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Reg. Sales Managers:

Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Florida, Georgia. Other positions available nationally. Vehicle & Equipment Funder.

Earnings potential is unlimited. Two years outside leasing/finance sales, proven track closing deals. Est. customer base/vendors a plus. Click here for more info.


Friday, January 27, 2006


Classified Ads—Sales
    Greenspan Opposes Wal-Mart Bank Loophole
        Puget Sound Leasing added “Funder List”
Service--NorVergence Lease Contracts
    Cartoon—Marlin Credit Department
        Classified Ads—Help Wanted
Weekly Bulletin Board Report
    GATX Net Los $112.3MM
        IFC Vendor Division w/Hoshizaki America
1st Source of $33.75MM Year-end
    Pacific Capital Bancorp $99.3MM Y/E
        CIT Group Registered Exchange Offer
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######## surrounding the article denotes it is a “press release”

Classified Ads—Sales


Sales: Arizona/Southwest
Leasing and Financial Services Professional. Over 12 yrs+ experience in commercial municipal and federal leasing. Vendor programs and direct lessor, including technology and project finance.
Sales: Bakersfield, CA.
I have an extensive sales and management background in equipment leasing. My work history exhibits my major strength in small ticket equipment leasing.
Sales: Boston, MA.
Middle market originator, construction/Trucks /
Trailers w/ 8 years in territory, looking for company / bank with competitive products
Sales: Cedar Rapids, IA.
Formally trained in Credit, Collections, & Sales with regional bank. Seeking sales or sales management.
Over ten years
in SM, vendor and end user.
Sales: Central, NC.
7 yrs.equip leasing &finance; specialist in heavy construction equip for 2-top-5-specialty finance/lease companies, NC &VA territories. $10-15MM annual funding. Downsized in 2002, now independent broker with varied customer base. Email:
Sales: Denver CO.
Experienced Equipment Leasing Broker looking for a in house leasing company. Can bring a book of business with me or develop new territory where needed.
Sales: Detroit MI
Motivated self-starter w/5 yrs sales exp. IT leasing. Excellent communicator w/strong negotiation/biz dev. skills. Six-sigma certified w/ Fortune 50 company/book of business.
Sales: East Central Florida
20+ years experience in all areas of leasing; sales, credit, operations, syndication. Currently independent seeking position with direct middle market lender in regional capacity
Sales: Fresno CA.
Account Exec/Manager. 7+ years Leasing Sales: underwriting/contract, complex transactions, hi-tech, government, direct & vendor leasing. Captive & syndicator environments. Expert deal closer. Will send resume.Email:
Sales: Greensboro, N.C. Seeking direct & broker sales w/major finance companies in NC or southeast market. Small to mid-ticket range. Stable &family oriented. Will have series 6,63,65 license shortly. Email:
Sales: Kansas City, MO.
20 years Senior Sales/Management experience in small ticket/government leasing. Program Management experience, managing 12
Reps. Credit Auth to $50K. Success in soliciting and maintaining accounts.
Sales: Los Angeles CA.
5 years experience structuring off-balance sheet finance solutions on computer and medical equipment. Perform detailed competitive analysis and market research. I uncover leads and sell.
Sales: Louisville, KY
Sales: 20 yr. “go getter” machine tools/const. leasing/finance pro, establishing. vendor/mfg. programs in KY,TN,OH,IN, will travel 3/5 state area, wants stable company + salary/ com./benefits.
Resume | Cover letter
Sales: Mission Viejo, CA
Account Sales Executive with 10 years of leasing experience looking for company to bring existing customer base.
Sales: Montgomery, AL.
Individual with 10 years advertising sales exp. & 7 years insurance sales exp. Wants independent contractor situation in Alabama.
Work with leasing company or broker.
Sales: Nashua, NH.
10+ years sales experience small & mid-ticket hi-tech & telecom in a captive and vendor environment. Seeking new sales opportunity in New England.
Sales: Newport Beach, CA
Direct sales rep. in the middle market w/22 years experience  various types of equipment. Leasing/ financing from medical equip. to
mfg. equip.. Strong closer.
Sales: Philadelphia , PA Seeking an open opportunity to advance in the automotive, commercial leasing & finance industry......... Email:
Sales : Philadelphia, PA
25 years in Healthcare and seeking an opportunity to represent a lender for dental/medical funding in the Northeast to
Mid-Atlantic states.
Sales: Portland, OR.
"Exp. In direct sales and sales mgmt.
I love Portland, but decent here jobs are few. Willing to be re-located, would like to work for you.
Email: "
Sales: Prairie Village, KS Have substantial deal flow and database of broker referral sources. Generated and closed over $22M LY. Seeking exclusive relationship w/direct founder.
Sales: San Francisco Bay Area, CA
10+ yrs in middle market leasing. Seek direct lessor only. Transaction size from $500M to $10.0MM. Client base: printing, food, retail, manufacturing.
Sales: San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Currently employed Vendor Program “Hunter”, with complex program development experience. Also skilled at program management. Technology to yellow iron assets.
Extensive national rolodex.
Sales: SF Bay Area, CA.
15+ yrs--mid mkt. $500M to $10.0MM. Seeking role w/ captive or global leasing firm. large book to bring with me! Debt, tax, 1st amendment, etc. Email:
Sales: Southern California
Equipment Financing Professional with strong background in Sales, Management, Marketing & Operations. Will consider relocation for Senior Sales or Management position offering dynamic growth opportunity.
Sales: South Central U.S.
TX, OK, KS & AR Territory.
Equipment finance and leasing professional, 20 years experience. Top producer in middle to upper middle markets. Extensive customer base. Email:

For a full listing of all “job wanted” ads, please go to:

To place a free “job wanted” ad, please go to:



Greenspan Opposes Wal-Mart Bank Loophole


Wall Street Journal

(01/26/06) P. A3 ; Wysocki Jr., Bernard

(Utah is one of the few states that allow industrial loan corporations. It was created in 1987 by congress that allows stockbrokers and retailers to own a federally insured, deposit-taking financial institution. In California, many banks are located in large grocery stores and drug stores. Many retailers have also gone direct to forming their own banks out of state to be able to issue credit cards direct, plus use their cash flow, cutting out the "middle-man.")

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan is speaking out against a regulatory loophole that makes it possible for corporations to establish industrial banks (Wal-Mart is the latest to apply).

In a 12-page letter to Congress that answered questions lawmakers posed in regard to industrial loan corporations (ILCs), Greenspan noted that assets for companies that own ILCs, such as General Electric, Pitney Bowes, General Motors, and Merrill Lynch & Co., have increased exponentially since 1987, the year ILCs became legal, rising from $3.8 billion that year to $140 billion in 2004.

Greenspan wrote that the ILC exemption "is now the primary means by which commercial firms may control an FDIC-insured bank engaged in broad lending and deposit-taking activities and thereby breach the general separation of banking and commerce." Unlike bank holding companies, which are subject to the supervisory authority of the Fed, Greenspan wrote that the parent companies of industrial banks are not subject to regulatory scrutiny from the Fed.

He implored Congress to close the loophole, which he said "provides the corporate owners of exempt ILCs a significant competitive advantage over other types of banking institutions, and creates an unlevel competitive playing field among banking organizations." Greenspan's comments come in the wake of Wal-Mart Stores' effort to employ the exemption to obtain a state banking charter in Utah.

(There are currently 31 industrial banks operating in Utah.

For a recent article, please go here:



Puget Sound Leasing added to “Funder List”

A -Accepts Broker Business | B -Requires Broker be Licensed | C -Sub-Broker Program
| D -"Private label Program" | E - Also "in house" salesmen

In Business Since
Leasing Association
Equipment Restrictions
Puget Sound Leasing
Michelle Burson

$3,000.00 - $500,000.00

ATM's, Tanning Beds, etc

(U) Puget Sound Leasing - We are a "Common Sense" funder. We like credits who pay most of their bills on time and live within their means. However, what make us different is that we don't credit score at all. This allows us to approve people that in our opinion have good credit but just might have a poor score. We don't care what the score is, only that the credit is good.

To view the complete list, please click here.

Full list here:



Service not Mentioned in NorVergence Lease Contracts

"There is no service spelled out in the portion of the contracts that the leasing companies have attached to all of the complaints, asserting that the two pages constituted the contract between NorVergence and the customer. But that is a deliberate misleading position.

" First of all, there were many pages of documents signed by the same time. The NorVergence employees have described these documents as the DEAL PACKAGE. Those documents incorporate by reference several contract documents posted only at the NorVergence web site: the equipment warranty, general terms and conditions, and the ATM service level agreement.

