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Sales: Long Established West Coast Co., lessor/broker looking to expand. Top commission/salary/bonus. Organized with sales experience in small/mid size leases a necessity. Home office OK. Experienced back office support.

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Tuesday, July 6,2004





    Classified Ads---Asset Management

        Archives,July 6,2001   Manifest Insurance Policy

            Norvergence Files Bankruptcy?

    Classified Ads---Help Wanted

        News Briefs---

            "Gimme that Wine"

                This Day in American History

                    Baseball Poem



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Classified Ads---Asset Management


Asset Management: Austin, TX. 20+ years exper. lease/finance. P & L responsibility, strong credit & collection management, re-marketing& accounting. Computers, construction, auto & transportation. Both commercial/ consumer portfolios.



Asset Management: Bloomfield Township, MI.

15+ yrs experience asset management and credit analyst.

Leadership and training skills. Audited returns, max residual, lease end and resale negotiator.



Asset Management: Chicago, IL. MBA, 15+ years exp. Long history of success in maximizing residual position through outstanding negotiation skills & lease contract management. Third party re-marketing, forecasting etc...



Asset Management: Oxnard-Hollywood Beach, CA.

19 Years w/Equity Analysis/Placement and Residual Forecasting of Computer Assets. Portfolio Manager for Two Major Lessors and Strong Analyst Background w/Leading Information Services Firm.



Asset Management: Princeton, NJ.

Asset management/credit/collection

20+ years experience in equipment financing. Last five years in Asset Management including remarketing, end of lease negotiations, equipment and market evaluations



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From Our Archives, July 6,2001   Manifest Insurance Policy


Manifest Still Has Insurance Guarantee as US Bancorp


                 Manifest Insurance Policy


“In today's competitive marketplace it seems as though everyone is trying to get more from their current base of customers. Whether it is your lessee base or your vendor base, we would all agree that these are the lifelines of any third party leasing company. At Manifest Funding Services, we understand the importance of your customer base and we would like to insure the protection of these Lists with the following policy:


“Your lessee and vendor lists will remain confidential to Manifest Funding Services. At no time will this information be shared with anyone outside Manifest Funding Services. This policy holds true even if your company is no longer doing business with Manifest Funding Services.


“At Manifest Funding Services, we take this "Insurance Policy" very seriously. We understand that the cost of a "claim' against our integrity far outweighs any revenues that we might receive from a vendor or lessee that calls us directly.”


Troy Molitor

Senior Vice President

Manifest Funding Services






Norvergence Files Bankruptcy?


   by Christopher Menkin



Leasing News has been writing about the troubles and background

of Norvergence for two years, quoting Robert J. Fine, who is the

Norvergence Bank-Funder contact under the title of Director of Strategic Relations.

As critics have noted to us, he also serves as the popular president of  the Eastern Association of Equipment Lessors.


The complaints range from the value of the actual collateral to the service, with many warning that when Norvergence fails, it will erupts into a class action suit similar to the one that cost Microfinancial millions of dollars.  The “distance” between financing and approving the seller plus servicer of the equipment

may be decided by a court of law or another jurisdiction.


In the course of looking into the complaints, with several be” satisfied” by the funders involved ( perhaps along with Norvergence, as we never learned the actual details, just the results that the customer's complaint was “satisfied.,” these following comments were  received:


.The complaints are all over the internet and Norvergence is becoming the joke of the leasing industry...    reason that funding sources aren't coming forward is that they are scared  if they blow the whistle and stop funding Norvergence the house of card will fall very quickly ‘pyramid scheme'."


“I think the thing that scares me most with my clients asking me "what to do and what do you think I should do?" is 2 things: 1) The CEO is Peter Salzano, brother to Tom Salzano (who in fact is the "silent” Chief), who if you type his name in a "search", his name is not good in the industry. He cannot be named as an executive because he is wrathed in litigation of slamming in his past ownership companies who have since ALL filed Chapter 11...Minimum Rate Pricing, Inc, Parcel Consultants Inc, National Tele-communications, Inc. So the history of these brothers that they are fly-by-night, make-a-quick $ and leave customers in the rubble and giving this industry more bad apples to deal with.”


