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GreatAmerica Leasing with 280 employees at last report appears in the heart of the flood as they are located on the Cedar River. Their telephone, when it does answer, states that are working from a back-up location.

It is not uncommon for large corporations to have a back-up location in case of an earthquake, flood, or other catastrophe.

GreatAmerica CEO Tony Golobic

Nick Nielsen from GreatAmerica relayed to us by Lisette Johnson, Cash Flow Crisis Prevention, 2:26pm,East Coast time., from a person who works in the downtown area.:

"At home...we're doing just fine. We live outside of the downtown area and are high and dry. We haven't even lost power.

"The GreatAmerica building is one that has been on TV most often because it is located right on the riverfront. I'm guessing the water level was ten feet deep at our front door, but who knows how much made it inside. The water is dropping quickly (about 2 inches per hour) and by Friday should be back to normal flood stage levels. (meaning we should be able to start cleaning up and get the power back on.)

"Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts."

From Rosalie Wilson, CLP:

"GreatAmerica was smart enough to have set up a complete backup system at a remote location. They are still approving deals for me and are still funding. They had hoped they would never have to test this system, but are delighted it worked! They won't be able to get Fed Ex or UPS deliveries or even Mail but are funding off of faxed documents! God Bless them."

Rosanne Wilson, CLP 1st Independent Leasing, Inc.

### Press Release#######

(Cedar Rapids, IA) GreatAmerica Leasing Corporation successfully activated its emergency action plan on Wednesday, June 12th in response to the 500-year flooding of downtown Cedar Rapids.

"We are continuing to operate and serve our customers with minimal interruption," said GreatAmerica CEO Tony Golobic. "Our primary concern is for the safety and well- being of our employees and uninterrupted service to our customers."

GreatAmerica has moved to pre-arranged emergency office space until their building becomes available. With each new day, GreatAmerica is getting closer to normal operating levels and will continue to expand its temporary accommodations to return to full capacity.

"Each day, GreatAmerica proves that its extraordinary and resilient people are rising to the occasion and proving that we are more than just a physical location," Golobic said. "A disaster like this would have caused a serious blow to many organizations, but we are proving our mettle and winning the battle."

GreatAmerica Leasing Corp is the largest independent small ticket leasing company in the U.S. Established in 1990, GreatAmerica provides funding to businesses in the office equipment, healthcare, telecommunications, and retail markets.

#### Press Release#####

A spokesman for Great America said they return to the building depends on when the city will "power up" the downtown and then they will review both the personal property and structural damage. He said things were moving as best that can be expected, except the Quest telephone lines are overextended in the area.

He suggested to contact Chris Walker at


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