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(Irvine, CA)   Balboa Capital Corporation announces that Patrick Byrne has completed the acquisition of 100% of the company's stock and is now the sole shareholder of Balboa Capital.  Mr. Byrne acquired the shares owned by Shawn Giffin.  Mr. Giffin is retiring after 16 years of dedicated service to Balboa Capital.  "There is no question in my mind as to Patrick's commitment to the success of the company.  I firmly believe the company is better off with a single principal leading the charge." said Shawn Giffin.

    The acquisition marks the next step in the evolution of Balboa Capital.  The Company emerged from the recent industry downturn with a number of new initiatives designed to accelerate growth in the coming years.  In addition to its core small-ticket direct business, the company has developed an emerging Commercial Products Division, growing Vendor Channel, and has recently established a Capital Markets Division.  "This is a people business and I am convinced that we have the most dynamic and talented group of people in the business.  I am convinced that we have the right team in place, we have a company that is well positioned in the market, we have positive momentum, and we have excellent prospects for growth", said Patrick Byrne, Balboa Capital's Chairman.

    The acquisition is the culmination of a successful partnership between Mr. Byrne and Mr. Giffin that resulted in the tremendous growth of Balboa Capital Corporation.  Balboa was founded in by Byrne and Giffin.  With limited capital, the entrepeneurs established Balboa as the fastest growing privately leasing company in the United States.  Balboa targeted small businesses in emerging industries not typically served by the major banks. Balboa was twice listed on the Inc. 500

List of Fastest Growing Private U.S. Companies and Patrick and Shawn were named Entrepreneurs of the Year in Orange County, CA by a group composed of USA Today, Ernst and Young, and NASDAQ.  

    Balboa Capital remains one of the largest privately held leasing companies in the United States with regional hubs in Irvine and San Francisco, CA and Phoenix, AZ and facilities throughout the United States. The company offers a variety of leasing and financing options to small and mid-sized companies through direct, vendor, and broker channels.

# # #
About Balboa Capital
Balboa Capital provides equipment leasing and financing to small and mid-sized business in the United States.  The company markets its products through its direct sales force, broker channel, and vendor partnerships.  The company offers leases in the range of $ 5,000 to $5,000,000.  Balboa Capital is privately held and based in Irvine, CA.  

