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Small ticket leasing account reps., nationwide. Seeking self starters with proven ability to work individually. Our technology gives you the flexibility to work from any location.  Aggressive compensation structure, travel exp.,health insurance, matching 401. Grow with us.
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Wednesday, July 28,2004




    Classified Ads---Collector/Controller

        Archives, July 28, 2003—$34,950 To Get Into Leasing

            Oh, No, Mr. Bill!!!  Gary Saulter Goes to Court      

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        Repossessors Seized More Trucks in Q2

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    ORIX Excited Andrew A. Beclay VP Sales

        Marlin Record Quarterly Profits; Total Assets Exceed $500M

            Consumer Auto Demand Bullish, Forecasts New US Study

    Venture Capital Hits Two-Year High/$5.6 Billion Invested

        NVCA Full Report Q2 04 Venture Capital Investment

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                "Gimme that Wine"

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Classified Ads---Collector/Controller


Collector: Boston, MA. Challenging position where my skills, professional experience, organization, leadership, strategic thinking, creativity, energy, passion, competitive nature will enable me to define opportunities and personal development.



Collector: Jacksonville, East Brunswick, FL.

13 years experience with collection, recovery, re-marketing and legal on commercial loans and leases. Expertise with distressed portfolios, Six Sigma trained. Willing to relocate.




Collector: Joplin, Mo. Will do car repossessions, willing to go about anywhere. Have three years exp. thanks.



Collector: West Hartford, CT. Credit/ Collections /Rental Management in leasing & construction fields. Looking for stable company that will appreciate my 20+ years of experience.



Controller: Seattle, WA

CPA w/ 15 years management exp. as CFO/ Controller/5 yrs w/ PriceWaterhouse Coopers. Extensive exp providing accounting/ tax guidance for the equipment lease industry. Willing to relocate.



Controller: Southeastern, MI.

Controller & Management experience w/ equip lessors &broker. MBA, CPA w/ extensive accounting, management, securitization experience with public and private companies. Willing to relocate.



  full list of all classified ads at:




from our Archives, July 28, 2003—


Pictures from the Past---1997---Bob Baker, CLP




Wildwood Financial---$34,950 To Get Into Leasing



Recently Leasing News has received many inquiries on becoming a leasing broker, or


starting a leasing company. Viewers to our website realize that they

can contact “Kit Menkin Live” or ask questions.


 There are companies and individuals who provide such services to start a leasing company or become a “lease salesman.” One that we recommend appears to be the most expensive: $34,950 for training.* ( As a side note, we recommend to all to join a leasing association, and if they want to be serious about their new occupation, to become a Certified Leasing Professional.)


There are three professional sales trainers who serve on the Leasing News


Advisory Board. In addition to Bob Baker, CLP, the other two are Phil Dushay, Global Leasing, who is a “super broker,” plus offers a sales program for $14,995** training session, and Bob Teichman, CLP, Teichman Financial Training, who not only conducts workshops, gives training sessions, but acts as a consultant in the formation of leasing companies.. We have several readers who are also engaged in similar services such as Jeffrey Taylor, who is not only a sales trainer, conductor of workshops, USA and international, but is a published author.



One of the reasons we often recommend Bob is that he is active in leasing associations, and for a number of years, has been the “winner” of many leasing association membership contests as he has students join leasing associations.




### Press Release###############################


In 1995, after being in the finance and leasing industry for over 30 years, he formed the Wildwood Financial Group, Ltd. The concept of Wildwood was created by accident. Bob was a frequent speaker conducting seminars and workshops at various leasing association conferences. After a Bob’s sessions at these workshops, several companies approached him to do in-house training. It quickly became apparent that a decision needed to be made to run his leasing company or concentrate on training, so he made the decision to form Wildwood and concentrate 100% of his efforts in the training industry. Bob has done training for the majority of the major leasing companies in the country, as well as conducted training for hundreds of leasing professionals through his continuing workshops and seminars at conferences. Bob was the 33rd person to receive the prestigious CLP (Certified Lease Professional) certification and shortly after, he began Wildwood, and he expanded training to include preparation for the CLP examination.




Bob had a very close relationship with Bill Granieri, who was considered by many, to be the foremost trainer in the leasing industry. Bob sought Bills advice in the expansion of his business.


Bob then made the decision to create a “Business Opportunity” for individuals who wished to enter the equipment leasing industry. He began monthly training in the form of a three-day school in St. Louis where Wildwood is based. The Wildwood business opportunity consists of three days of intensive training, which includes the cost of the hotel rooms and meals, etc. as well as all of the essential tools i.e. books, calculators, software, training manuals etc. Another key to Wildwoods success is that graduates of his program were able to have immediate access to several of the primary funding sources that agreed to waive their time in business requirements. This allowed them to avoid the normal issue of super brokers that a new person entering the leasing industry would encounter. The last component, which Bob considers the most important, is the support that he and his staff supply to his graduates. For 6 months, the support is very pro-active, and Bob or a member of his staff contacts each graduate at least once a week. Support after the 6 months continues at no additional charge whenever a graduate needs guidance or assistance. Wildwood also conducts training for banks, and insurance companies, as well as giving “expert” testimony in litigation related to equipment leasing.


Even though Bob will not disclose the exact number of individuals he has trained, he did state that several hundred have completed the Wildwood training. Bob, without question, has brought more new members to the leasing associations than any other individual or company in the industry. Wildwood wins their membership contest virtually every year.


During his career, Bob Baker has served as a Regional Chair several times for UAEL, has served four years on the Board of Directors for United Association of Equipment Leasing, and is currently serving on the 2002 Board. Bob was also Director of Education for the National Association of Equipment Leaisng Brokers for several years. He has produced a full series of training tapes and a workbook for NAELB, and has served on the Advisory Boards for Colonial Pacific Leasing, Business Credit Leasing (BCL), Denrich Leasing, and The Manifest Group. Bob shared with me, that out of all the awards he has received, the one that he considers the most precious, was being the first recipient awarded the “Bill Granieri Top Gun Memorial Award” in 1998, which was established by the NAELB shortly after Bills death from cancer.


Many of the individuals that Bob has trained at Wildwood have formed extremely successful leasing companies, some have volunteered to be Regional Chairs for the Leasing Associations, and several have earned their CLP certification. Many consider the Wildwood Financial Group, Ltd., to be considered the premier lease training company in the United States today.


If you are interested in learning more about Wildwood, you can visit their website at, or you can certainly call Bob at Wildwood Financial Group, Ltd. in St. Louis, Missouri at (800)-373-3581 or contact him at




### Press Release #############################






Oh, No, Mr. Bill!!!  Gary Saulter Goes to Court      



Chase Industries “leasing exec.”  Gary Saulter sent out this press release on March 3, 2004:


### Press Release ##############################


Ohio Lawyer Clogging Court System With Frivolous Lawsuits Using “Do Not Call” Act


(Cuyahoga County, OH)-  Joseph Compoli, Jr., L.P.A., of Cuyahoga County, Ohio has filed complaints against multiple businesses using the do not fax portion of the TCPA Act of 1991- also known as the “Do Not Call” Act.  The act sets a $500 fine for each unsolicited fax and allows for tripling of the fine for “willful violation”.  This portion of the act was intended to protect consumers from “Blast Fax” marketing companies that use “War Dialers” to send millions of faxes per day…as many as 800 to a single fax number, thus wasting resources.


Some lawyers have used this legislation to file suit against businesses who have sent as few as 1 or 2 faxes.  In some cases, this even includes faxes sent to another individual and mistakenly received by the fax machine named in the suit.  One contact at the F.C.C., the government entity which oversees and enforces the T.C.P.A., said that though they had heard of Attorneys “ambulance chasing” by searching for unsolicited faxes, the act was intended to protect consumers from real damage in the form of lost time and resources.  And also that a simple telephone call, rather than a court case, is often the place to start.