” Norvergence is truly a scam and this is how it works. The "Screening Manager" (better known as a "Salesperson") collects telecom bills from the company they are meeting with. The company's current costs are added up; Norvergence then reduces that cost by 30%. Once that number is determined, Norvergence then backs out the cost of the T1 and the Unlimited Cellular to determine that company's "Matrix" box price. All current costs, less 30%, nominal T1, and cellular costs are applied to the price of the box. That is why they can't put a price on the box. They have to figure out how much a company is

currently spending and squeeze every last dime into the cost of the box. The customer is then bound to the 5 year agreement with the bank, regardless of service level provided by Norvergence..” 


” The box has nothing to do with the savings, it is a way for Norvergence to claim its' value so they can charge the customer all of their current telecommunications expenses less the 20% or 30% discount. Norvergence puts all of the value in the box and then it is then funded through a bank. Norvergence receives 5 years of Telecom upfront. Now if the customer is unhappy with the service (I've seen several complaints about the cellular portion of the solution) TOO BAD! The customer has signed a binding document with a bank. In reality, they are paying a bank for their telecom.”


' This magical box is nothing more than an Adtran IAD (Integrated Access Device retailing for about $500). The really sad thing is that if a customer is just getting DSL or Cable High speed internet, the box does absolutely nothing!!!”


” I called Nortel corporate headquarters today, and was indeed notified that litigation is pending against Norvergence for misrepresentation. I was told this is part of Norvergence's attempt to lure new customers. They are not a business partner. Nortel informed me that they may be reselling some Nortel hardware, although that would not have been obtained from Nortel as a Nortel reseller.

The problem is signing a contract with a third party leasing company for five years. If Norvergence goes out of business in a year, you are stuck paying for worthless equipment and have to go back to your current system.”


Leasing News is attempting to obtain a statement from Norvergence, plus confirm or deny the television news reports that the company has filed for bankruptcy protection.




Classified Ads---Help Wanted


Account Executive



Account Executive:
Leasing professional in the small to middle market with at least 3 years business development and direct sales experience. Dallas, Denver or Chicago location. Strong commission plan plus benefits. E-Mail

About the Company: Bank of Blue Valley is a locally owned community bank with $600 million in assets. We are one of the leaders in the Kansas City financial community. Our bank offers true community banking with services,
products and convenience for businesses, families and individuals seeking a complete banking relationship. Check out our website @


Business Development Office


Business Development Officer,leasing exp.,min 3 yrs business & direct sales exp. Banking procedure knowledge helpful. Gilroy, CA location, serving four surrounding counties. E-mail or see Career Opportunities

About the Company: Pacific Capital Bancorp is a $5+ billion, multi-bank holding company dedicated to providing an enduring network of community banks on the Central Coast of California. This unique partnership of independent banks provides customers in six California counties with the financial strength and product diversity of a big bank, delivered with the responsiveness and personalized attention of a local community bank.


Marketing Indirect Origination



New York. One of the largest ind. equip.lessors needs  motivated, self-starter to purchase single investor leases from institutional investors; min.transaction  $1 million; portfolio of primarily investment grade lessees/good "story credits". 
Min 3 yrs exp. sourcing/ originating leasing transactions, knowledge credit and pricing.






Odyssey-click to go to website
Sales: Long Established West Coast Co., lessor/broker looking to expand. Top commission/salary/bonus. Organized with sales experience in small/mid size leases a necessity. Home office OK. Experienced back office support.

About the Company:




Sales: Established 20-year full service lessor seeks sales professional in small or mid ticket markets. Earn high commissions, with benefits.

