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Equip. Leasing Sales Rep: Strong sales and bus. dev. skills needed. Dev/manage portfolio, initiate bus. in upper Midwest . 3-4 yr  leasing exp.
or e-mail:

About the Company: Associated Banc-Corp is a diversified multibank holding company with $15.5 billion in total assets. Headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin .  Associated has more than 200 banking locations across Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota.


    Available by e-mail in a text format, sent out at 3:00am, free:





    Classified Ads---Controller/Contract Administrator                     

        Senate Gives Leasing a Punch in the Face

            Cartoon---Tax Representation

                Hope to See You in Monterey                         

    Engagement Letters/Forms 

        22 IFC Employees Seeking CLP Certification

            Douglas-Guardian Moves to Larger Quarters

        Former Fin Pac/Puget Sound Credit Mgr. Now at Columbia Bank

    Former Comdisco Chief Legal Of. Joins Insight Investments

        Steven R. Riggs joins De Lage Landen Fin. Services

            News Briefs---

                Sports Briefs---

                    “Gimme that Wine”

                        This Date in American History

                Baseball Poem


                    Special Report


    The Mysteries And Future Of Websites

    by Naseem Javed




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Classified Ads---Controller/Contract Administrator


Controller: Seattle, WACPA w/ 15 years management exp. as CFO/ Controller/5 yrs w/ PriceWaterhouse Coopers. Extensive exp providing accounting/ tax guidance for the equipment lease industry. Willing to relocate.


Controller: Southeastern, MI.Controller & Management experience w/ equip lessors &broker. MBA, CPA w/ extensive accounting, management, securitization experience with public and private companies. Willing to relocate.Email:


Contract Administrator: Chicago/Naperville 18+ years experience in leasing US/Europe, as both lessee and lessor. Am versatile and adaptable to lessee, lessor, or lender career opportunity.


Contract Administrator: Lewisville, TX. 2 1/2 Years banking experience & almost 3 years Leasing experience. ( Contract Admin.) hard Worker, learns quickly & willing to relocate.



Contract Administrator: Los Angeles, CA Documentation Manager; 25+ years experience; strong documentation skills; solid reputation for submitting complete funding packages consistently resulting in same day fundings; will consider reasonable commute.Email:


Contract Administrator: New York, NY.10+ years in equipment leasing/secured lending. Skilled in management & training, documentation, policy and procedure development & implementation, portfolio reporting. Strong work ethic.Email:


Contract Administrator: Portland, OR.6+ years small ticket leasing/financing. Documentation/fundingPolicy development &implementation, management &training, process mapping, customer service, broker, vendor, portfolio experience. Email:


Contract Administrator: Ridgewood, NJ.Organized person with two years leasing experience to document and book deals. Work with customers, vendors and funding sources to process, fund and track leases.Email:


Contract Administrator: San Diego, CA.16 years experience with Capital Equipment and Semiconductor Manufacturing equipment leasing for Asia/Europe/US. Strong communication, documentation, management, negotiation, and training skills. Email:


Contract Administrator: Schaumburg, IL10 yrs. small/mid-ticket leasing. Proficient in documentation, funding and legal. Worked with brokers, portfolio purchases, vendor programs, municipal transactions. Prefer to stay in Suburban Illinois.



   99 Jobs wanted Listed at:




Senate Gives Leasing a Punch in the Face


"Since we're giving tax relief to companies and small businesses, it's only fair that we tighten the law for those avoiding their fair share,'' said Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles Grassley, R-Iowa.


One of the biggest changes raises $39 billion by blocking companies from generating immediate tax deductions by leasing and writing off the depreciated value of foreign and domestic public works, such as bridges, buses and trains.  This was strongly opposed by the

Equipment Leasing Association as well as many cities, counties, and

states who’s budget will be drastically affected, as well as funders

of such leasing arrangement


Taking the lead and urging the US Congress to approve its version,

which they believe will end the growing costs of tarrifs, the senate

voted 92-5, sending a solid message of unity.



The tariffs, imposed by the European Union, retaliate against the United States for failing to rid a domestic tax break that has had

the leasing industry and others quite concerned since late last

year.  The Senate bill goes beyond a simple fix to end the trade dispute.


In addition to its affect on equipment leasing, it also included: a $14 billion in energy production incentives, a pile of expiring tax credits and a short-term tax break meant to encourage companies to bring home income accumulating abroad.


At its core, the Senate bill is aimed at cutting taxes for American manufacturers, rewarding most to those companies that produce their goods at home. The entire package cuts taxes $170 billion over a decade, including some new and old tax cuts.


Lawmakers cover the cost of the package with money recouped from the repealed tax break for exporters and an assault on corporate tax shelters and loopholes.


The bill also would adjust tax rules for multinational corporations.