"All of these documents form the contract, including the MATRIX T1 Non-Binding Hardware Application and the MATRIX T1 Non-Binding Service Application. Case law in New Jersey, Pennsylvania (PECC) and Florida (and I have not done the legal research for other states), state that when several documents are executed all relating to the same transaction, they are considered all a part of one contract.

"The service application, and other documents relating to service, signed at the same time as the hardware application and the ERA (NorVergence leasing contract), form a part of the NorVergence contracts. These contracts are service contracts which have as an incidental feature the installation of hardware to deliver the service. As such, they are not equipment leases, but service contracts, and are not covered by the UCC.

"Each Master Program Agreement which I have reviewed has a description of the contract documents being assigned to the Leasing Company. Those document descriptions are all inclusive, and include all of the documents in the DEAL PACKAGE. Thus, service contracts, which are able to be canceled without penalty to the customer when NorVergence stops delivering telephone service, have all been canceled by the failure of NorVergence to deliver telephone services.

"This was well known to the Leasing Companies---that is why they were scrambling to raise millions by loaning NorVergence money at the 11th hour. Peter Deeb described that knowledge to a lawyer for Qwest, who said so in his deposition filed in the NorVergence Bankruptcy.

PECC had even greater knowledge.

Ronald P. Gossett
Gossett & Gossett, P.A.
Building I
4700 Sheridan Street
Hollywood, FL 33021
(954) 983-2828

(Circling the World Wide Web blogs are copies of depositions. One is interpreted to include " admission that Dolphin Capital had knowledge of the fraudulent nature of NorVergence paper. They called it 'financing air'. They (Dolphin) even knew that other leasing companies with integrity were staying away from NorVergence because they saw the 'financing air' and fraudulent nature of the NorVergence paper." The controversy continues on with most cases regarding venue, choice of location for the dispute, being the location of the lessee, and not the holder of the NorVergence leasing contract. Actual court decisions whether the lessee is responsible for the remaining payments are on docket in many local courts, but Leasing News has not seen decisions. If readers have cases where decisions have been rendered, please let us know.

(Leasing News has contacted the leasing companies mentioned many times, asking for a comment, but most have responded they will not comment on cases pending litigation. Editor)



Cartoon—Marlin Credit Department



Classified Ads---Help Wanted

Equipment Finance & Leasing Representative

Job opening in
Baltimore/Virginia Region

In this position, you will develop and maintain relationships with lease brokers, leasing companies, equipment vendors and direct lessees throughout Baltimore/Virginia Region. Must be knowledgeable in indirect/third party transactions ranging from $15K and up and have in-market experience. Please apply on-line at and view posting 4044

At M&T Bank, we provide an exciting and challenging work environment where performance and innovative thinking are encouraged and rewarded at every level.
With over 700 branches, your career can travel as far as you want to take it!

Funding Manager

Seeking a very organized, detail oriented Funding Manager with experience in discounting consumer
and commercial auto loans and leases.
Top salary. Send resume via email to
or fax to 718 392 5427.

About the Company: Advantage Funding is the leader in automotive and equipment lease financing, Long Island City, NY.


Independent Regional Sales Manager

Reg. Sales Managers:

Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Florida, Georgia. Other positions available nationally. Vehicle & Equipment Funder.

Earnings potential is unlimited. Two years outside leasing/finance sales, proven track closing deals. Est. customer base/vendors a plus. Click here for more info.


Sales Person

Motivated Sales Person
Burbank, California  

Long established lessor, "app. only" to
$100K, commercial & structured
transactions up to $10 million.

Call Jim McFeeters
818-843-8686 X25




Weekly Bulletin Board Report

•  “Master-Lease Agreement” for $70,000:

“My name is ***** from ****** and I am sending you this e-mail in hopes that you would print a warning to all potential leasing customers to avoid doing business with ************ on your website They are refusing to return my deposit on a potential lease. My situation is that I have a silent partner who does not sign personally on leases for this business. There are other partners who total over 52% of the stock that would sign. I specifically told ********** that they need to be more creative to help me finance a piece of mfg. equipment. There contention is they have only leasing avenues that all partners need to sign personally. I was approached from (another leasing company) ... and they are funding this deal and ********* refused to return any phone calls from either myself or the company who is funding the lease.

******* stands to gain more by keeping my entire deposit of over 5K than to receive their commission.

“I have attached documents that I have sent to the BBB for your review. I believe *********** is only a broker. I feel it is people like ******** and ********** who tarnish and give the leasing industry a bad name.”

One of the documents the person with the complaint sent was a “Master Lease Agreement. In the second sentence of the second paragraph, it states “Additional documentation includes, but is not limited to personal guarantees from all major stockholders.”

Many companies consider that to be 10%, some 20%.

In addition, it spells out terms, such as “Non-Performance by Lessee” quite well. Whether the wording is legal or not, the intention is expressed to us was most important. The document spelled out the terms and conditions of the commitment, such as not taking the lease elsewhere.

The consumer argued that he was misled. He told Leasing News he had told them not all the corporate owners would guarantee the lease. Whether this is true or not, there is no written Substantiation to this statement. As a matter of fact, the lessee signed the Master Lease with the condition that all major stockholders were required to guarantee the lease.

While the lessee may say he was “talked into it,” the exchange took part by overnight mail, giving time to the lessee to read the document, perhaps delete the sentence regarding personal guarantees.

The Better Business Bureau gives the Leasing Company a BBB, “A very high rating. A company with this rating would not have a significant number of complaints or other considerations that could pose a problem to consumers.” Addition to the rating, is the explanation: BBB had two responses, one," Agreeing to perform according to their contract" and the other, "Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement."

In discussing the complaint with the Leasing Company, they said what was left out was the guarantor in question, on the tax returns and D&B report, owned 49% of the company. He was not a minority stock holder. He said he would try other sources, also asked for other alternatives to the original terms and conditions, but the lessee was impatient and took the lease to another company. The lessee then started telling the original source and the new leasing company “half truths,” and also brought in an attorney.

After considerable conflict on this, the said he wished he had never seen the deal. Whether at one time he would have returned the money, or even part of it, it moot at this time, as it has gone past that point.

Leasing News informed both the lessee and leasing company this did not appear to be a legitimate complaint for the Bulletin Board. We are not in the position to give a legal opinion, but only to post a complaint that follows our policy.


### Press Release ###########################

GATX Corporation Reports 2005 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results

( GATX Net Los $112.3MM 4Q/$15.1MM year-end Loss)

(This is their press release)

CHICAGO-- 2006--GATX Corporation (NYSE:GMT):

-- Rail 2005 net income up 35%, fundamentals remain strong
-- Positive consolidated earnings outlook for 2006

GATX Corporation (NYSE:GMT) announced 2005 fourth quarter and full year results. For the 2005 fourth quarter, GATX reported a net loss from continuing operations of $112.3 million or $2.22 per diluted share. Results reflect an after-tax charge of $119.9 million or $2.37 per diluted share related to a previously announced write-down of air assets targeted for sale and $9.9 million or $.19 per diluted share of expenses associated with the repatriation of foreign earnings. Net income from continuing operations for the 2004 fourth quarter was $70.9 million or $1.23 per diluted share, which included an after-tax gain of $37.8 million or $.63 per diluted share from the sale of GATX's Staten Island property and after-tax benefits of $14.5 million or $.24 per diluted share from a tax refund.

For the full year ending December 31, 2005, GATX reported a net loss from continuing operations of $15.1 million or $.30 per diluted share, which included the aforementioned air charges ($119.9 million or $2.39 per diluted share) and foreign earnings repatriation ($9.9 million or $.20 per diluted share). Income from continuing operations for the full year 2004 was $158.5 million or $2.86 per diluted share and included after-tax gains of $37.8 million or $.63 per diluted share from the aforementioned property sale, $31.5 million or $.52 per diluted share from insurance recoveries and $16.9 million or $.28 per diluted share of tax benefits including the abovementioned refund and other favorable tax adjustments.

Brian A. Kenney, president and CEO of GATX, stated, "Our fourth quarter and full year financial results reflect the charge resulting from our recent decision to sell approximately $450 million of older aircraft in our portfolio. This decision will focus our Air business on our newer aircraft, enable us to allocate more resources to pursue aircraft management initiatives, and should provide a less volatile, higher risk-adjusted return in our Air business. While it is disappointing that this charge causes a net loss for 2005, the operating performance of our Rail and Specialty businesses continued to improve. In addition, we invested over $520 million in new assets while maintaining a disciplined approach in a competitive investment market.