About the Company:




Port Leasing Sales Officer - Port of Long Beach: conducts/oversees negotiations for leases, permits, property acquisition; prepares lease proposals; negotiates prop. acquisition; neg. lease agreements with new/existing tenants; develops financial info. to analyze lease proposals.  College degree expected. Contact: Stuart Satow, CPS Executive Search 916-263-1401, Recruitment brochure




News Briefs---


Service base drives June's job growth

'The Fed's behind the curve'




Court rules Amtrak workers can't walk off the job



You've Got Mail (and Court Says Others Can Read It)


Mortgage Rates Fall


More online retailers taking checks, invoices



Michael Moore Snubs Independent Theaters/File is in the Real Media







“Gimme that Wine”


Hogue Cellars Releases Results of Wine-Closure Study, Switches to Screw Caps,1145,2526,00.html



Offering cheaper land and a slower pace, El Dorado County is drawing newcomers who want to hop on wine bandwagon.


Wine Booming in Michigan




When the Love Affair Begins to Fade—Frank J. Prial



Cutting-edge vintners put their wines to a taste test






October 21-24, 2004
Hyatt Regency Monterey
Monterey California

If you are a former UAEL member and would like to attend the 30th anniversary party, please call Joe Woodley or email to:

United Association of Equipment Leasing
78120 Calle Estado, 201
La Quinta, CA. 92253
760.567.2227 / 760.564.2206 Fax





This Day in American History



    1526 -The first European settlement in what is now located in South Carolina,

San Miguel de Guadalupe, was established by Lucas Vazsquez de Vyllon, who led some 500 or 600 settlers from Hispaniola to this coast location.  The site of the settlement was thought to be just north of the Peedee Rive.  Many of the settlers died of fever. After Ayllon succumbed himself on October 18, the approximately 150 surviving settlers returned to Hispaniola.  The Spanish were the first group interested in this part of the America's, Juan Ponce de Leon discovering Florida, claiming it for the King of Spain. Members of his expedition reached the Mississippi River, and Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo not only went as far as Mexico, but in 1542, also landed near what is now Ballast Point, San Diego, then discovered Santa Catalina Island, San Pedro Bay, the Santa Barbara Channel, and other West Coast landmarks, which bear the names he gave them today.

    1747-American naval officer born at Kirkbean, Scotland. Remembered for his victory in the battle of his ship, the Bonhomme Richard, with the British frigate Serapis, Sept 23, 1779. When Jones was queried: "Do you ask for quarter?" he made his famous reply: "I have not yet begun to fight!" Jones was victorious, but the Bonhomme Richard, badly damaged, sank two days later. Jones died at Paris, France, July 18, 1792.

    1757Birthday of William McKendree, colonial American church leader. In 1808 he was ordained the first American-born bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

    1776-The Pennsylvania Evening Post of Philadelphia, PA  was the first newspaper to publish the Declaration of Independence.

    1847—Birthday of  Ellen Martin Henrotin - wealthy U.S. widow who used her money to make the 1893 Chicago World's Fair the national focal point for feminist activity.     Most importantly, she lead a committee that forced the closing of hundreds of brothels in Chicago and brought about the downfall of the flourishing "white slavery" trade in which women were kidnapped into prostitution.

    1865-Birthday of  Mina Miller , the seventh of eleven children. She met Thomas Edison at the home of a mutual friend of her father and Edison, the inventor Ezra Gilliland. Her future husband claims he taught her Morse code so that they could converse in secret, even while the family watched. This is how Edison claims he proposed marriage and how she responded "yes." The two married on February 24, 1886. The couple moved into Glenmont, the Edison's' new home, after their honeymoon in Florida. At age twenty, the new Mrs. Edison became a stepmother to Mary's three children. It was not an easy task. She was less than ten years older than stepdaughter Marion.    Although Mina tried to nurture her new family, Marion later described Mina as "too young to be a mother but too old to be a chum." Her role as Mrs. Thomas Edison was also difficult: Edison frequently stayed late at the laboratory and forgot anniversaries and birthdays. Yet he seemed to love his "Billie." A note found in one of Mina's gardening books reads, "Mina Miller Edison is the sweetest little woman who ever bestowed love on a miserable homely good for nothing male (sic)" As Thomas Edison supervised his "muckers" down the hill (at his laboratory), Mina hired and supervised a staff of maids, a cook, a nanny and a gardening staff. She even called herself the "home executive." After 1891 she, not her husband, owned the house. (This protected the house from being seized to pay Edison's debts if he went bankrupt.).Four years after Edison died, Mina married childhood sweetheart Edward Everett Hughes. The two lived in Glenmont until Hughes died in 1940, when she once again adopted the name of Mrs. Edison. She lived at Glenmont until her death on August 24, 1947.