Mr. Compoli Jr. sends small businesses a very threatening letter which quotes select portions of the T.C.P.A. and cites huge fines (in the Millions of Dollars) levied by the F.C.C. against Mega-Corporate violators.  He then offers to settle for the maximum damage amount allowed.  His next step is sending 30 or so pages of intimidating questions to be answered for the class action suit he is filing against the business.  A small business is forced to settle or hire a lawyer to defend itself.  In one recent case, Mr. Compoli sought $70,000 in attorneys’ fees, a request that the court did not find him entitled to.


Mr. Gary Saulter, President of Chase Industries, Inc., one of the small businesses being taken to court by Mr. Compoli, said “I am amazed that this kind of thing is allowed to happen in our justice system.  We make every attempt to conform to the law in all aspects of our business, and face the possibility of severe financial penalties for unintentionally causing miniscule damage—about $0.03 in resources.  I’m sure the people of

Cuyahoga County want their courts to have time to concentrate on important problems….not to have them used to line lawyer’s pockets”.


Chase Industries is a leasing company headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, which specializes in medical equipment leasing. 


                Chase Industries

                109 Ottawa Ave

                Grand Rapids, MI  49503

                Phone:  616-459-6800

                Gary Saulter, President


### Press Release ##############################


    June 21, 2004



“Well, I finally had my day in court on Monday, June 21, the longest day of the year.  This is along story and it goes much faster and much better in person but I wanted to get it out while I still remember it.  It was truly an experience I will never forget. 


My case was based on Chase Industries faxing some marketing materials to doctors in Ohio in the fall of 2002.   We market to doctors.  Sometimes we call, sometimes we fax.  But their was a new law that said you had to have a relationship with a company before you fax them marketing materials.  He were obviously not aware of this new law.  The plaintiffs attorney, we’ll call him "Mr. X" finds these doctors and other business to save all their junk faxes and he stops by on occasion and scoops up any fax that looks like a solicitation.  Then he sends out mass letters that cite the TCP law, million dollar class action suits, huge penalties and fines and offers to 'settle' for $1500 per fax (the maximum allowed by law) - all in the same letter.  He had us for 5 faxes with 3 doctors. This would represent $7500 if he won everything, the maximum penalty the law could enforce.  I was not going to give in to what I considered legal extortion of a bad law.  This law was written for the blast faxes that advertise travel trips, stocks, etc.


“Got up very early and drove to sunny Cleveland and met with my attorney at 9 am to start the trial. This guy is a real boy scout.  Clean cut - good looking, in his late 30's and very polished - not that greased back lawyer look.  A very nice guy and well prepared for the trial.

Naturally the first thing they do is to determine whether we can settle.  "Mr. X" was there and pretty mad that he hadn’t gotten his money before this. This morning he was willing to settle for $2,000.  My number was $250.  We went back and forth and I ended up at $750, he was at $1,000 and at a deadlock. At this point, I was mad it had come this far and wanted my 'day in court', so that's what we did.  Start the Trial.


“We were soon picking out a jury!!!  All very interesting.  It became apparent very soon that Mr. X had NEVER tried a case!!!  He was appalling!  To go into detail it would take pages but here are a few of his antics. First he resembled Colombo, rumpled suit with odd things bulging in his pockets, visibly sweating and nervously shifting and tapping his feet. Picking the jury requires talking to each juror individually.  He just asked them to raise their hands if they didn't like soliciting phone calls, etc.   My attorney was flawless, speaking to every juror by name and asking each one a series of questions.  Eventually we had a jury.


“Instead of an opening statement, Mr. X started TRYING THE CASE to the jury!  Showing big 3 foot posters of my fax, and explaining what we did and how many faxes the doctor receives...............blah, blah, blah……  

The judge had to intervene and tell him this was going to be 'later in the trial' and this was the part where the states what the evidence will show.........Everyone was now very interested in this guy. Just after opening statements finished.....his phone rang in open court!!  The judge was not happy.  Then he brings me up to the witness stand and shows me these 3 foot blow ups of my faxes and asks whether they are mine.  I answered yes twice.  That my rep had called this doctor in the summer of 2002 and obviously got her fax numbers.  My lawyer objected to a few things and that was it. Mr X looked pretty angry and I was done. 


“The doctor & plaintiff was a Philippine doctor that barely spoke English and has been practicing in the states since 1974.  All she really knew was Mr. X stops by and picks up the faxes that she’s collected.  They have a 5 year relationship where he 'helps' her clients sue other doctors and insurance companies.  She has received over 1500 faxes in the past 3 years and never called one to request it be stopped.  It looks like she also put her name in a national database with her fax number (she has two fax machines) but she does not even an own an EKG in her office.  Naturally to receive more faxes, to sue more people, to 'settle' on more money.  The jury was starting to see the big picture.


“Every time my attorney asked the doctor a question, Mr. X would stand up and object!  And every time the judge would say overruled - sometime before he finished his objection.  And conversely when my attorney objected he ruled sustained.   The doctor is up on the stand and very confused at best.  You could barely understand her and she rarely answered a question but went on and on how her patients were suffering greatly because she didn’t have any paper in the fax – it had all run out.  Quite distressing indeed. 


Then the doctor's phone rang while she was on the stand and started playing a long melody!  Mr. X couldn't turn it off so he had to bring it up to her on the stand to turn it off, which she couldn’t so we all had to wait till it played out!  Now it’s getting downright comical!  I’m thinking of a Lucy episode.


“Later when Mr. X would get agitated he would forget to voice an objection, but would stand up and walk up to the bench where the judge would look at him incredulously saying 'what ARE you doing?’


“When the judge asked him where his other plaintiff was (the other doctor) he responded that 'he was a doctor and doing very important doctor things'.  The judge didn't buy it and asked him to Call his witness!  And then, and I'm not making this up, he started calling his doctor on his cell phone in open court!!  Everybody lost it at this point.  Open laughter from the jury, the gallery, and the even court stenographer.  I could hear from the jury “He’s calling him on his PHONE”!!


By this time the jury and gallery are openingly laughing at him and the judge is beside himself.  He had brought both attorneys to side bar about 6 times throughout the trial and was now rolling his eyes and saying, "I have never seen anything like this"


“All I could think of is having a hidden camera. I could have sold the tape to every law school in the land!!


“The doctor is still on the stand and the judge again intervened to tell Mr. X that this was HIS witness and he didn’t have to lead the witness.  HELLO??   Then, while he is addressing the court and his doctor witness on the stand he actually walked out of the court room to talk to someone in the hall!!   The judge now has to yell across the courtroom  "WHERE ARE YOU GOING” and then within everyone's hearing "This is UNBELIEVABLE”


“The judge realized that the best thing was to end this as soon as possible so we dragged on till 1:00 and he had to call for lunch.  We went to lunch and went over some notes and strategy.  You never know how to read juries because the instructions that the judge gives them can change this very quickly, so despite the ‘show’ we were still cautious.


“When we returned from lunch their was Mr. X but no doctor.  We asked and he said he sent her home.  He didn’t think we needed her anymore!!  HE WHAT??  The jury came in and when the judge found this out he lost it! He sent the jury back to their room and asked where she was and why did she leave.  Then Mr. X began telling the court that she had a ‘medical emergency’, yeah, big emergency and she had to go back to her office.  Nobody, and I mean nobody believed him.  Least of all the judge.  He was not a happy camper.  This was a doctor that didn’t have any equipment in her office.  Maybe she was going to save someone with her stethoscope!  She was now 45 minutes away from the courthouse.


“Again, Mr. X picks up his trusty cell phone and calls her to come back.  At this point, my attorney who by the way is Michael Polito of Polito and Russo of Cleveland told the judge that we did want to ask her a few key questions but were going to rest afterwards.  He suggested we go outside to discuss whether we wanted her back.  We did and again you never know what a jury will see, so we asked her back.  In the mean time, the judge brought both attorneys to his chambers.  Michael came out in a few minutes and said they wanted to settle for the $750.   I politely told him that that was good this morning but the amount now is $500.  He did look at me like I had three heads, but hey, I’ve been paying for an attorney all day!  He went back in and got the $500 with them paying all court costs for ALL cases and the libel suit Mr. X was threatening to start.  He screamed like a stuck pig about the court costs which might be $700-$800 so I said I would pay $100 of it. 