"We enter 2006 building on the solid operational momentum of the past year. Rail's 2005 net income increased 35% from 2004 due to increasing lease rates, high utilization, effective management of fleet turnover and maintenance costs, the expansion of the locomotive fleet, and improved contribution from our European operations. We also selectively extended lease terms in our rail portfolio, which should help temper the volatility from lease rate changes in the future. Although new railcar prices remain high and the competition for railcars in the secondary market is intense, we were able to invest $403 million in 2005. Looking ahead, we expect average lease rates to continue to increase versus expiring rates in 2006. Based on this revenue momentum, complemented by a growing contribution from railcar investments in recent years, we expect a significant increase in Rail's 2006 net income over 2005.

"The results in Air were down from the prior year, reflecting the charge related to the air assets targeted for sale. The air market continues to improve and we are positioning our fleet to take advantage of these conditions. Additionally, we expanded our aircraft management initiatives as evidenced by the increase in fee income in 2005. In 2006, we expect Air's net income to increase substantially as we renew aircraft at higher lease rates and further expand fee income.

"Specialty's income improved from the prior year, due in part to significant remarketing income from both our owned and managed portfolios. Income from our marine joint ventures outpaced our expectations during the year as vessel utilization and charter rates remained high. We maintained our investment discipline in growing our marine and industrial equipment assets, investing $93 million in 2005. In 2006, we expect Specialty's net income to decline as we do not foresee the same level of remarketing gains we experienced in 2005."

Mr. Kenney concluded, "On a consolidated basis, we expect GAAP net income from continuing operations to be in the range of $2.60-$2.70 per diluted share in 2006. This outlook includes benefits of $.20 per diluted share from discontinuing depreciation expense on certain air assets classified as 'held for sale' in accordance with GAAP, and other non-operating items. The major risks to this forecast include the effects of continued high fuel prices on our customer base and volatility in the air market."

Pull press release here:


### Press Release ###########################

IFC Vendor Division Announces Program with Hoshizaki America Inc.

MORTON GROVE, Illinois, - The FirstCorp Division of IFC Credit Corporation has announced the formation of the Hoshizaki Leasing Program, which allows Hoshizaki foodservice customers to lease its refrigeration equipment instead of purchasing it upfront.

The program, offered through Hoshizaki distributors and administered by FirstCorp, lets dealers offer simple and convenient leasing terms, with payments as low as $99 per month. Dealers benefit because after they enroll a customer, FirstCorp handles the rest. FirstCorp administers the lease, collects the payments, and assumes all responsibilities. The program also offers the dealers a bonus on the total of each lease.

"FirstCorp's leasing program is a powerful enabler for companies seeking to provide solutions that combine products and financial services," said Carl Bretzman, Vice President of Sales for the FirstCorp's vendor services area. "Our innovative leasing and financing options provide companies with a quick and cost-effective way to acquire the latest foodservice equipment."

Carter Davis, Hoshizaki's Vice President of Sales added,”Hoshizaki is committed to providing its customers and dealers with the financing solutions they need to grow their businesses. Our arrangement with FirstCorp offers a wide range of flexible financing options, faster response on funding, and additional service value for our dealers and end-user customers."

About Hoshizaki America, Inc.

Hoshizaki America, Inc. is headquartered in Peachtree City, Georgia with manufacturing operations in both Peachtree City and Griffin, Georgia. Hoshizaki's automated facilities manufacture complete lines of ice makers, ice dispensers, refrigerators/freezers and related accessories. Hoshizaki is one of the world's largest manufacturers of commercial ice equipment with sales of nearly $1.4 billion and employing 8,000 people.

About FirstCorp

FirstCorp, a division of IFC Credit Corporation is a Morton Grove, Illinois-based capital equipment leasing firm dedicated to providing superior, innovative financial services to small and medium size businesses throughout the United States. IFC's services are offered on a direct basis to middle market businesses, and indirectly through its FirstCorp vendor services group and its third-party funding services unit, Pioneer Capital Corporation.


Brian Cascarano
Vice President of Marketing
IFC Credit Corporation
(847) 663-6700


### Press Release ###########################

1st Source Corporation Announces Year End Results, Dividend Increase

SOUTH BEND, Ind----1st Source Corporation (Nasdaq:SRCE), parent company of 1st Source Bank, reported net income of $33.75 million for the year 2005, an increase of 35.19 percent over the $24.97 million reported for the year 2004. Diluted net income per common share for 2005 amounted to $1.61, up 35.29 percent compared to $1.19 diluted net income per common share for 2004.

Net income was $9.10 million for the fourth quarter of 2005, up 15.76 percent compared to the $7.86 million of net income reported for the fourth quarter of 2004. Diluted net income per common share for the fourth quarter of 2005 amounted to $0.43, compared to $0.37 per common share reported in the fourth quarter of 2004.

The Board of Directors approved an increase in the fourth quarter cash dividend to $0.14 per share. The cash dividend is payable on February 15, 2006 to shareholders of record on February 6, 2006, and is an increase of 16.67 percent over the $0.12 cash dividend announced one year ago.

Christopher J. Murphy III, Chairman of 1st Source Corporation, commented, "We ended 2005 on a good note. We're up over 35.0 percent in net income for the year with a substantial portion coming from net recoveries in our loan and lease reserves. Total loan growth was up over 8.0 percent for the year. Additionally, we opened four banking centers in new locations throughout 2005, with two more scheduled to open early in 2006. Our investment managers continue to perform well, our specialty asset financing businesses have improved and are carefully growing their portfolios, our insurance agency had a banner year, and we are investing in a project to upgrade our core computer systems for improved client service, increased competitiveness, and improved effectiveness and efficiency in the long term."

Mr. Murphy continued, "All of this was accomplished in spite of a very challenging margin as well as very competitive markets for all of our businesses. We will continue our focus in 2006 on excellent client service, maintaining a sharp eye on credit quality, and keeping costs under control."

Full Press Release here:


### Press Release ###########################

Pacific Capital Bancorp Reports $0.24 Earnings Per Share for Fourth Quarter of 2005

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)----Pacific Capital Bancorp (Nasdaq:PCBC), a community bank holding company with $6.9 billion in assets, today announced financial results for the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2005.

Net income for the fourth quarter was $11.1 million, or $0.24 per fully diluted share, compared with $14.2 million, or $0.31 per fully diluted share, in the same period of the prior year.

For the full year 2005, net income increased 12.9% to $99.3 million, or $2.14 per fully diluted share, from net income of $87.9 million, or $1.92 per fully diluted share, for the full year 2004.

Pacific Capital Bancorp's return on average equity (ROE) and return on average assets (ROA) for the fourth quarter of 2005 were 8.27% and 0.65%, respectively, compared to 12.48% and 0.96%, respectively, for the fourth quarter of 2004.

"We were extremely successful in our loan production efforts in the fourth quarter, as annualized growth in our core portfolio, excluding short-term holiday loans, was more than 17%," said William S. Thomas, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Capital Bancorp. "However the strong loan growth presented near-term challenges to our bottom line results, as we had to increase our use of wholesale funding and increase our provision expense to support the loan growth.

"We had particular strength in our residential real estate, commercial real estate and consumer segments, which all increased at double digit annualized rates. Importantly, while we continue to increase in asset size, our credit quality remains healthy, as our non-performing assets to total assets continued to decline," said Thomas.

Commenting on the outlook for 2006, Thomas said, "The strong loan growth we experienced in the fourth quarter gives us an excellent foundation to continue driving solid revenue growth in 2006. In addition to our core banking operations, we expect another strong performance from our RAL/RT programs to contribute to our top-line growth. Finally, following a year of heavy investment in systems and personnel to support continued growth in asset size, we believe our level of expense growth will moderate, and more of our revenue will drop through to our bottom line."

Full Press Release:


### Press Release ###########################

CIT Group Inc. Announces Completion of Registered Exchange Offer

NEW YORK, -- CIT Group Inc. (NYSE: CIT), a leading provider of consumer and commercial finance solutions, and CIT Funding Company of Canada ("CITGF"), a wholly owned subsidiary of CIT, announced the completion of its offer to exchange $1,000,000,000 aggregate principal amount of newly issued 4.65% Senior Notes due 2010 and $700,000,000 aggregate principal amount of newly issued 5.20% Senior Notes due 2015, which have been registered under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, for any and all outstanding 4.65% Senior Notes due 2010 (the "existing 4.65% Senior Notes") and 5.20% Senior Notes due 2015 (the "existing 5.20% Senior Notes").

Prior to the expiration of the exchange offer at 5:00 p.m., New York City time, on January 20, 2006 (the extended expiration date of the exchange offer), $990,490,000 aggregate principal amount of the existing 4.65% Senior Notes and $700,000,000 aggregate principal amount of the existing 5.20% Senior Notes were tendered and received for exchange.