    1858- Lyman Reed Blake of Abington, MA, obtained patents for the McKay stitching machine, which revolutionized shoe manufacturing, creating a new industry for New England, providing inexpensive and well-made footwear.  The upper was lasted upon the insole by means of tacks driven through the insole and clinched against the steel bottom of the last. The outsole was then attached to the insole and upper by the McKay sewing machine, which made a chain stitch through and through to the inside of the shoe. the surface of the insole was then covered by a

lining.  The machine was first put in use by William Potter and Sons, Lynn, MA, in 1861.

It was probably foot powered.

    1871- The first baseball game between an all-white team and an all-African American team was played in Chicago, IL.  The African-American Uniques beat the Alerts by a score of 17-16.

    1921—Birthday of Nancy Davis Reagan, former First Lady, wife of  the late Ronald Reagan, 40th president of the US, born New York, NY.

    1925—Birthday of TV host, singer, entertainer, business executive Merv Griffin, born San Mateo, Ca.  He got his first start here in San Francisco on my old alma mater KRFC

on the Old Don Lee Network.  1928 --At Potter, NE, severe thunderstorm drops huge hailstones. One measured 5.5 inches in diameter, with a circumference of 17 inches and weighed 1.5 pounds!

    1932- Singer Della Reese Birthday

    1933- Babe Ruth became the first to hit a home run in an All-Star game.

    1933-Major League baseball Holds First All-Star Game: The first midsummer All-Star Game was held at Comiskey Park, Chicago, IL. Babe Ruth led the American League with a home run, as they defeated the National League 4-2. Prior to the summer of 1933, All-Star contests consisted of pre- and postseason exhibitions that often found teams made up of a few stars playing beside journeymen and even minor leaguers.  

    1936--- 114ø F (46ø C), Moorhead, Minnesota (state record)
    1936 ---121ø F (49ø C), Steele, North Dakota (state record)

    1946—“43,” George W. Bush, 43rd president of the US, former govern or Texas, born New Haven, CT.

    1946—Birthday of Sylvester Stallone, actor, director, born New York, NY.

    1947---Top Hits

Peg o' My Heart - The Harmonicats

I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder - Eddy Howard

Chi-Baba, Chi-Baba - Perry Como

It's a Sin - Eddy Arnold

    1947 - Allen Funt debuted with "The Candid Microphone" on ABC Radio. Later, on August 10, 1948, "Candid Camera" became a smash TV hit and made Funt a star. Funt also produced the film "What Do You Say To A Naked Lady?" using his hidden camera concept.

    1949—The Quiz Kids premiered and my good friend Ken Kelly of Goodwill and

the Salvation Army, was one of the winners. This show began on radio and continued on TV with the original host, Joe Kelly, and later with Clifton Fadiman. The format was a panel of five child prodigies who answered questions sent in by viewers. Four were regulars, staying for weeks or months, while the fifth was a "guest child." The ages of the panelists varied from 6 to 16.