1740-birthday of John Penn, signer of the Declaration of Independence, born at Caroline County, VA. died September 1`4,1788.
  1775-the first Mason who was African-American was Prince Hall, initiated on March 6, 1775, in an army lodge that was stationed at Castle William under General Thomas Gage in or near Boston, MA.   It operated under the Irish constitutions.  When the British evacuated Boston, Hall and his fellow
members were given a permit to form African Lodge No. 1, which they did on July 3, 1776.  On June 30, 1784, after the Revolution, Hall and others applied to the Grand Lodge of England for a warrant, which was issued on September 29,1784, to African Lodge No. 459, with Prince Hall as Master. The first meeting under the charter was held on May 5, 1787, in Boston, MA. the lodge was not recognized by American masonry. The first African-American lodge to be recognized was the Alpha Lodge of New Jersey, No. 116 Free and Accepted Masons, the warrant for which was granted at the Annual Communications of the Grand Lodge in Trenton, NJ, on January 19,1871.  The Mason at one time was the largest "fraternal" organization in the United States and quite influential in all communities.
    1812-birthday of Martin R. Delaney, ethnologist, Black newspaper publisher, the first African-American to receive a regular army officer commission (Major) and African-American nationalist.
    1851-Dr. John Gorne of Apalachicola, FL, was granted a patent for a mechanical freezer, " an improvement in the process for the artificial production of ice."  At a dinner on July 14, 1850, at the Mansion House, Apalachicola, Gorrie produced blocks of ice the size of bricks. He installed his system in the U.W. Marine Hospital in Apalachicola.
  1856-Birthday of Robert E. Peary, who was thought to be the first to discover the North Pole.  As reported in This Day in American History on May 3, the first airplane flight to the North Pole discovered he did not discover the "true" North Pole as originally claimed. "...was piloted by Lieutenant Colonel William Pershing Benedict of San Rafael, CA, and copilot Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Otis Fletcher of Shawnee, OK. In 1997, historian Robert M. Bryce published the results of research indicating that no previous explorer succeeded in reaching the Pole, despite two long standing claims, and that Fletcher was the first human known to set foot on it.  In addition, Dr. Albert Paddock Crary, who was in this party, on February 12,1961, reached the South Pole by tracked vehicle as part of a scientific expedition.   He became then the only explorer to set foot"
  1882-Congress restricted the immigration of Chinese laborers, actually suspending Chinese immigration for a 10-year period and forbidding naturalization. The act was repealed on December 17,1943
    1829- Phoebe Ann Coffin, (aka Phebe Hanaford), first woman ordained in New England as a minister. PAC was an successful author in addition to being a Universalist minister.
  1895-birthday of Rodolpho Alfonzo Rafaello Pietro Filberto Gugliemi Di Valentina D'Antonguolla, whose professional name was Rudolph Valentino, was born at Castellaneta, Italy. Popular cinema actor.  For years press reports claimed that "at least one weeping veiled woman in black bought flowers to his tomb" in Hollywood Memorial Park, every year on the anniversary of his death at New York, NY. August 23, 1926
    1899-birthday of trombonist Charlie Irvis, New York City.
  1904-Country music pioneer Cliff Carlisle was born in Taylorsville, Kentucky. An associate of Jimmie Rodgers, he began his recording career in February 1930 with Rodgers's "T For Texas." During the next 18 months, Cliff Carlisle recorded more than a dozen of Rodgers' songs, and many other tunes sung in Rodgers' style. Cliff later formed a duo with his brother Bill, and they were popular throughout the '30s and '40s. Cliff Carlisle retired from music in 1947.
    1915-George Herman " Babe" Ruth of the Boston Red Sox hit his first major league home run in a game against the New York Yankees in New York.
    1915-birthday of Orson Welles, actor and director born at Kenosha, WI. Citizen Kane, which he directed and in which he played the title role, is one of the most influential films ever made.  Other files in which he had a role include The Third Man and the Magnificent Amersons.   A radio show he
did in the 1930's brought listeners to believe the Earth was invaded form Mars.  Died at Los Angeles, CA, October 10, 1985.
    1918- Canadian composer and teacher Godfrey Ridout was born in Toronto. During his association with the University of Toronto's Faculty of Music from   1948 until his retirement in 1982, he guided some of Canada's most famous musicians. As a composer, Ridout will be best remembered for his orchestral pieces, including "Music For a Young Prince," commissioned for the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway in 1959 and composed with Prince Charles in mind. Ridout died in 1984.
    1928-The longest footrace in history began at City Hall in New York City. It concluded on July 24 in San Francisco, 3, 415 miles later. 60-year-old Abraham Lincoln Monteverde, a veteran of more than 100 marathons, not only won the race, but he was also the only competitor to finish.
    1931-brithday of Willie Howard Mays, Hall of Fame outfielder, born at Westfield, AL.