This announcement is not an offer to exchange, or a solicitation of an offer to exchange, with respect to any securities. The exchange offer was made solely by the prospectus dated December 15, 2005.

About CIT:

CIT Group Inc. (NYSE: CIT), a leading commercial and consumer finance company, provides clients with financing and leasing products and advisory services. Founded in 1908, CIT has over $60 billion in assets under management and possesses the financial resources, industry expertise and product knowledge to serve the needs of clients across approximately 30 industries worldwide. CIT, a Fortune 500 company and a component of the S&P 500 Index, holds leading positions in vendor financing, factoring, equipment and transportation financing, Small Business Administration loans, and asset- based lending. With its Global Headquarters in New York City, CIT has approximately 6,000 employees in locations throughout North America, Europe, Latin and South America, and the Pacific Rim. For more information, visit



### Press Release ###########################

The List—Up-dated

“The List”

--Mergers, Acquisitions, Changes,

“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”---

full Alphabetical List

full Chronological List

Fourth Quarter, 2005

(abbreviated—the alphabetical and full chronological are on line as noted above)


IFC Credit, Morton Grove, Illinois

(12/05) announces that its wholly-owned subsidiary, FPC Funding II, LLC, has completed the renewal of its $75 million revolving credit facility with Autobahn Funding Company, LLC, an asset-backed commercial paper conduit sponsored by DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank. (12/05) Rudy Trebels, President IFC Credit, issues statement to Leasing News:“...While we would like to provide our views to your commentary in The Leasing News, we feel that it's neither fair nor appropriate to discuss pending litigation or requests for more information in this forum. As you are aware, there are significant issues to be decided that could not only impact our company, but could have serious ramifications within the leasing industry. As such, we feel it is necessary to debate issues solely within the confines of the court system and not through the media. Hopefully in the not too distant future, we will be able to discuss these issues with you in greater detail." (11/05) (11/05) IFC Credit writes "Letter to the Editor" of Equipment Leasing Association

ELTnews, basically stating: they have complied with material requested, but then also states at the end, “That information and other materials requested by the FTC are expected to be delivered to the FTC very soon which should resolve the requests of the FTC's Civil Investigative Demand.” (11/05) The Federal Trade Commission asks a federal judge Thursday to aid its efforts in investigating debt collection regarding NorVergence "Equipment Rental Contracts."

Conrad & Associates, Carlsbad Ca—Bill Hanson ( former CMC exec.) (12/05) United States Bankruptcy Judge Dale L. Somers issues the following:

"After reviewing the file and being duly advised, the Court finds the case should be dismissed for the following reasons: FAILURE TO FILE MISSSING/DEFECTIVE DOCUMENTS

The case is therefore ordered DISMISSED." (11/05) CMC Bill Hanson files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Kansas .No real estate was claimed among his assets, and only listed were two accounts, less than $100 in one, and less than $500 in another, a television, bed, couch worth less than $500, and clothes less than $500, plus “Sole Stockholder WGTD Inc with a value of minus $200,000. He stated on schedule “I” his current income consists of $1,494 in monthly Social Security “government assistance.”

Marlin Leasing, Mount Laurel, NJ (12/05) (12/05) CFO Bruce E. Sickel to resign employment with the Company effective March 3, 2006, says press release filed with SEC. Not mentioned was the $50,000 “stay” until March 3, 2006, employment to this date, followed by six month severance, plus some other “odds and ends.” George Pelose, General Counsel of Marlin Business Services, who was the contact for the press release, never returned any Leasing News telephone calls. It is suggested that readers go to Willis Lease, the last story in November, and learn about perhaps what may be a similar situation, but at Marlin: clouded and seemingly paid-off?

There is certainly more to the story, especially if handled by an attorney and telephone calls to the media not returned.

A highly reliable source tells Leasing News Mr. Pelose has not only been reading the stories printed here, but also has seen the following cartoons:

(11/05) announces the completion of its second term securitization. Marlin recently sold $96.9 million in asset-backed securities

Certified Leasing Foundation (12/05) the total count on line is 173, according to Cynthia W. Spurdle, Executive Director of the foundation.

At the beginning of the year, there were 223, with 221 active in the equipment leasing industry; a loss of 50, over 22%, despite the fact in 2005 that “15 leasing professionals that successfully passed the CLP Exam and received their CLP designations.” The actual loss, before new CLP's, would then be 65.

Mount Pleasant Capital Corp. Warrendale, PA (12/05) introduces Franchise Qualifier, an online tools that help franchisors streamline the process of franchisee recruitment. By analyzing owner, business, and industry factors, Franchise Qualifier accurately assesses whether a new franchisee is likely to be successful.
(11/05) New name of Bob Rodi's "Lease Now."Mount Pleasant Capital Corp. will serve as an umbrella organization for four separate d/b/a names. Those will be LeaseNOW, Franchise Business Capital, Motor Coach Financial Service, and RAPIDTrack. Mount Pleasant Capital Corp is an independent finance company that offers franchise systems and alternative strategy to SBA Loans. Its loans are fixed rate, 84 month loans and do not require additional collateral, such as real estate.(1/04) Acquires Motor Coach Financial, Guilford, Connecticut. Raymond J. Murphy, the president and principal shareholder of Motor Coach will serve as the Executive Vice President of LeaseNOW, Inc. Bob Rodi will continue as President and CEO of the merged companies while Marina Rodi will continue remain as Secretary/Treasurer and CFO.

Partners Equity Capital Corp (PECC) Horsham, Pennsylvania (12/05) announces that David Gerrard has been promoted to the position of Vice President and General Manager of their Technology Finance Business Unit. In his new role, Gerrard will have overall responsibility for the Technology Financing Group, including the development of new program partnerships and growth of existing manufacturer private label programs through PECC's revenue-generating lease programs and private label support.

NetBank/formerly Republic Leasing of South Carolina (12/05) announces an affiliation between NetBank and Wall Financial Services, LLC (WFS), for WFS to provide secured lines of credit to NetBank's small business customers.Typical candidates for this product include established manufacturers, wholesalers, or other B2B business owners with a need for working capital. (11/05) NetBank reports $3.5MM Loss. The $3.5 million provision is based on a review of the underlying property values in a foreclosure and liquidation scenario. (11/05) NetBank Inc., the leader on the internet banking circuit with $5 billion in assets, considered one of the largest internet banks, said it had found "irregularities" associated with $13 million in mortgage loans; delays 3/4 report.

CIT / Group (12/05) Chief executive Jeff Peek told The Business he plans to double its European assets to $ 20bn (B£11.6bn, E17bn) in the next three years. (11/05) agrees to sell its micro-ticket leasing business unit (Lease Finance Group), to affiliates of Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. and Goldman Sachs. The sale is consistent with CIT's continued focus on freeing capital for redeployment into targeted strategic growth opportunities. (10/05)In campaign to optimize our portfolio of businesses, CIT to divest approximately $290 Million of Non-Core Assets: approximately $190 million older vintage, out-of-production aircraft as part of its strategy to maintain a modern fleet capable of contributing positively to the company's risk-adjusted returns, accelerate the liquidation of approximately $100 million in manufactured housing receivables, other real estate interests

Econocom USA, Inc., Memphis, Tennessee (12/05) provider of solutions for the finance and management of technology assets, announced that it has agreed to sell its lease portfolio to Meridian Leasing Corporation, a Chicago-based provider of IT asset and financial management solutions. Founded in 1979, Meridian Leasing, part of the Meridian Group, is a comprehensive single source for lease financing and used equipment solutions for IT equipment of all sizes, as well as a wide variety of other products.

Main Street National Bank, Texas (12/05) Bob Quinn is no longer with Main Street Bank. He was not terminated for cause and he did not quit. That was all Quinn could say, according to our source. Leasing News asked Tom Depping if he would confirm or deny this? “No public comment on this.” Reportedly the man who originated the First Sierra concept was Bob Quinn, not Tom Depping. Bob Quinn approached Tom Depping in 1993 after Denrich was purchased by ATT Capital in December, 1992.Quinn did not feel ATT was dedicated to their Private Label Program so he approached Tom Depping as an old friend and business acquaintance about forming a new company to do nothing but Private Label.