    1953- “Name That Tune” was a musical identification show that appeared in different formats in the 50's and the 70's. Red Benson was the host or the NBC series and Bill Cullen (and later George DeWitt) was the CBS host. Two contestants listened while an orchestra played a musical selection, and the first contestant who could identify it raced across the stage to ring a bell. The winner of the round then tried to identify a number of tunes within a specific time period. After 11 years, the show was brought back with Richard Hayes as host. In 1974, new network and syndicated versions appeared.

    1955---Top Hits

Rock Around the Clock - Bill Haley & His Comets

Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White - Perez Prado

Learnin' the Blues - Frank Sinatra

Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young - Faron Young

    1955—Governor William Grant Stratton of Illinois signed into law a state requirement that all automobiles be equipped with frame holes to which seat belts could be fastened,

the first state to mandate this requirement. .  The law also required that no new motor vehicle could be registered unless equipped with seat belt attachments conforming to the specifications of the Society of Automotive Engineers.

    1955- "Baby Let's Play House" becomes Elvis' first single to place on the national charts and hits #10 on the Country & Western charts.

    1957-Althea Gibson of the US became the first black person to win any Wimbledon title when she beat Darlene Hard, also of the US, 6-3, 6-2 to win the women's singles championship.

    1961—The Count Basie and Duke Ellington Band record together for the

first time.

    1971---Top Hits

It's Too Late/I Feel the Earth Move - Carole King

Indian Reservation - Raiders

Treat Her Like a Lady - Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose

When You're Hot, You're Hot - Jerry Reed

    1961- Cecil Francis Poole became the first black US state's attorney when he was sworn in as US attorney for the Northern District of California. He served until his retirement on Feb 3, 1970.

    1963---Top Hits

Sukiyaki - Kyu Sakamoto

Blue on Blue - Bobby Vinton

Easier Said Than Done - The Essex

Act Naturally - Buck Owens

    1970- California became the first state to adopt a “no fault” divorce law.  It allowed divorces in cases of incurable insanity and irreconcilable differences.  The divorce rate of more than 1 million a year was reached in 1975, when 1,036,000 divorces were granted.

    1977-Peak of 10 day heat wave with 100 in Washington, D.C.

    1979---Top Hits

Ring My Bell - Anita Ward

Bad Girls - Donna Summer

Chuck E.'s in Love - Rickie Lee Jones

Amanda - Waylon Jennings

    1981 - The Dupont Company of Wilmington, Delaware announced their intent to purchase Conoco, Inc. (Continental Oil Co.) for seven billion dollars. For that time, the merger was the largest in corporate history. Until a final sum of $7.7 billion closed the deal, the bargaining continued. The result of the merger was the creation of the seventh largest industrial company in the United States.

    1986 --Pocatello, Id sets new record with 35, coldest for July

    1987---Top Hits

I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) - Whitney Houston

Alone - Heart

Shakedown - Bob Seger

That was a Close One - Earl Thomas Conley

    1994---Top Hits

I Swear- All-4-One

Regulate (From "Above The Rim")- Warren G

Any Time, Any Place/And On And On- Janet Jackson

Don t Turn Around- Ace Of Base   

    1998-Korean Se Ri Pak rolled in an 18-foot birdie putt to defeat amateur Jenny Chuasiriporn on the  second hole of sudden death and win the 1998 US Women's Open at Blackwolf Run GC in Kholer, WI.  The two golfers had finished the regulation 72 holes tied at six-over-par and had battled evenly at two-over— through an 18-hole playoff.  Both pared the first extra hole, the first sudden-death hold in the history of the tournament. By winning, Pak became the youngest Open champ in history at 20, and only the second golf on the LPGA tour to win two major championships in her rookie year.  Her earlier victory had come in the McDonald's LPGA Classic.

    2001 --Playing in the 101st different park since 1876, the Cubs beat the Tigers in Comerica Park, 15-8. The Cubs win for the first time in Detroit in 56 years dating back to Game 3 of the 1945 World Series when Claude Passeau's threw a 3-0 shutout in Briggs Stadium.

