily exercise for the girls.  

    1829- Taking the country by storm, Robert Hung of Boston, MA, brought the Siamese twins Chang and Eng into the United States. They were born on April 15, 1811, in Bangesau, Siam, of a Chinese father and a -Siamese mother. They were joined at the waist by a cartilaginous band about four inches

long and eight inches in circumference. They grew to be about 5 feet 2 inches in height, and,

since they faced in the same direction, could walk, run, and swim. They were exhibited throughout the United States and later in Europe.  They were married in April, 1843 to two sisters, Sarah and Adelaide Yates.  Chang had 10 children and Eng nine children.   They died within three hours of each other on January 17,1874.  The name “Siamese twins,” meaning twins whose bodies are connected in any of a variety of ways, is derived from them.

    1861- Several newspapers in the Union states were brought to court for alleged pro-Confederate sympathies, including the Brooklyn Eagle, the New York Journal of Commerce, and the New York Daily News.  On August 19, an editor for the Esses County Democrat in Haverhill, Massachusetts was tarred and feathered for his

Southern leanings expressed in the newspaper.

    1915-Birthday of singer Al Hibbler, Little Rock, AR

    1909 - A dry spell began in San Bernardino County of southern California that lasted until the 6th of May in 1912, a stretch of 994 days! Another dry spell, lasting 767 days, then began in October of 1912.

    1922- Louis Lomax, author, born.

    1916 - Altapass NC was deluged with 22.22 inches of rain in 24 hours to establish a state record

    1926-Birthday of pianist Mal Waldron, New York City

    1929—Pianist  Bill Evans birthday

    1931-Birthday of Eydie Gorme - U.S. pop vocalist. EG was a popular nightclub and recording star. She often appeared with her husband Steve Lawrence, but she maintained a much better separate recording career that kept her near the top of the charts for a long, long time. The duo had a TV show (1959).

    1936 -- Jesse Owens leaves Berlin Olympics with four gold medals.    1938 - Benny Goodman and his band, and a quartet, brought jazz to Carnegie Hall in New York City. When asked how long an intermission he wanted, Benny said, "I don’t know. How much does Toscanini get?"

    1942 - For Columbia Records, Kay Kyser and the band recorded "A Zoot Suit", about the problems associated with wearing the garish, fashion.

    1942 - A TWA transport carrying film actress Carole Lombard, her mother, and 20 other passengers, crashed near Las Vegas, Nevada. All aboard were killed.

    1944 - General Dwight Eisenhower was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Allied Expeditionary Force and asked to plan the launch of a second front in Western Europe.

    1950-Nat “King” Cole with the Stan Ken Band, records “ Orange Colored Sky, “ Los Angeles.

    1950-Birthday of drummer Alvin Queen, New York City.

    1951—Top Hits

Too Young - Nat King Cole

Come on-a My House - Rosemary Clooney

My Truly, Truly Fair - Guy Mitchell

Hey, Good Lookin’ - Hank Williams

    1953-Birthday of singer James “JT” Taylor, South Carolina.

    1958-Birthday of Madonna Louis Veronica Ciccone, known popularly as “Madonna, “ born Bay City, MI.

    1952-Baritone saxophonist Gerry Mulligan, with Chet Baker, cuts first piano less quarter, Los Angeles ( Pacific Jazz is born!!! )

    1959—Top Hits

A Big Hunk o’ Love - Elvis Presley

My Heart is an Open Book - Carl Dobkins, Jr.

There Goes My Baby - The Drifters

Waterloo - Stonewall Jackson

    1961 - Mickey Mantle signed the contract that made him the American League's highest paid baseball player. "The Mick" played the 1961 season for $75,000. In the National League, Willie Mays, made more money than any other baseball player with a contract for $85,000.

    1964 - In New York City, "Hello Dolly!" starring Carol Channing opened at the St. James Theatre. A musical adaptation of Thornton Wilder’s play, "The Matchmaker", the show, was called the "possible hit of the season" by critics. "Hello Dolly!" played for 2,844 performances, before returning to in the 1990s with, again star, Carol Channing.

    1965 - Reportedly, the San Francisco Giants continued to pay Willie Mays $105,000 a year. In exchange, he gave them a .317 batting average, a slugging percentage of .645, and 52 home runs in return. In 1965, Willie took home the MVP award.