Willis Lease Finance, Sausalito, CA . (11/05) files its amended Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2004. Also noted in the filing "Monica J. Burke tendered her resignation as the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Office of Willis Leasing Finance Corporation on November 30,2005 to be affected as of January 1, 2005. It is anticipated that Ms. Burke will remain employed by the Company through January 15,2006." The next paragraph notes that Robert Warwick has been appointed the position of Exec. VP and CFO as of January 1. He had worked for the Company as CAO since September 27,2005, and his accounting background is noted, including being the controller for San Mateo Times Newspaper Group and subsequently the Marin Independent Journal. Willis Lease issued a press release on December 6, "Willis Lease today announced that Monica J. Burke will be leaving the company's full-time employment in mid-January and has promoted Robert M. Warwick to Chief Financial Officer from Director of Finance effective January 1,2006." Of interest to readers this may be very similar to the Marlin Leasing announcement, except the Marlin CFO was rewarded with money, more time, and other benefits. The press release had the corporate attorney as the contact as the issue certainly appears poorly handled, although legally correct, perhaps? There is certainly more to the Marlin Story, particularly in comparison to how Willis Lease handled this apparently similar situation. (11/05) to delay third quarter 10-Q filing; As previously announced, the company will restate its financial statements for 2004 and the first and second quarters of 2005. Until the restatements are completed, the company will not be in a position to finalize its financial statements for the third quarter of 2005.

Merrill Lynch Financial (11/05) Parent to Acquire WordWave, Inc., a leading provider of litigation support, court reporting, captioning and transcription services for law firms, courts, governmental agencies and corporations worldwide.This acquisition is Merrill's single largest strategic business transaction to date. WordWave is currently owned by Berkshire Partners LLC and Highland Capital Partners, both Massachusetts-based private equity firms. Specific details of the agreement have not been disclosed. The deal is expected to complete by December 31, 2005 and is subject to submission and approval of the governing regulatory agencies.

Equipment Finance Group, Fresno, Ca. (11/05) Wheeler tells Leasing News the Fresno Bee story is “erroneous.” He did confirm he was interviewed by the Fresno Police, but explained the three examples were not correct. He expects no legal action. Vendors , seeking payment, who recently visited the office wrote Leasing News: “They are down to one inside sales person, and do not answer the phone. I am told Ken Wheeler comes in around 9:30 to 10:00am, stays to 11:00am, and then goes to his favorite restaurant-bar, returning at 2:00pm and then leaves around 3:00pm to 3:30pm every day. I am also told he has health problems.”
(11/05) "Fresno Bee" newspaper writes story "EFG subject of lawsuits, fraud inquiry." Part of story states," In October, Inc. magazine named EFG Leasing the 48th fastest-growing private company in the United States with a 1,449% increase in sales from 2001 to 2004. But 2005 has been a brutal year for the company, said President Kenneth Wheeler, 61. A serious illness that keeps him away from the office most of the day, combined with the effects of two thefts and a former employee who cheated the business, plus significant changes in his industry, have crimped purse strings this year and contributed to business woes, he said. 'If you put it all together in a lump, it hasn't been a great year even though last year was a great year,' Wheeler said. EFG, which provides leasing programs for businesses, reportedly had $14 million in sales in 2004. That will dwindle to about $5 million this year, Wheeler said.'

(10/05) Leasing News received many e-mails that brokers and vendors could not reach the Equipment Leasing Group in Fresno, California, that the telephone was disconnected. Wheeler says changing telephone systems, down for ten days? (10/05) named to the Inc. 500 a list of the fastest growing companies in the nation for 2005. With the three year revenue increase of 1,450% EFG Leasing Inc. was the #48 fasting growing company.

Summit National, Illinois (11/05) concessions and compromises regarding the original leasing software company Summit National, Chicago, Illinois, dispute with Daimler Chrysler, which Summit President Ken Duffy, Sr., said forced the company to fill bankruptcy earlier this year.

Willis Lease Finance, Sausalito, CA . (11/05) files its amended Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2004. Also noted in the filing "Monica J. Burke tendered her resignation as the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Office of willis Leasing Fiance Corporaiont on November 30,2005 to be affected as of January 1, 2005. It is anticipated that Ms. Burke will remain employed by the Company through January 15, 2006." The next paragraph notes that Robert Warwick has been appointed the position of Exec.VP and CFO as of January 1. He had worked for the Company as CAO since September 27,2005, and his accounting background is noted, including being the controller for San Mateo Times Newspaper Group and subsequently the Marin INdependent Journal. Willis Lease issued a press release on December 6, "Willis Lease today announced that Monica J. Burke will be leaving the company's full-time employemnt in mid-January and has promoted Robert M. Warwick to Chief Fianncial Officer from Director of Fiancé effective January 1,2006." Of interest to readers this may be very similar to the Marlin Leasing announcement, except Bruce Sickel was rewarded with money, more time, and other benefits. The press release had the corporate attorney as the contact as the issue certainly appears poorly handled, although legally correct, perhaps? There is certainly more to the Marlin Story, particularly in comparison to how Willis Lease handled this apparently similar situation. (11/05) to delay third quarter 10-Q filing; As previously announced, the company will restate its financial statements for 2004 and the first and second quarters of 2005. Until the restatements are completed, the company will not be in a position to finalize its financial statements for the third quarter of 2005.

Tech Com (Universal Equipment), Southern California (11/05)United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein announced that today United States District Chief Judge Benson E. Legg sentenced Ernest Robert Reinhardt, age 35, to 70 months in prison followed by 3 years of supervised release and Byron Allen, age 35, both of Orange County, California, to 37 months in prison followed by 3 years of supervised release in connection with their conviction. Chief Judge Legg also ordered that Reinhardt pay restitution in the amount of $862,044 and that defendant Allen pay restitution in the amount of $712,865.

TCF Financial Corporation (11/05) to apply for bank in Arizona. TCF is a Wayzata, Minnesota-based national financial holding company with $12.7 billion in assets. TCF has 442 banking offices in Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado and Indiana. Other TCF affiliates provide leasing and equipment finance, securities brokerage, and investments and insurance sales.

RW Professional, Long Island, NY (11/05) (11/05) The former branch manager, Myrna Katz of Long Beach, pleaded guilty to making false statements and will be sentenced in January. Four R.W. principals - Rochelle Besser, her brothers Adam and Roger Drayer, all also of Long Beach, and Susan Cottrell, of Mansfield, Mass. - also have pleaded guilty. Another principal, Barry Drayer of Wellesley, Mass., is scheduled to be tried in January before U.S. District Judge Arthur Spatt, along with Stephen Barker of Lake Forest, Calif., the owner of Carefree. Katz's attorney, John Wallenstein, didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. Steve Zissou, one of Barry Drayer's attorneys, said his client is "innocent, and we're going to show that at the trial ... Barry was a salesman." (10/05) Trial postponed for the sixth time. Readers tell Leasing News the key officers will not see any jail time, but will walk. The stall, postponement and deal making have been reportedly the modus operendi as happened at Old Kent, CIT, Sierra Cities, among others.

Lease Corporation of American, Troy, Michigan (11/05) Receives approval from the State of Utah for an industrial bank.Lease Corporation of America, founded in 1988, is a private multi-million dollar full service commercial leasing company providing financial solutions for distributors and manufacturers of equipment, funding for a select group of equipment lease brokers and delivering quality assets to financial institutions and other investors throughout the United States. Since its inception, Lease Corporation of America has funded in excess of $405 million of equipment leases involving more than 45,000 transactions.

NorVergence, New Jersey (11/05) Popular Leasing receives ruling requested as the St. Louis court found "that NorVergence has no interest relating to the subject of the action [in Missouri] and is not, therefore, a necessary and indispensable party." (11/05) 10,629 NorVergence Leases in Contention.Allegedly 1,371 NorVergence lessees to date have been offered settlements, out of an original estimated 12,000. This does not include the FTC win of $47 million dollars of “uncommitted” signed leases. Leasing News for 30 days has been trying to obtain the statistics in number and dollars of how many lessees accepted the settlements,as they were to do so in 30 days and then the leasing companies to report to the AG's office within 30 days in a specific time frame. (11/05) Hon. James Ryan of the Circuit Court of Cook County, IL, 3rd Municipal District, issues his third decision and order dismissing suits by IFC Credit Corp. against consumers who had NorVergence Rental Agreements ("NRA") assigned to IFC. Judge Ryan held that the forum selection clause in the NRAs was "unenforceable because it offends the public policy of fundamental fairness" and, therefore, the Illinois courts have no personal jurisdiction over the out-of-state defendant

QuickTrak, Beaverton, Oregon (11/05) QuikTrak Board of Directors unanimously voted to place Matt Hennessee on indefinite administrative leave status from his position as president, CEO and director. No one has heard the full story or from Mr. Hennessee about the newspaper story. (11/05) Matt Hennessee, President and CEO, also an active pastor, civic leader, is accused of sex abuse in the “Oregonian” newspaper.