    2002-- Daryle Ward becomes the first player in the brief history of

Pittsburgh's PNC Park to hit the Allegheny River on the fly. His fifth inning towering grand slam, which is estimated to travel 479 feet, help the Astros to rout the Pirates, 10-2.



Baseball Poem




welcome to the world of black
by A Blind Man

Location: in the dark
Birthdate: 2/28/1978
Gender: Male


baseball poem, please read,



What baseball means to me
By Jonathan N Alpert

NOTE The day after the World Series of 1998 I was feeling down cause sport that I love when into hibernation. So I sat at my computer and wrote.

What is it
is it a game for little boys and girls to play
in the back yards or on the school grounds
is it an activity that teens play at day camp
is it a sport where men compete on fields
is it a job that professional athlete get paid for
striking out a batter or
getting a home run to win a game in front of 34000 screaming fans
what ever it is, I love it
when ever I need a friend
it is there for me all year round
during the fall classic
or the dog days of summer
or the frigged spring training
whether it is the climatic third round of the all star weekend home run derby
or a wiry 18 year old high school player
getting drafted to his home town team
may be you made it in to the hall of fame
on a veteran committee vote
or may be you were chosen by your teammates to pitch the final game of the high school world series
who ever you may be base ball is a historical pass time
president Taft through out the first
presidential opening day pitch
resident Clinton intervened on the strike of 94
president Reagan was a cryptograph interpreter
during the days of the babe
so presidents and presidents to be
promoted the major leagues
base ball with the help of news papers, radio and TV
from The Babe, Young Cobb and Mack
to Ryan Yount and Brett
from the Cubs and Yankees, the Spiders and Bean Eaters
to the Devil Rays and the Diamond Backs
base ball was invented in July of 1839
Abner Doubleday, in Cooperstown New York
base ball is played in California and Tokyo
in Toronto and Mexico City
where ever you may be base ball will be seen
so what is it that people love?
is it a grand slam is the ninth during the World Series
or is it bunting practice during Spring Training in mid March
how about a 500 foot home run by McGwire
a spiking stolen base by Cobb
then what about a hit by Rose
a strike out for a no hitter by Ryan
or a double dip, complete games 2 wins by Cy Young
a 20 year old bobby bonds first hit was a grand slam
what about the Splendid Splinter walking away with a home run to finish a hall of fame career in front of his home town fans
what makes us crazy
the sound of a sweet single to left field
a booming towering upper decker that echoes the universe
the fast ball that travels through the webbing
the outfielder who goes through the center field wall to
rob a home run
a dog coke and peanuts who sits in the bleaches 19 dollars
a 10 time all star 8 time golden glove with 500 home runs
400 stolen bases and 1 world series ring 12 million
getting a autograph from your favorite player
or being at your boy hood idol's induction ceremony
being able to cheer for your home town boys
or being able to jeer the evil enemies that invade your territory every year on opening day ball parks are filled up beyond capacity it's the expectation of the home team making to the promise land every year new people
the new rookie who made it through the harsh competition of the spring training for his spot on the team
the super star who signed a 100 mil contract and was handed the ace of the staff
who do we cheer for more
the immortal million ear
the college graduate who sit at the end of the bench with pride actually it's both
it's the second year manager
it's the 10 year pitching coach
it's the hall of fame hitting coach
some are new
they are a few
some who seen that first scandal
those who still don't understand the reasoning for the strike 94
fathers sons who put there lives on hold
work school home
look, there is another family
father mother two sons and a new baby
a beer, an ice tea, two cokes and baby formula
a sausage, a chicken sandwich, two hot dogs and some snacks
40000 cheer for a major league game
40 cheer for a little league game
what ever it may be
a business favor a birthday gift
by train by bus by feet or by car
the slow train
the extra bus stops
the crowd of people
or the traffic on that main high way
how ever you get there is your choice
when ever you get there it's your choice
just get there
the lawyer with the box seats season tickets