“That was it.  All 3 cases and the potential libel suit dismissed with prejudice.   My first trial and I’m guessing the best one I will ever have the pleasure of being a defendant in.”





Gary Saulter

Chase Industries, Inc.


Fax: 616-459-6822




Your One stop solution for training and reference material for the Leasing Professional



*******announcement ************************************


Lessors Network To Provide Free Attendee Registration
To Unemployed Industry Professionals



ATLANTA, GA -  - At a time of unprecedented consolidation of bank, independent and captive equipment lessors, many industry professionals unfortunately find themselves unemployed. The Lessors Network challenges all equipment leasing event sponsors to help, setting aside a small number of free attendee registrations for unemployed leasing professionals.


John O. Semon, Lessors Network CEO, explains, "Since we began hosting equipment leasing events six years ago, we have provided unadvertised complimentary attendee registration to our unemployed colleagues. With so many of our friends now looking for employment, it seems timely for all event sponsors to take a more aggressive stance."


The Lessors Network has therefore added a limited number of (complimentary) Attendee Registrations to the upcoming National Lease Funding Source Showcase, for confirmed unemployed leasing professionals, available on a first come basis. Click Here For Details




The Lessors Network is a sales & marketing network facilitating new business development opportunities within the corporate and municipal equipment leasing markets. Networking showcases are traditionally held from the Ritz-Carlton in Atlanta each spring and fall. Website programs and services provide free access to news, events and important resources facilitating funding/syndication, technology and outsourcing services exclusive to the equipment leasing & finance markets.


Additional information can be viewed at




John O. Semon



****announcement ***********************************


### Press Release #################################


Repossessors Seized More Trucks in Q2




ROSLYN HEIGHTS, NY., —Nassau Asset Management’s NasTrac Quarterly Index (NQI) has identified a dramatic increase in truck repossessions since first quarter.

Ed Castagna, senior executive vice president of Nassau, said the figures reflect recent turbulence within the industry despite an overall drop in truck repossessions over the past two years. When viewed on an annual basis only, for example, there were actually 47 percent fewer trucks repossessed in the second quarter (Q2) of 2004 than in Q2 2003. However, when comparing Q2 2004 to the first quarter of this year, truck repossessions climbed 33 percent.


“Perhaps the economy is not as robust as we are being told,” Castagna says. “We are being asked to repossess more trucks than we were earlier this year due to a number of factors, including rising fuel prices and insurance costs.”

New Alerts Will Highlight Emerging Trends

Castagna says his company’s NQI also is detecting changes in the volume of repossessions involving other equipment.  As a result, Nassau plans to supplement its quarterly index with faster reports called Emerging Trends Alerts. Charts and press releases summarizing both types of reports are available free of charge to the public at

“Finance companies and industry analysts can also contract with Nassau to dig deeper into the numbers, determining the root causes for trends and researching specific equipment types,” Castagna adds. “Companies can use their private reports created by Nassau to help mitigate risk in portfolios and/or provide useful economic indicators to their own clients.”

Nassau has tracked equipment trends for several decades as a function of its nationwide remarketing operation, which recaptures and resells all types of assets. Recognizing the value its data holds for the equipment leasing and finance industry and economic analysts, the company in 2003 launched NQI, which reports on equipment types generating the greatest volume of repossessions.

Top Repossessions in Q2 2004 vs. Q2 2003

The current NQI reports on trucks/trailers, printing presses, information technology, medical devices and construction equipment.  These were the top five repossessed capital assets in Q2 2004, according to Nassau’s internal records on liquidations.


Castagna says the Q2 data, when compared with the same quarter a year ago, shows there was a 47 percent decrease in repossessions of trucks, 46 percent drop in repossessions of medical devices and 30 percent slide in repossessions of construction equipment. At the same time, repossessions of printing presses jumped by 117 percent and those of information technology rose by 22 percent.  Castagna says Nassau plans to monitor both of these sectors closely to determine whether there are economic reasons for the increase, or whether they simply reflect Nassau’s expanding base of clients that finance these types of equipment.

Machine tools did not make NQI’s Top 5 as they did in Q1, another indicator that this sector is brightening. The American Machine Tool Distributors' Association recently reported that year-to-date U.S. machine tool consumption through May 2004 was $1,041.4 million, up 46.1% compared to 2003. 

Readers should keep in mind that the assets NQI covers may change from quarter to quarter since Nassau plans to feature only the largest asset groups in its multimillion dollar portfolio. Additionally, results must be viewed over several quarters to establish long-term trends since all industries experience cyclical changes.

About Nassau

Nassau Asset Management of Roslyn Heights, NY, has been providing full-service asset management, including asset recovery, collections, remarketing, full plant liquidations, and appraisals for more than 25 years to the equipment leasing and finance industry. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-4.NASSAU.









### Press Release ##########################



ORIX Announces The Addition of Andrew A. Beclay As Vice President of Sales For General Equipment Segment


Atlanta --Equipment Finance Group (EFG) at ORIX Financial Services, Inc. starts their 2005 fiscal year out on the right foot by hiring Andrew Beclay as Vice President - Sales Representative for their General Equipment Segment (GES). Andrew joins ORIX after nine successful years with General Electric Capital Corporation. Prior to GE, Andrew was with Society Equipment Leasing Company.


Under the leadership of Jay Cannon, Senior Vice President and National Sales Manager, Andrew’s skills will contribute to the development and expansion of GES in the Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virginia territory. The GES is a premier provider of lease and loan products to middle market companies in the U.S. general manufacturing and production industries that have revenues up to $200 million. From food processing to packaging, from printing to manufacturing, Andrew has joined GES’s "A team" of professionals, able to serve the exacting tax, financial accounting and cash flow needs of our customers.


EFG Group President Bill Fite states, “Andy brings a wealth of balanced talent and proven experience to our GES sales team and we are honored to have him join our ranks”.   “His years of business, calling directly into our core GES markets will serve him well in becoming a material contributor to our team”, adds Fite.


Andrew has his MBA in Finance from the University of Cincinnati. He received his BS in Economics and Finance from Miami University.


About OFS


ORIX Financial Services is an indirect wholly owned operating subsidiary of ORIX Corporation, a leading diversified financial services organization with assets in excess of $49 billion. ORIX Corporation is based in Tokyo, Japan with operations in 23 global markets. ORIX is a publicly traded company listed on the Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and New York Stock Exchanges (Ticker: IX).




Kim Marie Gray

ORIX Financial Services, Inc.

Phone Number: 770-970-6161

Fax Number: 770-970-6661




### Press Release ###########################





Marlin Business Services Corp. Reports Record Quarterly Profits; Total Assets Exceed $500 Million



MOUNT LAUREL, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--07/27/2004--Marlin Business Services Corp. (NASDAQ:MRLN) today reported net income of $3.5 million, or $0.30 per diluted share, for the quarter ended June 30, 2004 compared with a net loss attributable to common shareholders of $(36,000) or $(0.02) per diluted share in the same quarter of 2003. For the six months ended June 30, 2004 net income was $6.7 million, or $0.58 per diluted share compared with a net loss attributable to common shareholders of $(235,000) or $(0.14) per diluted share for the six months ended June 30, 2003. Total assets were $502 million at June 30, 2004.


   "We continue to experience strong operating performance across all aspects of our business," said Dan Dyer, Chairman and CEO of the company. "We delivered solid revenue and earnings results on record new lease origination volume for the quarter. With the closing of our 2004 securitization transaction on July 22, we gained access to 'AAA' funding and our borrowing efficiency improved significantly. This transaction is a testament to our strong balance sheet and solid asset quality results."


   Marlin completed its initial public offering of common stock (IPO) on November 12, 2003. Certain non-recurring expenses and preferred dividends were recorded in 2003 and in prior periods which reduced net income attributable to common shareholders. A reconciliation between net income attributable to common shareholders on a GAAP basis and pro forma net income for 2003 is provided in a table immediately following the 2003 Supplemental Quarterly Data included with this release. These charges ended in conjunction with the November IPO and associated corporate reorganization and therefore will not affect future reporting periods beginning in 2004. As a result, we believe the pro forma numbers for 2003 present a clearer and more comparable basis to review the company's fundamental financial performance. On a pro forma basis, net income for the three and six-month periods ended June 30, 2003 was $2.3 million and $4.3 million, respectively. 