Pawnee Leasing Corp., Fort Collins, CO (11/05) cars4U Ltd, Toronto, Canada (company traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange) signs agreement to acquire company. For more that 20 years, Pawnee has been a leader on the start-up and near prim finance market throughout the United States." For the year ended June 30, 2005, Pawnee had income before taxes of US$8.9 million." Pawnee's senior management team to continue in their roles with Pawnee. In addition, Rob Day and Sam Leeper, Pawnee's Chairman and founder, and CEO respectively, will be among the trustees for the income fund. Gary H. Souverein to remain as president/COO. Leasing News has exclusive interview:

Independence Community Bank Corp (11/05)signs agreement for Sovereign Bancorp signs agreement to acquire 100% of the Brooklyn, New York, for $42 per share in cash, representing an aggregate transaction value of $3.6 billion.Ira Romoff head of leasing company, says he is excited about the merger.


Orix Financial (10/05) Los Angeles, CA., firm Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin, an international investment bank, announced that it has agreed to join forces with ORIX (02/05)

Microfinancial/Leasecomm (10/05 a net loss for year-to-date for September 2005 at $2.5 million, compared to a lost of $14.8 million for the same period last year. Year to date revenues for the nine months ended September 30, decreased 36.7% to $30.4 million compared to $48.0 million for the period in 2004. (10/05) verified that Microfinancial has sold Transaction Enabling Systems, most likely in September.



News Briefs---

GM Reports $8.6 Billion Loss in 'Difficult' Year

Orders for big-ticket factory goods post solid gain in December

Rates on 30-year mortgages turn slightly higher

US home sales begin to mirror the slowdown in Massachusetts

China's economy expands by 9.9%--4 th in World Now

Oil Rebounds as Political Fears Outweigh Stocks

Women-Owned Businesses Growing in U.S.

Santa Clara theme park being sold as part of group

Greenspan Available February 1 at $500,000 an hour



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Raiders interview ex-Rams coach Martz for coaching vacancy



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Schwarzenegger approval rating recovering



“Gimme that Wine”

U.S. forecast to become world's No. 1 wine market

World awash in glut of wine

Reality TV show seeks wanna-be winemakers

Robert Parker, mFoundry Deliver Advice to Wine Lovers on the Go; World-Renowned Wine Critic's Notes Now Available on Mobile Devices

If you want to know if you got a value for your wine, or what the wine price is today, go to Type in the vintage (year) and name of the producer with wine type or geographic area, such as 1995 Chateau Lynch Bages Pauillac. Even 1995 Lynch Bages will work, or 1999 Viader



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Today's Top Event in History

    1943-The first air attack on Germany by the Army Air Force in World War II was made by the 8 th Air force led by Brigadier General Haywood Shepherd Hansell III from bases in England. The targets were naval bases and docks at Wilhelmshaven and factories in Emden in northwest Germany. The Americans lost three planes on the mission, two Liberators and one Flying Fortress. Of 64 planes participating in the raid, 53 reached their target The German loss was 22 fighter airplanes and 3 bombers. The 8 th Air Force's Its B-17 Flying Fortresses, capable of sustaining heavy damage while continuing to fly, and its B-24 Liberators, long-range bombers, became famous for precision bombing raids, the premier example being the raid on Wilhelmshaven. Commanded at the time by Brig. Gen. Newton Longfellow, the 8th Air Force was amazingly effective and accurate in bombing warehouses and factories in this first air attack against the Axis power. B-17 Flying Fortresses, capable of sustaining heavy damage while continuing to fly, and its B-24 Liberators, long-range bombers, became famous for precision bombing raids, the premier example being the raid on Wilhelmshaven. Commanded at the time by Brig. Gen. Newton Longfellow, the 8th Air Force was amazingly effective and accurate in bombing warehouses and factories in this first air attack against the Axis power.



This Day in American History

    1772 - The "Washington and Jefferson Snowstorm" occurred. George Washington reported three feet of snow at Mount Vernon, and Thomas Jefferson recorded about three feet at Monticello.
    1805 - Southeastern New York and New England was in the middle of a 3 day snowstorm. Snow fell continuously for 48 hours in New York City where two feet reportedly accumulated.
    1810-The third U.S. Census recorded a population of 7,239,881, an increase of !,931,298 over 1800. Black population rose by 481,361 to 1, 278,1100. Of this total, 1,867,746 were free citizens, a group omitted in the 1800 census. The center of population moved to a point 40 miles northwest of Washington, DC.
    1830-The landmark Webster-Hayne debates took place from January 19 to 27 th . They began when Senator Samuel A. Foot of Connecticut offered a resolution to restrain sale of public lands in the West. Sen. Thomas Hart Benton of Missouri replied by declaring that eastern interests were trying to check the prosperity of the West. He was supported by Sen. Robert Y. Hayne of South Carolina, who defended states rights. Hayne stated that “the very life of our system is the independence of the states, and that there is no evil more to be depreciated than the consolidation of this government.” Sen. Daniel Webster of Massachusetts replied by criticizing the tendency of some senators “to habitually speak of the union in terms of indifference , or even of disparagement.” The debate evolved into a discussion of the powers of the Constitution and the nature of the Union. In his speak of Jan. 26-27, Webster declared that the states were sovereign only in that area where their power is not qualified by the Constitution, and that the Constitution and the government were sovereign over the people. “Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable!” was included in the speech delivered by Daniel Webster of Massachusetts in debate with Sen. Robert Y. Hayne of South Carolina. Webster held that the union was stronger than the separate states, and that its acts could not be nullified by them.
    1850-Birthday of Samuel Gompers, one of the key figures of the U.S labor movement, born in England. In 1863, Gompers emigrated to New York with his family and soon joined his father working as a cigar maker in various New York sweatshops. Although he became heavily involved in the cigar makers' union, Gompers was hardly an advocate of labor's more left-leaning tendencies. As he rose to prominence in the union, Gompers gradually articulated his belief in strikes and boycotts tempered by responsibility and reason. In addition, he focused almost solely on economic goals and hailed binding contracts as a key to improving the lives of workers. In 1886, Gompers spearheaded the formation of the American Federation of Labor (A.F. of L.) He ruled the A.F. of L. for forty years, save for 1895, when a brief burst of socialist sentiment forced him out of office. Gompers shaped the A.F. of L. into his conservative ideal, leading the organization to eschew overt political affiliations, most notably radicalism, in favor of broad patriotic values. However, as employers and politicians increasingly marshaled tough tactics to quell the rising tide of labor, Gompers was forced to choose sides, and in 1908, he supported William Jennings Bryan's failed run for the Oval Office. A few years later, Gompers became a fierce ally of President Woodrow Wilson, and Gompers used the pulpit of the A.F. of L., as well as the recently formed Pan American Labor Federation, to push the government's policy in World War I. Gompers passed away in Texas on December 13, 1924.
    1870 - At the then Indian Asbury University, Kappa Alpha Theta, the first women's Greek letter society, or sorority, was founded. The university is now called DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana.
    1880 - Thomas Alva Edison patented the electric incandescent lamp.
    1885-Birthdy of Jerome Kern, American composer born at New York City; died there Nov 11, 1945. In addition to scores for stage and screen, Kern wrote many memorable songs, including “Ol' Man River,” “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes,” “I Won't Dance, “ “The Way You Look Tonight, “ “ All the Things You Are,” and “ The Last Time I Saw Paris.” 1888 - In Washington, D.C., the National Geographic Society was founded.
    1894 - The University of Chicago played its first basketball game, beating the Chicago YMCA Training School 19-11. The University of Chicago became the first basketball team to play a full schedule of games, ending with a 6-1 record.
    1900-Birthday of Hyman Rickover, American naval officer, known as the “Father of the Nuclear Navy.” Admiral Rickover directed development of nuclear reactor powered submarines, the fist of which was the Nautilus, launched in 1954. Rickover was noted for his blunt remarks: “ To increase the efficiency of the Department of Defense,” he said, “ you must first abolish it. “ The four-star admiral retired ( unwillingly) at the age of 81, after 63 years in the navy. Born in Russia, Rickover died at Arlington, VA, July 9, 1986 and was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
    1908-Birthday of trumpet player Oran “Hot Lips” Page.
    1918-Birthday of bandleader Skitch Henderson, best known for “The Tonight Show” with Steve Allen and then Johnny Carson.
1918 Tarzan of the Apes, first Tarzan film, released
The first Tarzan film, Tarzan of the Apes, is released. The silent movie, based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' novel, was the first in a long line of Tarzan productions. Olympic champion swimmer Johnny Weissmuller starred in 11 Tarzan movies from 1932 to 1948 and contributed Tarzan's signature yodel to the TV show, which ran from 1966 to 1969. The character was also featured in a radio show starting in 1932 and a long-running comic strip.
    1927-The Harlem Globetrotters opened their first tour with a game in Hinkley, IL. Founded by Abe Saperstein as a spin-off form the great Harlem Renaissance team, the Globetrotters quickly became fan favorites around the world.
    1927-Birthday of jazz pianist Don Shirley, Kingston, Jamaica.
    1930 –Birthday of Bobby ‘Blue' Bland (Robert Calvin Brooks) (Roll Hall of Fame singer: That's the Way Love Is, Call on Me, Turn on Your Love Light, Ain't Nothin' You Can Do; original group: The Beale Streeters with Johnny Ace) , born Rosemont, TN. His grainy vocal style is a mixture of gospel and blues, and he had considerable influence on singers as diverse as Rod Stewart and Al Green. "Call on Me" and "That's the Way Love Is" was a double-sided million-seller for Bland in 1963. But white audiences didn't begin to buy his records until he recorded his "California Album" and "Dreamin' " in the early '70s. They proved to be the most popular LPs of his career. When I lived in New Orleans for a long summer in 1958 with my friend Warren Luening, Jr., and his family. Bobby “Blue” Bland was number one of the radio. I could do a pretty good impression of Bobby “Blue” Bland, including imitating his stand and manners. I knew most of his songs by heart. I have never missed a chance to see him when he was in the San Francisco Bay Area, including spending my birthdays after midnight, at his New Year's Eve Show at the San Carlos Circle Star ( B.B.King also shared the stage. )