the boys who stand beyond the seats just to get a glimpse
the ones who are at the gate waiting
the ones who take there seats in the third
those who leave after the seventh inning stretch
those who stay during a tie game in the fourteenth
or the few who stay during a blow out rain delay
during the turn of day
who are you
to me it's a place for all to get away from life,
from reality,
from the abusive family,
from the hostile work environment
the ten page research paper for biology class
or the demanding friends
the nice green grass
the more modern astro turf
the green monster, the ivy wall
the palm tree or the water fall
or the corn field and pumpkin patch
what ever it may be for you
it is a peace of base ball
just like the annoying press people in the locker room
or that obsessive fan who tracks your every move
and knows your every stat
from how many home runs you have
to what kind of jelly you like with the peanut butter
may be it is an adoring teen age girl
or a 26 year old career stalker
who is the one that collects the baseball cards
the one with your biography
the one with some memorabilia of you
the one who wears your jersey to your game
do you see him
may be he is 5 or 95
may be there are 4 of them
who share the name the 35 and 65 as well
the one who can tell about the Babe
the one who can tell stories about the Splendid Splinter
the one who saw Yaz
the one who will be able to tell stories about Pedro and Nomar
the 1918 world series
the 1957 world series
the 1975 world series
the 1986 world series
each has a story to share
august 5 6
500 3000 3000 has stories to tell and history place among the elite
Mark did it less than„k Babe
Toni on his mother's birthday
and Wade, with a homerun
Rogers, Cone Martinez and Browning were the 4 last
perfectos of the past
the first in 1888
as baseball heads to it's third century
we hope for the future
with out loosing the past
as my great grand father watched the Babe Cobb and Mack
I watch the big Mac, The Thief and Joe Torre
a blast a steel a win
the game has not changed
unlike the other 3
base ball will be playing as far in to the future
as it has been played in the past
this is a job, a sport an activity,
a game for human of all kinds
Jacky Robinson, Barry Bonds
Hank Greenburg, Sean Green
Luis Tiant, Dennis Martinez Ivan Rodriguez
Jose Canseco Livan Hernandez
Momo Hasegawa and Irabu
little Joey Cora, The Unit, Randy Johnson
what's the dif
14inches but love is the same
how about the game
a single up the middle, take first
a double over the wall, take it twice
a shot in the corner, run, run, run a triple is what you have
take that 42 ounce tree and plant it
hit on the stitch, and you may touch them all
that ain't coming back
now weight, a base runner at second
you take a cut at the air
good, now level it out and push it towards the third bag
sacrifice bunt, or fly
any way's how about a fast ball or a curve,
a slider or a change up
how about the physical fit and muscular body of a base ball player
they must be
they can come back from injury faster than the normal human
they can lift more
run faster
jump higher
stretch further
last longer
but most of all
they can hit a round ball with a round bat, square
if you can do this 3 out of 10 times
you are good
but if you get 30 percent on an exam
you may never have a job
or if you only get 3 balls in the net out of 10
then you may be benched
if you can only complete 3 out of 10 passes
you may be let go
if you can only clear the hurtles 3 of 10, you may be injured
but if you can clear the wall between the 2 poles 1 of 15
you are a hero
but a role model, no
well if you give a little kid an autograph
or you give a bat to a young man in a wheel chair
or you visit a sick man in the hospital
you are a hero and a winner on and off the field
it should not matter where you play or how much money you receive
just play it for the fun
the fans have to know that even though
you can hit the ball over the wall
or you can throw a ball faster than a speeding car
that even you with the perfect body is still human
you have a family
you have bills to pay
kids to play video games with
and a wife to love
the hall should be for every one
of every race ethnicity sex and sexual preference
height and weight
it should not matter if you have done drugs, playing drunk
or even broken the law
it should not matter if you look normal or not,
whether you have 3 fingers on a hand or no hand at all
whether you can hear perfectly
or at time can barely walk
if you can swing a bat or pitch a ball
then some where between the white line
there is a place for you





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