   Highlights for the quarter ended June 30, 2004 include: 


   --  For the quarter ended June 30, 2004, net income was $3.5
million, a 52% increase over the pro forma net income of $2.3
         million for the quarter ended June 30, 2003. 


   --  Diluted earnings per share were $0.30 per diluted share in the second quarter of 2004, compared to $0.29 per diluted share  for pro forma earnings in the quarter ended June 30, 2003.  Growth in EPS was achieved despite significant growth in  outstanding shares following our November 2003 IPO. 


   --  Annualized Returns on average equity and assets were 17.43%  and 2.89%, respectively, for the second quarter ended June 30,   2004. For the first six months of 2004, annualized returns on average equity and assets were 16.87% and 2.75%, respectively. 


   Asset Origination 


   --  Based on initial equipment cost, lease production was $70.5
million in the second quarter of 2004 compared with $66.1
         million in the first quarter of 2004 and $59.3 million in the
second quarter of 2003. Net investment in leases grew to
$462.0 million at June 30, 2004, an increase of 23.8% from
$372.9 million at June 30, 2003. 


   --  Our end user customer base grew to more than 72,000 at June 30, 2004 compared with 66,000 as of year-end 2003. 


   Credit Quality 


   --  Net charge-offs totaled $2.1 million for both the first and
second quarters of 2004. The provision for credit losses was
         $2.4 million for the second quarter of 2004 and $2.3 million
         for the first quarter of 2004. 


   --  On an annualized basis, net charge-offs were 1.93% of average net investment in leases during the second quarter of 2004  compared to 1.98% for the first quarter of 2004. 


   --  As of June 30, 2004, 0.66% of our total lease portfolio was 60  or more days delinquent, unchanged from 0.66% as of March 31, 2004. 


   --  Allowance for credit losses was $5.6 million as of June 30,
         2004, an approximate $308,000 increase over the prior quarter.  Allowance for credit losses as a percentage of average net  nvestment in leases was 1.23% at June 30, 2004 and 1.22% at March 31, 2004. 


   --  In conjunction with this release, static pool loss statistics
have been updated as supplemental information on the investor relations section of our website at Our last three years of production have been trending favorablyyear over year and are tracking below our expected loss curve. 


   Net Interest and Fee Margin and Cost of Funds 


   --  Based on average net investment in leases, the net interest and fee margin was a record 12.59% for the quarter ended June 0, 2004, an improvement of 72 basis points compared to 11.87%  for the first quarter ended March 31, 2004. The increase is attributed primarily to stronger fee income and lower borrowing costs. 


   --  The weighted average implicit yield on new business was 14.07% for the quarter ended June 30, 2004 compared to 13.75% for the first quarter ended March 31, 2004. 


   --  Fee income as a percentage of average net investment in leases was 3.57% for the quarter ended June 30, 2004 compared to 3.32% for the quarter ended March 31, 2004. All of the major fee categories trended higher in the quarter consistent with the growth in the lease portfolio. 


   --  The average cost of funds as a percentage of average net
investment in leases was 3.28% for the quarter ended June 30,
         2004. This was a 46 basis point reduction from the 3.74% for
the quarter ended March 31, 2004. The average cost of funds
blended lower in the quarter principally due to increased
         utilization of warehouse credit facilities as a percentage of
         total borrowings. 


   --  Interest expense as a percentage of weighted average
borrowings was 3.63% for the second quarter ended June 30,
         2004 compared to 3.98% for the first quarter of 2004. The 
average balance for our warehouse facilities was $144.6
         million for the quarter ended June 30, 2004 compared to $93.3
         million for the first quarter ended March 31, 2004. The
average coupon cost for our warehouse facilities was 2.13% for the quarter ended June 30, 2004 compared to 2.09% for the first quarter ended March 31, 2004. 


   Operating Expenses 


   --  Salaries and benefits expense was $3.4 million in the second  quarter of 2004 compared to $3.2 million in the first quarter of 2004. Employee headcount increased by 16 to 264 at June 30,  2004 from 248 at March 31, 2004. The number of sales reps  increased to 98 at June 30, 2004 from 90 at March 31, 2004.
    Salaries and benefits expense was 3.1% as an annualized   percentage of average net investment in leases for both theirst and second quarter of 2004. 


   --  Other general and administrative expenses were $2.7 million for the second quarter of 2004, an increase of $400,000 from $2.3 million for the first quarter of 2004. Other general and administrative expenses as an annualized percentage of average  net investment in leases were 2.48% for the second quarter of  2004, an increase of 30 basis points from 2.18% in the first  quarter of 2004. The principal increases in general and administrative expenses related to increased franchise tax accruals of $141,000, increased marketing related investments         of $107,000 and increased audit expense accruals of $54,000 related principally to Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. 


   Insurance and other Income 


   --  Insurance and other income was $1.0 million for the second quarter of 2004 compared to $1.1 million for the first quarter of 2004. 


   Funding and Liquidity 


   --  On July 22, 2004, we completed our sixth term asset-backed securitization transaction; the first rated P-1/A-1+, Aaa/AAA, A2/A-, Baa2/BBB by Moody's and Standard & Poors. Proceeds from the transaction will be used to repay the company's warehouse credit facilities. 


   --  We have a total of $265 million in warehouse capacity from our bank group and two commercial paper conduits. 


   --  We have elected to exercise our call option to payoff our 2001 term securitization transaction on August 16, 2004. At that  me the note balance will approximate $16 million at a weighted average coupon of approximately 6.0%. 


   --  We raised $289,000 in additional capital from the sale of 21,688 common shares through the Employee Stock Purchase Plan. 


   --  Our debt to equity ratio was 4.66:1 at June 30, 2004 compared o 4.76:1 at March 31, 2004. 


   Conference Call and Webcast 


   We will host a conference call today (Wednesday)  at 9:00 a.m. EDT to discuss our second quarter 2004 results. If you wish to participate, please call (877) 407-8031 (International participants please use (201)-689-8031) approximately 10 minutes in advance of the call time. The meeting number is 110678. The call will also be webcast on the Investor Relations page of the Marlin Business Services Corp. website, An audio replay will also be available on the Investor Relations section of Marlin's website for approximately 90 days. 


   About Marlin Business Services Corp. 


   Marlin Business Services Corp. is a nationwide provider of equipment leasing solutions primarily to small businesses. The company's principal operating subsidiary, Marlin Leasing Corporation, finances over 60 equipment categories in a segment of the market generally referred to as "small-ticket" leasing (i.e. leasing transactions less than $250,000). The company was founded in 1997 and completed its initial public offering of common stock on November 12, 2003. In addition to Mount Laurel, NJ, Marlin has regional offices in or near Atlanta, Chicago, Denver and Philadelphia. For more information, visit or call toll free at (888) 479-9111. 



CONTACT:Marlin Business Services Corp. Bruce Sickel, 888-479-9111 X4108


### Press Release ###########################


Consumer Auto Demand Bullish, Forecasts New US Study



ORADELL, N.J.,  -- High gas prices haven't satiated Americans' love of driving, said TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence today, with one out of five saying that they will likely purchase or lease a vehicle within the next 6 months, according to the inaugural wave of its Consumer Auto Demand Tracker(SM) series of reports.


Ford, American mainstay and industry powerhouse, leads the way among brands, followed by Chevrolet. Asia's auto-juggernauts Toyota and Honda are next, while Dodge rounds out the list of Top Five Most Preferred Brands in America.


The study found that younger Americans aged 18-24 exert significant pull on the fortunes of the auto industry, and a whopping 37% of consumers in this age bracket plan to purchase either a new or pre-owned vehicle within the next 6 months.


"Younger buyers are a key demographic to watch," said Susheel Philip, auto analyst at TechnoMetrica. "Most auto makers today realize the long term potential benefit that this demographic holds and are altering their product offerings to get a foot in the door of this lucrative market."


Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles Make a Dent 


The study found that certified pre-owned vehicles have gained popularity among likely auto-buyers, taking sales away from both new and used vehicles, with 22% of them considering buying such a vehicle.


These vehicles are typically off-lease and/or reconditioned, meet manufacturers' standards for certification and carry warranties.


"CPOs offer consumers the best of both worlds. They get to leave the dealership with a less expensive vehicle, and drive home with more piece of mind than they would have with a run-of-the-mill used car," said Philip.


The Study 


TechnoMetrica's Consumer Auto Demand Tracker(SM), with a sample size of over 2,000 American households, provides market information to auto manufacturers and market watchers who want to identify trends in US consumer demand. Conducted monthly, the study tracks consumer demand, changes in brand preferences and body styles, as well as purchase plans vis a vis the buying or leasing of new and pre-owned vehicles.


TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence 


TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence is a leading provider of timely intelligence for national and international clientele. Among the company's main areas of focus are the high-tech and auto industries, as well as the small business segments of the economy. TechnoMetrica is the research partner of Investor's Business Daily and The Christian Science Monitor.


### Press Release ########################### 


Venture Capital Hits Two-Year High in Q2 2004 With $5.6 Billion Invested



- Early Stage and First-Time Financings Begin to Rise -


WASHINGTON, July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- The steady upward trend in venture capital continued in the second quarter of the year with investments of $5.6 billion going into 761 companies according to the MoneyTree Survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers, Thomson Venture Economics and the National Venture Capital Association.  This figure compares to $5.0 billion invested in the first quarter of 2004 and $5.4 billion in the fourth quarter of 2003. Over the past two years, quarterly investing has drifted upward at a deliberate pace, ranging from $4.3 billion to this quarter's high of $5.6 billion.


Tracy Lefteroff, global managing partner of the venture capital practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers, said:  "We see 'refined optimism' in the market. Investment levels are realistic, not exuberant. There is a more balanced mix of investing between earlier and later stage companies. And, the IPO window is open, though temperate. The pieces are in place for solid years ahead."


Mark Heesen, president of the National Venture Capital Association, observed: "Venture capitalists are responding to the recent spate of positive indicators in a very measured and calculated manner. And, their continued discipline is critical to the performance of the asset class going forward. After months of anecdotal evidence that VCs are investing in more early stage and first-time deals, it is encouraging to see the statistics indicating that we are moving back to our roots: funding exciting, cutting edge companies early on and over the long term."


Stage of Development and 12-Month Average Valuations 


A total of 229 companies in the Early stage of development were funded in Q2 2004, the highest number since Q2 2002. Proportionately, they accounted 30% of all companies, the highest percentage since Q1 2001. And, Early stage companies captured $1.17 billion or 21% of all venture capital in the period, well above recent quarters. Average funding per company of $5.1 million exceeded the $4.6 million average over the prior four quarters. Further, the average valuation of Early stage companies inched upward after three years of decline. The average post-money valuation for the 12 months ending Q1 2004 was $13.1 million, compared to $12.6 million for the period ending Q4 2003. (Note that valuation data lags investment data by one quarter.) 


Expansion stage companies, which typically account for the largest total dollars and number of deals increased slightly, as well. Expansion stage funding was $2.8 billion in Q2 2004 or 50% of all investing, compared to $2.6 billion and 51% in Q1 2004. Average funding per company at $8.1 million exceeded the $7.5 million average over the prior four quarters. Valuations rose more significantly. The average post-money valuation for the 12 months ending Q1 2004 was $50.3 million, compared to $41.9 million for the period ending Q4 2003.


Later stage funding was flat. Investments in Q2 2004 were $1.6 billion or 28% of all investing versus $1.6 billion and 31% of all investing last quarter. Average funding per company was $11.3 million, up from the $9.6 million average of the last four quarters. Valuations also increased. The average post-money valuation for the 12 months ending Q1 2004 was $71.8 million, compared to $61.3 million for the period ending Q4 2003.


According to Jesse Reyes, vice president at Thomson Venture Economics, "The increase in early stage fundings is a promising sign that older companies already in portfolios are now healthier and may be self-sustaining. And, new investment can be focused on emerging companies and technologies. Increased valuations across the board are probably linked to better equity markets in the first half of the year, and robust companies in the investment pipeline."


First-Time Financings 


After languishing at historically low levels, companies receiving their first round of venture capital rebounded in Q2 2004 to their highest level in two years. A total of $1.2 billion or 21% of all venture capital went to these companies, compared to $981 million and 19% of fundings in Q1 2004. In terms of number of companies, 208 first-timers accounted for 27% of all companies receiving financings in the second quarter, up from 172 and 25% of all companies in the previous quarter. Average funding per company was essentially flat at $5.6 million reflecting continued emphasis on capital efficiency.


First-time fundings in the Life Sciences sector jumped significantly in dollars invested with $232 million this quarter compared $142 million in Q1 2004. But, the number of new Life Sciences companies was flat at 39. The number of Software companies increased from 42 in the first quarter to 51 in Q2 2004. At the same time, the dollar amount of funding fell from $290 million to $250 million in Q2 2004.


No other industries demonstrated a marked change from recent trends with the exception of an unusually large first-sequence deal in the Media & Entertainment industry and drop in the Semiconductor industry attributable to relatively smaller first round dollar amounts.


Sector And Industry Analysis 


The Life Sciences sector (Biotechnology and Medical Devices, together) continued to dominate other industries as it has for the past eight consecutive quarters. Investments in the sector totaled $1.41 billion or 25% of all venture capital. Proportionately, Life Sciences investing remained near historical highs.


Compared to the prior quarter, Biotechnology decreased slightly to $923 million or 17% of all investing. Medical Devices jumped 40% to $485 million or 9% of all dollars. A total of 85 Biotechnology and 70 Medical Device companies were funded during Q2 2004.


The Software Industry held on to the top slot in the second quarter of 2004 as the single largest industry category.  Software companies garnered $1.2 billion going into 212 companies; both figures were comfortably above the prior quarter.  The decline abated in the Networking industry with 44 companies getting $459 million in mostly follow-on rounds. The Telecommunications industry did not fair as well with a decline from Q1 2004 to $518 million going to 59 companies in Q2 2004, again mostly in follow-on rounds.


Increased levels of investing were scattered across a variety of other industry segments, accounting for the overall rise in total investing. The Media & Entertainment industry more than doubled to $346 million on the strength of two very large deals. Semiconductors increased 17% to $437 million. Other changes from the prior quarter were less dramatic.



About the PricewaterhouseCoopers/Thomson Venture Economics/National 


Venture Capital Association Money Tree Survey 


The MoneyTree(TM) Survey measures cash-for-equity investments by the professional venture capital community in private emerging companies in the U.S.  The survey includes the investment activity of professional venture capital firms with or without a US office, SBICs, venture arms of corporations, institutions, investment banks and similar entities whose primary activity is financial investing. Where there are other participants such as angels, corporations, and governments in a qualified and verified financing round the entire amount of the round is included. Qualifying transactions include cash investments by these entities either directly or by participation in various forms of private placement. All recipient companies are private, and may have been newly-created or spun-out of existing companies.


The survey excludes debt, buyouts, recapitalizations, secondary purchases, IPOs, investments in public companies such as PIPES (private investments in public entities), investments for which the proceeds are primarily intended for acquisition such as roll-ups, change of ownership, and other forms of private equity that do not involve cash such as services-in-kind and venture leasing.


Investee companies must be domiciled in one of the 50 US states or DC even if substantial portions of their activities are outside the United States.


Data is primarily obtained from a quarterly survey of venture capital practitioners. Information is augmented by other research techniques including other public and private sources. All data is subject to verification with the venture capital firms and/or the investee companies.  Only professional independent venture capital firms, institutional venture capital groups, and recognized corporate venture capital groups are included in venture capital industry rankings.