    1967—Top Hits

Light My Fire - The Doors

All You Need is Love - The Beatles

Pleasant Valley Sunday - The Monkees

I’ll Never Find Another You - Sonny James

    1969-The second day of three for The Woodstock Music and Art Fair  on Max Yasgur's farm in Bethel, New York. Over 400,000 attend, most without tickets, which prompts officials to say the festival is open and free. Those up on stage include Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Sly and the Family Stone, the Who, the Grateful Dead, Joan Baez, Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker, Canned Heat, Crosby, Still Nash & Young and the Jefferson Airplane among others. Things that helped make Woodstock a unique event included, but were not limited to, rampant drug use, not enough food, and sanitation, three deaths, two births and four miscarriages. (1969)

    1975—Top Hits

Jive Talkin’ - Bee Gees

One of These Nights - Eagles

Someone Saved My Life Tonight - Elton John

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights - Freddy Fender

    1976 - A&M Records released the album, "Frampton Comes Alive". The double LP soon reached the top spot of the album charts for a 17 week stay. Its first year out, it sold 19 million copies.

    1977- TCB ( Taking Care of Business ), Elvis Presley leaves Earth, as he was pronounced dead at the  Memphis Baptist Hospital at 3:30pm, Eastern time,  at the age of 42.  In the first “Men in Black,” we see him leave our planet.  Here it is the anniversary of his death is an occasion for pilgrimages by admirers to Graceland, his home and gravesite at Memphis, Tennessee. ( official site for “live” coverage and movies: ).

    1979--The biggest single of the summer is The Knack's "My Sharona," which goes gold. The success of the group is the gimmick of Beatle-esque posturing which the group treats as tongue-in-cheek. The Knack disbands less than two years later.

    1983-Paul Simon and actress Carrie Fisher get married. They would divorce in 1985

    1983—Top Hits

Every Breath You Take - The Police

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Eurythmics

She Works Hard for the Money - Donna Summer

He’s a Heartache (Looking for a Place to Happen) - Janie Fricke

    1984 - The U.S. Jaycees voted to admit women to full membership in the organization.

    1984 - At the 11th annual American Music Awards, Michael Jackson received eight awards, including favorite pop and soul male vocalist, pop and soul album winner for "Thriller", pop and soul video winner for "Beat It" and best pop song for "Billie Jean".

    1985-Madonna and actor Sean Penn get married in Malibu, as helicopters with photographers hovered overhead. They would divorce in 1989

    1985 - Hugh Hefner took the staples out of "Playboy" magazine, ending its 30-year tradition of stapling centerfold models in the bellybutton. The decision made the centerfold more difficult to remove it.

    1984-Los Angles federal jury acquits auto maker John Z DeLorean on cocaine charges.

    1986- Madonna's "True Blue," album goes #1 for 5 weeks & her single "Papa Don't Preach," goes #1 for 2 weeks

    1988- IBM introduces software for artificial intelligence.

    1991—Top Hits

(Everything I Do) I Do It for You - Bryan Adams

P.A.S.S.I.O.N. - Rhythm Syndicate

Every Heartbeat - Amy Grant

She’s in Love with the Boy - Trisha Yearwood

    1999—Top Hits

Genie In A Bottle- Christina Aguilera

Bills, Bills, Bills- Destiny s Child

Tell Me It s Real- K-Ci

Summer Girls- LFO

    2001-- After piloting the team 13 games above .500 in spite of numerous injuries to key players, manager Jimmy Williams is fired by the Red Sox. The ousted skipper is replaced by the club's well respected pitching coach, Joe Kerrigan.

    2001- Barry Bonds' second home run of the game and 53rd of the season breaks the

franchise record established by his godfather, Willie Mays. With his first homer, the left fielder eclipses the National League record for home runs by a left handed batter established in 1947 by another Giant, Johnny Mize.

    2002 -after four days of delaying the decision, the executive board of the Major League

Players' Association votes 57-0 to set an August 30 strike date. All eight previous negotiations since 1972 have resulted in work stoppages in the national pastime.




Baseball Poem


Three Strikes, Yer Out



..... written by Greg Salts, Chula Vista, Calif.



The first pitch was heat that looked more like meat.

You swung awful fast but it fouled off my mask.

You looked far too long at the base coach's face.

Your task here is simple, just get to first base.


You step in the box and shuffle your feet.

"O-2 on the batter," I said,

and was glad I glanced at him then and he really looked mad.


The catcher laid down number three as a sign

A change-up it was and it looked mighty fine.


I can't figure out why you stood there and looked.

But now there's a backward K in the book.





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