    1936-birthday of singer Sylvia Robinson ( Mickey and Sylvia), Born Sylvia Vanderpool in New York City . Singer/songwriter/producer/ label owner. In mid-'50s, teamed with Mickey Baker to form the performing duo Mickey & Sylvia. Had million-selling "Love Is Strange" in 1956-57. Married Joe Robin son and founded All Platinum Records which later became Sugar Hill Records, the first major rap label.
    1937-at 7:20pm, the dirigible Hindenburg exploded as it approached the mooring mast at Lakehurst, NJ, after a trans-Atlantic voyage.  Of its 97 passengers and crew, 36 died in the accident, which ended the dream of mass transportation via dirigible
    1939- Herbie Cox, lead singer of the '50s and '60s vocal group the Cleftones.
      1942 David Freisen birthday
      1953-Alva "Bobo" Holloman of the St. Louis Browns pitched a no-hitter in his first major league start, defeating the Philadelphia Athletics, 6-0.  Holloman never pitched another complete game in his career which lasted just another 21 games. His early appearances with them, all in relief, yielded an ERA close to 9.00. Undaunted, the confident Holloman pestered manager Marty Marion to give him a chance as a starter. He took the mound in that capacity for the first time on the rainy night of May 6, 1953 before a hometown crowd of 2,473 and no-hit the Athletics 6-0. The 29-year-old rookie embellished his performance with three RBI and his only two hits in the majors. Yes, he never pitched another complete game in his major league career, which was over before the end of 1953.
    1954-running for the British Amateur Athletic association in a meet at Oxford University, Roger Bannister broke the four-minute barrier with a time of 3?59:4.  Four minutes for a mile at the time was considered not only a physical barrier but also a psychological one. In this epic race, Bannister relied on two teammates to pace him. Chris Brasher helped Bannister for the first two laps with times of 57.5 and 1:58.2.  Chris Chataway sprang to the lead for the third quarter (3.00:5). Bannister followed Chataway around the curve and started his kick on the backstretch.  He sprinted pas Chataway and, as he broke the tape, into track history.  But his record lasted little more than a month, until John Landy of Australia ran 3:58.0 on June
21.1957 - Senator John Fitzgerald Kennedy of Massachusetts was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his book "Profiles in Courage".
  1957-Eugene O'Neill became the first writer to win a Pulitzer Prize four times for drama: 1957,"for his play "Long Day's Journey Into Night." His other awards were in 1920 for"Beyond the Horizon," in 1922 for "Anna Christie," and in 1928 for "Strange Interlude."
    1958-Top Hits
Tequila - The Champs
The Witch Doctor - David Seville
Wear My Ring Around Your Neck - Elvis Presley
Oh Lonesome Me - Don Gibson
    1959 - The Pablo Picasso painting of a Dutch girl was sold for $154,000 in London. It was the highest price paid to that time for a painting by a living artist.
  1964-the first election in the District of Columbia was the primary election, when the Reverend Edward Franklin Jackson, a Methodist minister who was African-American, defeated Frank Daniel Reeves for the office of Democratic committee-man.
1966---Top Hits
Good Lovin' - The Young Rascals
Monday Monday - The Mamas & The Papas
Sloop John B - The Beach Boys
I Want to Go with You - Eddy Arnold
  1973-The New England Whalers won the first championship of the World Hockey association. They defeated the Winnipeg Jets, 9-6, to win the final series, four games to one. Both teams later moved into the National Hockey League.
    1973- Paul Simon began his first solo tour in Boston, three years after splitting up with Art Garfunkel. Some of the shows were recorded and selections released on the following year's "Live Rhymin'" album.
    1974---Top Hits
The Loco-Motion - Grand Funk
Dancing Machine - The Jackson 5
The Streak - Ray Stevens
Things Aren't Funny Anymore - Merle Haggard
    1980 - NBC came to terms with its superstar, Johnny Carson, on this day. Johnny signed a new three-year contract for approximately $5-million a year. Carson also reduced his"Tonight Show" to one hour from ninety minutes and cut his work week to four nights. Plus, he got billing in the show's title, as it became "The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson".
    1982 - Gaylord Perry of the Seattle Mariners became the 15th pitcher in the major leagues to win 300 career victories. Perry, known for his spitball as well as a variety of other pitches, led the Mariners past the New York Yankees 7-3. He was long suspected of doctoring the baseball with his salvia.  Perry pitched for eight different teams over 22 years an won 314 games.
--Top Hits
I Love Rock 'N Roll - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Chariots of Fire - Titles - Vangelis
Ebony and Ivory - Paul McCartney with Stevie Wonder
Mountain Music - Alabama
    1984- Tina Turner's comeback hit, "What's Love Got to Do With It," was released. The song went to number one, won Grammys for record and song of the year, and established Turner as a major solo star. 1986- The Rev. Donald E. Pelotte, 41, was ordained in Gallup, New Mexico -- the first American Indian to be made a Roman Catholic Bishop in the U.S.
    1986 - From the What an Ungrateful Thing to Do, Joan file: Comedienne, Joan Rivers, put her foot in her mouth by announcing to the world that she was leaving "The Tonight Show" as permanent guest host to begin her own late-night gabfest on the new FOX TV Network.
    1988-" Have another doughnut, you fat pig!"  After a 6-1 loss to the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup playoffs, New Jersey Devils coach Jim Schoenfeld confronted referee Don Koharski as the officials left the ice.  In a scuffle, Kobarski either fell, or was pushed, causing Schoenfeld to mock him with the insult, " Have another doughnut, you fat pig!."  The league suspended Schoenfeld without a hearing, but a judge granted the Devils request for an injunction, in response, regular officials chose not to work the next Devils-Bruins game.  
Instead, an amateur ref. handed the game assisted by two off-ice officials acting as linesmen. The Devils won, 3-1.
    1990---Top Hits
Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinead O'Connor
I Wanna Be Rich - Calloway
How Can We Be Lovers - Michael Bolton
Love on Arrival - Dan Seals
  1992- Bruce Springsteen unveiled his new band at a surprise show at the Bottom Line in New York. The only holdover from the E Street Band was keyboardist Roy Bittan. The four-piece group backed Springsteen on "Saturday Night Live" three nights later. "The Boss" opened his world tour in Stockholm nine days after his New York appearance.
    1998-Chicago Cubs rookie pitcher Kerry Wood set the National League record and tied the major league record for most strikeouts in a 9-innning game when he fanned 20 Houston Astros in a 2-0 Chicago win. Roger Clements set the major league record in 1986 and tied it in 1996. The former modern National League Mark, 19, was held by three pitchers, Steve Carlton,  Tom Seaver and David Cone.


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