MoneyTree Survey results are available online at,, and


The National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) represents approximately 450 venture capital and private equity firms. NVCA's mission is to foster greater understanding of the importance of venture capital to the U.S. economy, and support entrepreneurial activity and innovation.  The NVCA represents the public policy interests of the venture capital community, strives to maintain high professional standards, provide reliable industry data, sponsor professional development, and facilitate interaction among its members. For more information about the NVCA, please visit


The PricewaterhouseCoopers Private Equity & Venture Capital Practice is part of the Global Technology Industry Group, The group is comprised of industry professionals who deliver a broad spectrum of services to meet the needs of fast-growth technology start-ups and agile, global giants in key industry segments: Networking & Computers, Software & Internet, Semiconductors, Life Sciences and Private Equity & Venture Capital. PricewaterhouseCoopers is a recognized leader in each industry segment with services for technology clients in all stages of growth.


PricewaterhouseCoopers ( provides industry-focused assurance, tax and advisory services for public and private clients. More than 120,000 people in 139 countries connect their thinking, experience and solutions to build public trust and enhance value for clients and their stakeholders.


Unless otherwise indicated, "PricewaterhouseCoopers" refers to PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, a Delaware limited liability partnership. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP is a member firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited.


Thomson Venture Economics, a Thomson Financial company, is the foremost information provider for equity professionals worldwide. Venture Economics offers an unparalleled range of products from directories to conferences, journals, newsletters, research reports, and the Venture Expert(TM) database. For over 40 years, Venture Economics has been tracking the venture capital and buyouts industry. Since 1961, it has been a recognized source for comprehensive analysis of investment activity and performance of the private equity industry. Venture Economics maintains long-standing relationships within the private equity investment community, in-depth industry knowledge, and proprietary research techniques. Private equity managers and institutional investors alike consider Venture Economics information to be the industry standard. For more information about Venture Economics, please visit


### Press Release ############################  


Nationan Venture Capital Assocaiton Full Report

Q2 04 Venture Capital Investment



### Press Release ##########################


Humberto D. Olavarria Joins Alta Team



FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, -- The Alta Group, an international consulting firm serving the equipment leasing and finance industry, has appointed Humberto D. Olavarria as a principal for its Latin American Region (LAR) division. Olavarria, who recently served as regional asset-based finance head for Citibank’s Asia Pacific activities, will also help Alta customers operating in Asian countries.


“Humberto has extraordinary experience in Asia Pacific as well as Latin America,” says Rafael Castillo-Triana, principal of The Alta Group LAR, “He will be based in The Alta Group LAR but available to meet the needs of the equipment leasing industry and equipment vendors in both of these emerging markets.”


Strategies for managing risks and seizing opportunities in emerging markets will be among topics explored at The Alta Group’s annual Customer Finance Conference for manufacturers on Sept. 20-21 at the downtown Chicago Marriott. For more information, visit .


The Alta Group’s newest associate, Olavarria, brings to the company global expertise in customer finance. He began his five-year career at Citibank as regional asset-based finance head for Latin American operations, then moved to Hong Kong to manage asset-based finance for its Asia Pacific division.


Prior to joining Citibank, Olavarria had distinguished himself in the leasing and equipment finance industry in Guatemala and Latin America in the 1990s. Among his accomplishments, he helped reorganize a start-up leasing company in Guatemala, Facto- Rent, to become the regional leader in three years. He was chairman and founder of the Guatemalan Leasing Association and also vice chairman of Felalease, the Latin American Leasing Association.


During the 1990s Olavarria held various management positions in the financial and strategic planning groups in Ryder Systems, then the largest truck leasing company worldwide.


Olavarria has been a frequent speaker at Latin American Leasing Conventions and World Leasing Conventions. A former officer in the Chilean Navy, he holds a masters in business administration degree and masters in industrial engineering degree from Louisiana State University.


About The Alta Group


The Alta Group (, is a leading source of international consulting and advisory services, education and training for the equipment leasing and finance industry. It is composed of more than 20 professionals-including former CEOs, company founders and industry organization leaders--who collectively have nearly 600 years of experience. It has an active practice in North America, Latin America and Europe.


### Press Release #########################





Classified Ads---Help Wanted


Account Executive / Small ticket leasing account reps



Account Executive:
Leasing professional in the small to middle market with at least 3 years business development and direct sales experience. Dallas, Denver or Chicago location. Strong commission plan plus benefits. E-Mail

About the Company: Bank of Blue Valley is a locally owned community bank with $600 million in assets. We are one of the leaders in the Kansas City financial community. Our bank offers true community banking with services,
products and convenience for businesses, families and individuals seeking a complete banking relationship. Check out our website @




Small ticket leasing account reps., nationwide. Seeking self starters with proven ability to work individually. Our technology gives you the flexibility to work from any location.  Aggressive compensation structure, travel exp.,health insurance, matching 401. Grow with us.
Send resume:  
In addition to our our internal lines, we are partnered with 20 premier funding sources.



Business Development Office


Business Development Officer,leasing exp.,min 3 yrs business & direct sales exp. Banking procedure knowledge helpful. Gilroy, CA location, serving four surrounding counties. E-mail or see Career Opportunities

About the Company: Pacific Capital Bancorp is a $5+ billion, multi-bank holding company dedicated to providing an enduring network of community banks on the Central Coast of California. This unique partnership of independent banks provides customers in six California counties with the financial strength and product diversity of a big bank, delivered with the responsiveness and personalized attention of a local community bank.





Credit Analyst: Seeking an energetic and organized Credit Analyst. At least one to two years of experience as a Credit Analyst in financial services (banking, insurance, leasing, or mortgage) is required.

Funding Manager: Seeking a very organized, detail oriented Funding Manager. Minimum two years experience in brokering and discounting commercial equipment transactions is required.

Operations Manager: Seeking an experienced Operations Manager with knowledge of all sides of operations. Must have a minimum of five years related experience.

Send email or fax to Ryan Johnson, Corporate Recruiter.
Fax: (888) 462-4305

We are ready to hear from you and field any leasing questions that you may have.
Five Point Capital
10525 Vista Sorrento Pkwy
San Diego, CA 92121




Marketing Indirect Origination



New York. One of the largest ind. equip.lessors needs  motivated, self-starter to purchase single investor leases from institutional investors; min.transaction  $1 million; portfolio of primarily investment grade lessees/good "story credits". 
Min 3 yrs exp. sourcing/ originating leasing transactions, knowledge of credit and pricing.



Senior Contract Specialist



Senior Contract Specialist, Los Angeles. Bachelor's Degree plus five years of leasing contract experience required.
Full description: here.
Email resume with salary history to




Port Leasing Sales Officer - Port of Long Beach: conducts/oversees negotiations for leases, permits, property acquisition; prepares lease proposals; negotiates prop. acquisition; neg. lease agreements with new/existing tenants; develops financial info. to analyze lease proposals.  College degree expected. Contact: Stuart Satow, CPS Executive Search 916-263-1401,





News Briefs----

Consumer confidence hits two-year high



Home Sales Still Sizzle


''Presumably, we're at the tail end of a strong housing market brought about by historically low mortgage rates,"


Consumer Bankruptcies Slowing in 2004



White House to project record deficit this year


Battle Brews Over Rules for Phones on Internet


Verizon's earnings jump five times higher on wireless sales increase


Safeway's Earnings Fall 4% in Quarter After California Strike


Survey: CEO Pay Rises in 2003




California Nuts Briefs---


Schwarzenegger, Lawmakers Agree on Budget

Spending cuts, loans and one-time gimmicks characterize proposed state budget




“Gimme That Wine “



Sake Takes Its Place by the Reds---Erick Asimov



Wine Grape Harvest Begins at Mumm Napa





This Day in American History

    1746-Thomas Heyward birthday, American Revolutionary soldier, signer of the Declaration of Independence. Died Mar 6, 1809.

    1777-Vermont enacted the first universal voting rights to freemen without restriction as to property or wealth.  The state constitution adopted at a general convention at Windsor, VT., permitted all freemen who were natural-born citizens over 21 years of age to elect officers and to be elected to office.