    1931-Birthday of Rudy Maugeri, baritone singer and arranger for the Crew-Cuts, born in Toronto, Canada. All four members of the group were students at St. Michael's Cathedral Choir School in Toronto. They were discovered in 1954 by Mercury Records while they were singing in Cleveland under the name of the Canadaires. They became the Crew-Cuts after the popular hair style of the time. One of the first white groups to record rock 'n' roll versions of black rhythm-and-blues hits, the Crew Cuts are best known for their 1954 million-seller "Sh-Boom."
    1939 – Birthday of Julius Lester, re-teller of legends and folklore of the American South, born St. Louis, Missouri. Since the early 1970's, Lester has served as a professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
    1941-Birthday of vibe player Bobby Hutcherson, Los Angeles, CA
    1943-The first air attack on Germany by the Army Air Force in World War II was made by the 8 th Air force led by Brigadier General Haywood Shepherd Hansell III from bases in England. The targets were naval bases and docks at Wilhelmshaven and factories in Emden in northwest Germany. The Americans lost three planes on the mission, two Liberators and one Flying Fortress. Of 64 planes participating in the raid, 53 reached their target The German loss was 22 fighter airplanes and 3 bombers. The 8 th Air Force's Its B-17 Flying Fortresses, capable of sustaining heavy damage while continuing to fly, and its B-24 Liberators, long-range bombers, became famous for precision bombing raids, the premier example being the raid on Wilhelmshaven. Commanded at the time by Brig. Gen. Newton Longfellow, the 8th Air Force was amazingly effective and accurate in bombing warehouses and factories in this first air attack against the Axis power. B-17 Flying Fortresses, capable of sustaining heavy damage while continuing to fly, and its B-24 Liberators, long-range bombers, became famous for precision bombing raids, the premier example being the raid on Wilhelmshaven. Commanded at the time by Brig. Gen. Newton Longfellow, the 8th Air Force was amazingly effective and accurate in bombing warehouses and factories in this first air attack against the Axis power.
    1944 - Casey Stengel resigned as the manager of the Boston Braves a post he held since 1938. He went on to become manager of the New York Yankees in 1948. Famous Stengelisms include: "The Yankees don't pay me to win every day - just two out of three"; "The secret of managing a club is to keep the five guys who hate you away from the five guys who are undecided"; and "You have to draft a catcher, because if you don't have one, the ball will roll all the way back to the screen."
    1945 - The Russians liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp, where the Nazis had murdered 1.5 million men, women and children, including more than one million Jews.
    1947---Top Hits
For Sentimental Reasons - Nat King Cole
A Gal in Calico - Johnny Mercer
Ole Buttermilk Sky - The Kay Kyser Orchestra (vocal: Mike Douglas & The Campus Kids)
Rainbow at Midnight - Ernest Tubb
    1948 - Wire Recording Corporation of America unveiled the first magnetic tape recorder, the ‘Wireway' machine containing a built-in oscillator. It sold for $149.50.
    1955---Top Hits
Mr. Sandman - The Chordettes
Let Me Go, Lover! - Teresa Brewer
Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine) - The Penguins
Loose Talk - Carl Smith
    1956--- Elvis Presley, "Heartbreak Hotel" released today.
    1958-Birthday of country singer Tracy Lawrence
    1958 -- Little Richard enters Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama. It's a school for blacks run by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Little Richard explains while flying over the Philippines on tour, the wing on his plane caught fire and his prayers that the flames go out were answered. As a result, he says he's giving up rock and roll so he can serve God.
    1959-Birthday of Anthony Cris Collinsworth, sportscaster, former football player, born Dayton, OH.
    1961 - Leontyne Price debuted at New York's Metropolitan Opera House, singing the role of Leonora in "Il Trovatore". Price was the seventh black singer to make a debut at the Met, the first was Marian Anderson in 1955.
    1962 - Elvis Presley received his 29th gold record for Can't Help Falling in Love, just weeks after receiving one for the soundtrack to his seventh movie, Blue Hawaii.
    1962--- Joey Dee and the Starliters' "Peppermint Twist" hits #1
    1962-Benny Goodman Band enplanes for Soviet tour; first jazz band to play Russia.
    1963---Top Hits
Walk Right In - The Rooftop Singers
Hey Paula - Paul & Paula
Tell Him - The Exciters
The Ballad of Jed Clampett - Flatt & Scruggs
    1964- Senator Margaret Chase Smith (R-MA) announces her candidacy for the presidency of the United States at a Women's National Press Club luncheon. In her statement she acknowledged that many think that "No woman should ever dare to aspire to the White House - and that this is a man's world and should be kept that way." She received 27 votes at the national convention which nominated Barry Goldwater.
    1966 - Oswego, NY, was in the midst of a five day lake effect storm which left the town buried under 102 inches of snow.
    1967-Three American astronauts, Virgil I. Grissom, Edward H. White and Roger B. Chaffee, died when fire suddenly broke out at 6:31pm in Apollo I during a launching simulation test, as it stood on the ground at Cape Kennedy, FL. First launching in the Apollo program had been scheduled for Feb 27, 1967. Technicians, along with the head technician, had tried to postpone the flight, worried about the fittings of an “O” ring and cold temperatures preventing a proper seal.
    1967 -- During a preflight test for what was to be the first manned Apollo mission, a fire claimed the lives of three U.S. astronauts; Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee. After the disaster, the mission was officially designated Apollo 1. The Apollo program was designed to land humans on the Moon and bring them safely back to Earth. Six of the missions (Apollo's 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17) achieved this goal. Apollo's 7 and 9 were Earth orbiting missions to test the Command and Lunar Modules, and did not return lunar data. Apollo's 8 and 10 tested various components while orbiting the Moon, and returned photography of the lunar surface. Apollo 13 did not land on the Moon due to a malfunction, but also returned photographs. The six missions that landed on the Moon returned a wealth of scientific data and almost 400 kilograms of lunar samples. Experiments included soil mechanics, meteoroids, seismic, heat flow, lunar ranging, magnetic fields, and solar wind experiments.
    1967 - Residents of Chicago, IL, began to dig out from a storm which produced 23 inches of snow in 29 hours. The snow paralyzed the city and suburbs for days, and business losses were enormous
    1968 - Seven weeks after singer Otis Redding's death, his song "(Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay" was released. It hit #1 on March 16, 1968 staying at the top for a month. In 1960, Redding began his recording career with Johnny Jenkins and The Pinetoppers on Confederate Records. He sang duet with Carla Thomas and charted 11 hits. Redding, from Dawson, Georgia, died in a plane crash at Lake Monona near Madison, Wisconsin. The crash also killed four members of the Bar-Kays. "The Dock of the Bay", Redding's only number one song, was recorded three days before his death.
    1968 - The Bee Gees gave their first American concert as a group, earning $50,000 to play at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. The Beatles were paid the same amount to perform at the Hollywood Bowl a few years prior.
    1971-The first US postage stamp depicting a Jew was the three-cent bright red-violet postage stamp to commemorate the centenary of the birth of labor leaser Samuel Gompers, one of the founders of the American Federal of Labor. The stamps were printed by rotary press, 70 stamps to the pane.
    1971---Top Hits
Knock Three Times - Dawn
Lonely Days - Bee Gees
Stoney End - Barbra Streisand
Rose Garden - Lynn Anderson
    1972 - The New Seekers received a gold record for I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing on this date. The song was an effective campaign tool for Coca-Cola television commercials.