    1841- forces from the national bank movement received a glimmer of hope as the Senate narrowly passed the Fiscal Bank Bill. An initiative of the embattled Whig party, this bill called for the creation of the Fiscal Bank of the United States, a federal financial institution to be located in the District of Columbia. The bank's starchy name barely disguised the ideological intent of its inventors: the Whigs sought nothing less than the revival of the Second Bank of the United States, the ill-fated institution that Andrew Jackson had putatively killed in the name of states' rights earlier in the 1830s.  The bill to establish a Fiscal Bank of the U.S. was introduced in the Senate, an approved this day by the Senate and the House, August 6. For a brief spell during the summer of 1841, it looked as though the Whigs would have their day; however, despite the Fiscal Bank Bill passing through the House in early August, the legislation--and its Whig advocates--was doomed to failure. On August 16, President John Tyler, a staunch state supporter, announced that he was vetoing the bill. The legislation bounced back to the Senate, but the Whigs failed to marshal sufficient support to override Tyler's veto.

The Whig leadership was enraged by Tyler’s veto. They believed Tyler had agreed

to sign the bill and that he had reneged on a promise

    1858-Four British and American ships spliced a telegraph cable together on this day in 1858, then set sail for home the following day. The cable was laid out until the ships reached Ireland and Newfoundland. The cable, which stretched more than 1,950 miles and was laid as deep as two miles under the ocean in some places, established transatlantic telegraph communication, and an initial message was exchanged by President James Buchanan and Queen Victoria in August. However, the cable's weak signal was insufficient for regular communication and service ended on September 1.

    1864-Confederates under General John Bell Hood make a third attempt to break General William T. Sherman's hold on Atlanta. Like the first two, this attack failed, destroying the Confederate Army of Tennessee's offensive capabilities.

Hood had replaced Joseph Johnston as commander of the Army of Tennessee on July 18, 1864, because Johnston had failed to keep Sherman away from Atlanta. Upon assuming command of the army, Hood quickly scrapped Johnston's defensive strategy and attacked Sherman, first on July 20 at Peachtree Creek, and then on July 22 at the Battle of Atlanta. Both failed, but that did not deter Hood from making another attempt to break the Union hold on the important Southern city. When Sherman sent General Oliver O. Howard southeast of Atlanta to cut the Macon and Western Railroad, one of the remaining supply lines, Hood sent Stephen D. Lee's corps to block the move. Lee attacked at Ezra Church, but the battle did not go as planned for the Confederates. Instead of striking the Union flank, Lee's corps hit the Union center, where the Yankee troops were positioned behind barricades made from logs and pews taken from the church. Throughout the afternoon, Lee made several attacks on the Union lines. Each was turned back, and Lee was not able to get around the Union flank. The battle was costly for an army that was already outnumbered. Lee lost 3,000 men to the Union's 630. More important, Hood lost his offensive capability. For the next month, he could do no more than sit in trenches around Atlanta and wait for Sherman to deal him the knockout blow.

    1868-14th amendment ratified, former slaves become United States citizens.

    1900 -- Louis Lassen of Louis' Lunch in New Haven, Conn., reportedly created the hamburger sandwich  when he tossed a grilled beef patty between two slices of white bread for a customer in a hurry .

    1901-Birthday of Rudy Valle. American singer, saxophone player and radio idol of millions during the 1930s. Born Hubert Prior Vallee, at Island Pond, VT, the crooner used a megaphone to amplify his voice and introduced his performances with the salutation, "Heigh-ho-everybody!" Vallee appeared in a number of movies, including How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Among his best-remembered songs are "I'm Just a Vagabond Lover," "Cheerful Little Earful," "Say It Isn't So" and his signature song, "My Time Is Your Time." Vallee died at age 84 at North Hollywood, CA, July 3, 1986. 1891-Birthday of blues singer  Mary McBride, Algiers, LA

    1903-The Saint Luke Penny Savings Bank, Richmond, VA, was founded by the first bank president who was a woman, Maggie Lena Walker, the daughter of an African-American salve.  It had a paid-in capital of $25,000. The first day’s deposits exceeded $8,000. the bank later became the Consolidated Bank and Trust Company. She died December 15, 1934.

    1904-brithday of  Ikey Banjo” Robinson, Dublin VA. Died Oct 25, 1990

    1914-World War I beings. Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary and his wife were assassinated at Sarajevo, Bosnia, by a Serbian nationalist June 28,    1914, touching off the conflict that became WWI. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia July 28, the formal beginning of the war. Within weeks, Germany entered the war on the side of Austria-Hungary and Russia, France and Great Britain on the side of Serbia.

    1907- birthday of Leon  Prima trumpet  New Orleans LA, died 1985.

older brother of Louis Prima was also a trumpeter & band leader; Leon ran several Bourbon Street night spots, including the Shim Sham Club (229 Bourbon) and the 500 Club (whose house band was led by Sam Butera - before Sam headed to Las Vegas to join Louis Prima's band in 1954)

    1924-Birthday of tenor sax player Corky Corcoran, Tacoma, WA Died October 3, 1979.

    1929-birthday of  Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. She studied at Vassar, the Sorbonne, and George Washington University before marrying John Kennedy.

   She was basically a shy and retiring person who was hounded by the paparazzi. She was particularly admired for her dignified elegance and cool composure after the assassination (Nov. 22, 1963) of her husband President John F. Kennedy.

   She is buried next to JFK and her first son at Arlington cemetery. She became a working editor for a major publishing company and raised her two Kennedy children away from the public eye and away from scandal.

(lower half of: )

    1930 -114ø F (46ø C), Greensburg, Kentucky (state record)

    1931-Congress makes "The Star-Spangled Banner" our 2nd national anthem

    1932- Some 15,000 unemployed veterans of World War I marched on Washington, DC, in the summer of 1932, demanding payment of a war bonus. After two months' encampment in Washington's Anacostia Flats, eviction of the bonus marchers by the US Army was ordered by President Herbert Hoover. Under the leadership of General Douglas MacArthur, Major Dwight D. Eisenhower and Major George S. Patton, Jr (among others), cavalry, tanks and infantry attacked. Fixed bayonets, tear gas and the burning of the veterans' tents hastened the end of the confrontation. One death was reported.

    1933- The first singing telegram, said to have been delivered to singer Rudy Vallee on his 32nd birthday. Early singing telegrams often were delivered in person by uniformed messengers on bicycle. Later they were usually sung over the telephone.

    1934- 118ø F (48ø C), Orofino, Idaho (state record)

    1936-Birthday of  bassist Jim Hughart  Minneapolis MN,,446232,00.html

    1938 -For the second consecutive day, Hank Greenberg hits two homers in one day. The Tiger first baseman will hit two home runs in the same game a record setting eleven times during the season.

    1939 - Accompanied by the Victor Young Orchestra, Judy Garland sang one of the most famous songs of the 20th century. The song "Over the Rainbow," recorded for Decca Records, became Garland's signature tune and will forever be linked with the singing actress. For those who don't know, "Rainbow" was featured as the musical highlight of the hit movie, "The Wizard of Oz".

    1941 - Judy Garland, 19, married composer David Rose, 31, in Las Vegas on this date. It was Garland's first marriage.

    1943-Birthday of William Warren “Bill” Bradley, former US senator , presidential candidate, and Basketball Hall of Fame forward, born Crystal City, MO.

    1945---Top Hits

The More I See You - Dick Haymes

Dream - The Pied Pipers

Sentimental Journey - The Les Brown Orchestra (vocal: Doris Day)

Oklahoma Hills - Jack Guthrie

    1949-Birthday of Vida Rochell Blue, former baseball player, born Mansfield, LA.

    1951-“Sammy Kaye” television show premiers. CBS's musical program hosted by bandleader Sammy Kaye swayed audiences to swinging tunes on Saturday nights.  

    1953---Top Hits

Song from Moulin Rouge - The Percy Faith Orchestra

April in Portugal - The Les Baxter Orchestra

I’m Walking Behind You - Eddie Fisher

It’s Been So Long - Webb Pierce

    1954 - "Billboard's" top spot on the pop singles chart went to The Crew Cuts with "Sh-Boom." The song was a cover of a rhythm and blues recording by The Chords, it would stay at the #1 spot for seven weeks. Many people consider this song to be the first rock ’n’ roll record. It wasn’t the first ... rock and roll had made it to the music scene long before this. In fact, The Boswell Sisters recorded a song titled, "Rock and Roll" in 1934. However, "Sh-Boom" was the first rock ’n’ roll record to make it to the top of the pop charts. (The Chords’ version became the first rock-related hit in Great Britain.) Purists consider "Rock Around the Clock" to be the first, true #1 rock ’n’ roll hit. However, it didn’t hit the top of the charts until one year after "Sh-Boom".