    1973- DVN Day. The US and North Vietnam, along with South Vietnam and the Viet Cong, signed the official "Agreement on ending the war and restoring peace in Vietnam." Signed at Paris, France, to take effect January 28 at 8 AM Saigon time, thus ending US combat role in a war that had involved American personnel stationed in Vietnam since defeated French forces had departed under terms in the Geneva Accords in 1954.
---Ends the longest war in US history. This is the same agreement as was drafted the previous October. 23,000 American troops still left in Vietnam. & announcement of (?) draft end. 3 million Americans are enlisted in the military
55,000 Americans have died in the Vietnam war
· Great Exp: 58,000 dead / 153,000 wounded / 35,000 widows & orphans created
· 275,000 Americans experience a death in their family
· 1.4 million saw someone in their family wounded
· 6.5 million served in armed forces, 1 million+ saw combat
Peace negotiations between the United States and North Vietnam had been ongoing since 1968. Richard Nixon was elected president that year, largely on the basis of his promise to find a way to "peace with honor" in Vietnam. Four years later, after the deaths of thousands more American servicemen, South Vietnamese soldiers, North Vietnamese soldiers, and Viet Cong fighters, the Paris Peace Accords were signed, and America's participation in the struggle in Vietnam came to a close. Most Americans were relieved simply to be out of the Vietnam quagmire. The war against communism in Southeast Asia cost over 50,000 U.S. lives and billions of dollars, in addition to countless soldiers wounded in the line of duty. At home, the war seriously fractured the consensus about the Cold War that had been established in the period after World War II--simple appeals to fighting the red threat of communism would no longer be sufficient to move the American nation to commit its prestige, manpower, and money to foreign conflicts. For Vietnam, the accords meant little. The cease-fire almost immediately collapsed, with recriminations and accusations flying from both sides. In 1975, the North Vietnamese launched a massive military offensive, crushed the South Vietnamese forces, and reunified Vietnam under communist rule. Contrary to popular belief, both the Korean War and Viet Nam War were bad for the economy, resulting in areas of high unemployment, high inflation, and a larger disparity in income between the wealthy and not wealthy. Richard Nixon inherited this from Lyndon Johnson who in turn took over from John F. Kennedy who inherited it from Dwight Eisenhower. Whether President Kennedy would have listened to the public, or not have been fooled by the military as history has shown Johnson was fooled, is debated by historians.( it cost Johnson the election, and he shortly thereafter, died a broken man ). It was the longest war in US history with more than one million combat deaths ( US: 47,366). Ironically, within weeks of the departure of American troops the war between North and South Vietnam resumed. For the Vietnamese that remained and did not flee to the United States, the war didn't end until April 30, 1975, when Saigon fell to Communist forces.
    1973-The UCLA Bruins led by center Bill Walton, beat Norte Dame, 82-63, to set an NCAA record with their 61 st consecutive victory. The Bruins broke the record set by the University of san Francisco in 1956 when Bill Russell played center for the Dons.
    1976-“Laverne and Shirley” premiere on TV. This ABC sitcom was a spin-off of the popular TV show “Happy Days” that was also set during the 50's in Milwaukee, WI. Penny Marshal ( sister of series co-creator, Garry Marshall) starred as Laverne DeFazio with Cindy Williams as Shirley Feeney. The two friends worked at a brewery and shared a basement apartment. Also featured in the cast were Phil Foster as Laverne's father, Frank DeFazio: David L. Lander as co-worker Andrew ‘Squiggy” Sguiggman; Michael McKean as co-worker Lenny Kosnowski; Betty Garrett as landlady Edna Babis and Eddie Mekka as Carmine Ragusa, Shirley's sometime boyfriend.
    1979---Top Hits
Le Freak - Chic
Y.M.C.A. - Village People
Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? - Rod Stewart
Why Have You Left the One You Left Me For - Crystal Gayle
    1979- Rod Stewart's album "Blondes Have More Fun" became number one on the Billboard chart. Sales of the album were spurred by the single "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?," and the success represented a comeback for Stewart.
    1984-Center Wayne Gretzky of the Edmonton Oilers scored a goal against the New Jersey Devils to extend his streak of scoring either a goal or an assist to 51 games, an NHL record. The Great One was later was stopped by the Los Angeles Kings, a team he later played for, the next night.
    1987---Top Hits
At This Moment - Billy Vera & The Beaters
Open Your Heart - Madonna
Control - Janet Jackson
Cry Myself to Sleep - The Judds
    1989- Michael Jackson gave what was billed as his last concert performance in Los Angeles. The show marked the end of Jackson's "Bad" world tour, which had begun 16 months earlier in Japan. In the audience at the LA concert were such stars as Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Fonda, Phil Collins, Tiffany and members of Motley Crue. The "Bad" tour included 123 concerts in 15 countries, with a total attendance of 4.4-million and a box office gross of over 125-million dollars, both record figures. Jackson's "Bad" LP sold more than 20-million copies worldwide.
    1989 - The last half of January was bitterly cold over most of Alaska. Nearly thirty stations established all-time record low temperatures. On this date Tanana reported a low of -76 degrees. Daily highs of -66 degrees were reported at Chandalar Lake on the 22nd, and at Ambler on the 26th.
    1990 - Another in a series of cold fronts brought high winds to the northwestern U.S., and more heavy snow to some of the higher elevations. The series of vigorous cold fronts crossing the area between the 23rd and the 27th of the month produced up to 60 inches of snow in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State.
    1991-The New York Giants defeated the Buffalo Bills 20-19, to win Super Bowl XXV. Buffalo kicker Scott Norwood saw his 47-year field goal attempt sail wide with eight seconds to play. It is perhaps one of the most remembered losses in modern day football. Tim Russert of “Meet the Press” is still not over it.
    1991- Whitney Houston performed "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the Super Bowl game - sort of. What the crowd heard was a pre-recorded version while Houston and an orchestra performed on the field. A blend of Houston's live vocals and the pre-recorded version, released as a single, became a hit because of patriotism sparked by the Persian Gulf War. 1992, country singer Wynonna Judd made her debut as a solo artist on the American Music Awards show on ABC TV. The Judds, the award-winning duo of Wynonna and her mother Naomi, broke up in 1991 because of Naomi's ill health.
    1993-Warner Brothers announced it was releasing Ice-T from his recording contract. The company cited "creative differences" for the decision, which followed the previous year's controversy over Ice-T's "Cop Killer." Police and others said the track advocated the killing of police. Several of Ice-T's concerts had to be cancelled when off-duty police refused to provide security for the shows. Ironically he went from a regular detective on “Homicide,” Baltimore, MD., to a key detective on “Law and Order, “ Criminal Intent, New York City.
    1993- Fans at a Clovis, New Mexico club, expecting to see a group called Yukon Jack, got a shock when Garth Brooks and his band walked on stage. The surprise performance was arranged by Brooks's booking agent - a longtime friend of the club's owner.  
    1994 - a frigid arctic air was in place over New England and New York as a massive 1052 millibar high pressure provided ideal radiational cooling. Crown Point, NY dipped to 48 degrees below zero and Shoreham, VT shivered with 46 degrees below zero, Burlington, VT broke its old record daily low by 9 degrees with a reading of 29 degrees below zero and Caribou, ME set a record low for the third day in a row with a temperature of 23 degrees below zero
    1997-National Semiconductor agreed to sell its Fairchild Semiconductor business to the unit's management. The separation of the two companies would allow National Semi to focus on expensive custom chips instead of high-volume, low-cost chips, which Fairchild specialized in.
    1997- Ottawa native Alanis Morissette's "Jagged Little Pill" was named favorite album at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles. Presenter Paul Abdul accepted the award for Morissette, who was on vacation in India. Morissette was also picked as favorite female artist. Timmins, Ontario, native Shania Twain captured the trophy for best female country artist.
    1998 - The Spice Girls' "Girl Power: Live in Istanbul" video was released by Virgin Music Video, and was later certified platinum.

Super Bowl Champions This Date

    1991 New York Giants



American Football Poem


IF you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too:
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or, being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise;

If you can dream -- and not make dreams your master;
If you can think -- and not make thoughts your aim,
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same:
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings,
And never breathe a word about your loss:
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!"

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings -- nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much:
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And -- which is more -- you'll be a Man, my son!

Rudyard Kipling