    1954 - Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland was released in theaters. The animated film took five years to complete at an estimated cost of $3 million (1951). Elia Kazan's powerful film, On the Waterfront, starring Marlon Brando, premiered in New York. It later won Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor.

    1957- Jerry Lee Lewis makes his television debut on "The Steve Allen Show." Lewis is booked for two more appearances.

    1958 - Three years after "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White" reached #1, Cuban- born bandleader Perez Prado was again at #1 with "Patricia". Because of his Latin inspired instrumentals, Prado was known as the Mambo King.

    1961---Top Hits

Tossin’ and Turnin’ - Bobby Lewis

The Boll Weevil Song - Brook Benton

Yellow Bird - Arthur Lyman Group

Heartbreak U.S.A. - Kitty Wells

    1962- Tommy Roe's "Sheila" enters the Hot 100 at #93. It will top the charts by September 1.

    1964-Spacestone Ranger photo’s from the moon. Unmanned moon probe transmitted back to Earth 4,308 close-up

photographs of moon.

    1969---Top Hits

In the Year 2525 - Zager & Evans

Crystal Blue Persuasion - Tommy James & The Shondells

My Cherie Amour - Stevie Wonder

Johnny B. Goode - Buck Owens

    1972-Spacelab 3. Alan L. Bean, Owen K. Garriott and Jack R. Lousma started 59-day mission in the space station to test man's space flight endurance. Pacific splashdown Sept 25.

    1973 - Exactly one year after their first date, television’s "Six Million Dollar Man", Lee Majors, married "Charlie’s Angels", Farrah Fawcett. On the campus of the University of Texas, newly Farrah Fawcett-Majors was deemed one of the 10 most beautiful. Farrah and Majors are no longer married.

    1973-One of the largest rock festivals of all time is held at the Watkins Glen raceway. More than 600,000 show up for one day of music with the Grateful Dead, the Band and the Allman Brothers.

    1976- Steve Miller Band's "Fly Like an Eagle" goes gold, on its way to platinum. The album features huge hits as the title track (which makes it to number two), "Rock'n Me" (goes number one later in the year), "Jet Airliner" (#8 in 1977) and "Take the Money and Run" (#11 this month).

    1977---Top Hits

Looks like We Made It - Barry Manilow

I Just Want to Be Your Everything - Andy Gibb

I’m in You - Peter Frampton

It was Almost like a Song - Ronnie Milsap

    1979- Cubs' slugger Dave Kingman becomes the sixth player in major league history to hit three home runs in one game twice in one season. The Mets win the game, 6-4.

    1984 - In Southern California, the 23rd Summer Olympic Games opened at the Los Angeles Coliseum. The head of the United States Olympic Committee, Peter V. Uberroth, welcomed 7,800 athletes from 140 nations in 3-1/2 hour long opening ceremonies.

    1984- Pete Rose passes Ty Cobb as the all-time single leader as he collects his 3,053rd off Steve Carlton in a 6-1 Expo victory over the Phillies.

    1985---Top Hits

Everytime You Go Away - Paul Young

Shout - Tears For Fears

You Give Good Love - Whitney Houston

Love Don’t Care (Whose Heart It Breaks) - Earl Thomas Conley

    1988 - Thunderstorms drenched Wilmington, NC, with 3.33 inches of rain, bringing their monthly total 14.46 inches. Seven cities in Michigan and Minnesota reported record high temperatures for the date. Marquette, MI, hit 99 degrees, and the record high of 94 degrees at Flint MI was their tenth of the month

    1991-Dennis Martinez of the Montreal Expos pitched a perfect game, defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers,2-0, in Dodgers Stadium.

    1994 - Coincidences abounded in major league baseball. Kenny Rogers tossed major league's 14th perfect game in history on what was three years to the day since the previous time this same event happened. This time it was in an American League game where Texas beat California, 4-0. Ten years before on September 30, 1984, the same two teams played when the 11th perfect game was pitched. Mike Witt was the pitcher and the winning team was reversed.

    1996 - A pipe bomb hidden in a backpack exploded during evening festivities at the Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Georgia, killing 2 people and injuring more than 100. The explosion occurred around 1:00 a.m., which doubtlessly prevented more Olympic visitors from being killed or injured. The F.B.I. was investigating leads.

    1998- Sammy Sosa hits his first career grand slam establishing the mark for most career homers before hitting a grand slam (246).

    1998 - Monument Records released the Dixie Chicks' country single "Wide Open Spaces".

    1999- Pete Townshend plays at the Supper Club in New York to showcase his upcoming album, Pete Townshend Live: A Benefit For Maryville Academy. Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder joins Townshend on stage to perform a number of songs including "Magic Bus," "Heart To Hang Onto" and the Pearl Jam classic, "Better Man."

    2000- Toronto skipper Jim Fregosi wins his 1,000th game as a big league manager as the Blue Jays beat the

Mariners, 7-2.

    2002-- During his induction speech at the Hall of Fame ceremonies in Cooperstown, with the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow playing in the background and a copy of 'The Wizard of Oz' in his hands, Ozzie Smith compares his baseball career to Dorothy's away trip from Kansas. Citing the recipe for his success during his 19-year career with Cardinals and Padres, the 47-year-old tells the crowd he had the mind to dream, which the Scarecrow cherished, a heart to believe, which the Tin Man wanted, and courage, which the Lion lacked, in order to persevere.



Baseball Poem

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Polo Grounds


Rolfe Humphries





Time is of the essence.  This is a highly skilled


And beautiful mystery.  Three or four seconds only  


From the time that Riggs connects till he reaches first,


And in those seconds Jurges goes to his right,


Comes up with the ball, tosses to Witek at second,


For the force on Reese, Witek to Mize at first,


In time for the out—a double play.



(Red Barber crescendo.  Crowd noises, obbligatio;


Scattered staccatos from the peanut boys,


Loud in the lull, as the teams are changing sides) . . .




Hubbell takes the sign, nods, pumps, delivers—


A foul into the stands.  Dunn takes a new ball out,


Hands it to Danning, who throws it down to Werber;


Werber takes off his glove, rubs the ball briefly,


Tosses it over to Hub, who goes to the rosin bag,


Takes the sign from Danning, pumps, delivers—


Low, outside, ball three.  Danning goes to the mound,


Says something to Hub, Dunn brushes off the plate,


Adams starts throwing in the Giant bullpen,


Hub takes the sign from Danning, pumps, delivers,


Camilli gets hold of it, a long fly to the outfield,


Ott goes back, back, back, against the wall, gets under it,


Pounds his glove, and takes it for the out.


That’s all for the Dodgers. . . .



Time is of the essence. The rhythms break,

More varied and subtle than any kind of dance;

Movement speeds up or lags.  The ball goes out

In sharp and angular drives, or long slow arcs,

Comes in again controlled and under aim;

The players wheel or spurt, race, stoop, slide, halt,

Shift imperceptibly to new positions,

Watching the signs according to the batter,

The score, the inning. Time is of the essence.



Time is of the essence.  Remember Terry?


Remember Stonewall Jackson, Lindstrom, Frisch,


When they were good?  Remember Long George Kelly?


Remember John McGraw and Benny Kauff?


Remember Bridwell, Tenney, Merkle, Youngs,

Chief Meyers, Big Jeff Tesreau, Shufflin' Phil?

Remember Mathewson, Ames, and Donlin,

Buck Ewing, Rusie, Smiling Mickey Welch?

Remember a left-handed catcher named Jack Humphries,

Who sometimes played the outfield, in '83?


Time is of the essence. The shadow moves

From the plate to the box, from the box to second base,

From second to the outfield, to the bleachers.


Time is of the essence. The crowd and players

Are the same age always, but the man in the crowd

Is older every season.  Come on, play ball!






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