Senators voted 74-23 to keep those new tax rules, which Senate tax-writers said reduced double taxation of companies that operate in the United States and abroad.


For a background on this tax legislation, please go to:








**** Announcement ********************************


Hope to See You in Monterey 



 Monterey, California,   United Association of Equipment Leasing Conference October 21–24, 2004 where Leasing News Advisory Board member, and long-time friend Steve Crane will be the Conference Chair.


 The weather this time of the year should be perfect. Those who can extend their time, will be glad to make recommendations of wineries to visit in Carmel Valley and the surrounding area, great restaurants, golf courses, and of course, the Monterey Bay Aquarium; where you should at least spend one afternoon, if not longer.


 You should also have lunch or dinner at Clint Eastwood’s Carmel Valley Country Club.


There are also some great shops in both Carmel and Carmel Valley,

where Sue and I visit often. Great restaurants.  Make some time

to enjoy one of California’s most favorite areas.


I look forward to meeting Leasing News readers in Monterey.


Here are some sites to visit to make this a very memorable time

for you and your significant other----

   he also has his own line of golf clothing: Tehama

   and his country club golf , of course

 and Sue’s parents who live at the Carmel Valley Country

 Club in the summer have dinner often at the

  Tehama County Club Restaurant ( lunch, too)

There is the famous Pebble Beach Golf Course

where I am told the fees are expensive,


   and Wineries:



**** Announcement  ********************************


New York. One of the largest ind. equip.lessors needs  motivated, self-starter to purchase single investor leases from institutional investors; min.transaction  $1 million; portfolio of primarily investment grade lessees/good "story credits". 
Min 3 yrs exp. sourcing/ originating leasing transactions, knowledge credit and pricing.


Engagement Letters/Forms 

Commitment Letter 

This form is one of the most widely used in the leasing industry and covers most of the bases. Note: Last sentences about the signatures makes this more a “proposal,” than commitment. If required, these sentences may be removed.

Master Lease Commitment Letter

This is for a “master lease,” when they will be other schedules, dates of delivery and acceptance, and interim rent is to be imposed on the “funded” portion(s.) Note: Last sentences about the signatures makes this more a “proposal,” than commitment. If required, these sentences may be removed.

Lease Application Fee Agreement

This is designed for the broker of leasing company to earn a fee and/or expenses should the lease not go together. This is a form that you can make into a template. First use “find, replace” to insert your name.  It's purpose is generic, aimed at earning money for your time and expenses if  a lease does not move forward.

Authorization to Find a Lender

This form was designed for use in the State of California, where arranging for a loan requires a license.  Real Estate and mortgage brokers may not need a California Financial Lender's  License, as well financial institutions.  Any third party “agent” does need the license.  This may also apply in other states.

You can make a template on this form very easily.  It primarily purpose is for real estate secured loans , equipment finance agreements, and “sale/leaseback” type situations. 



### Press Release ###############################


22 IFC Employees Seeking CLP Certification




MORTON GROVE, IL, - 22 employees from IFC Credit Corporation participated in a Certified Lease Professional training seminar held at the company's Morton Grove facility on May 4th.  The seminar will help to prepare participants for taking the CLP examination, which will occur later in the summer.


The seminar was conducted by Jim McCommon, CLP of The McCommon Companies, Bellevue, Washington on behalf of the CLP Foundation.  Nancy Geary, CPA, CLP, a partner with Edwin C. Siegel, LTD also conducted a section of the class.


"IFC is very fortunate to have so many industry veterans on staff, and we're proud that they are continuing their professional development and seeking certification", said Rudy Trebels, President of IFC, and a CLP himself since 1995. 


A candidate who seeks CLP certification must possess a minimum of five years of related industry experience, have acceptable character, ability and reputation, and must adhere to standards of professional conduct defined by the CLP Foundation.


IFC Credit Corporation has grown from 25 employees to over 100 during the last five years, and the professional capabilities of its employees are one of the company's strengths.  "Our staff is extremely competent, and it gives our customers confidence when we discuss leasing structures, credit availability or other aspects of their financial affairs", says Trebels.


IFC Credit Corporation is a long-time supporter of the foundation and believes strongly in its mission. "The CLP certification program provides a comprehensive study of equipment leasing, from legal and accounting issues, to marketing and pricing", states Trebels.  "No other organization offers the body of knowledge, along with a requirement to maintain certification".





Brian Cascarano

Vice President of Marketing

IFC Credit Corporation

(847) 663-6700



### Press Release ###############################


Douglas-Guardian Moves to Larger Quarters


“Bruce Lurie, President of Douglas-Guardian Services Corporation is pleased to announce that the company has completed its relocation to a new and bigger headquarters facility effective today. 


    The new address is:


                                    Douglas-Guardian Services Corporation

                                    14800 St. Marys Lane

                                    Suite 200

                                    Houston, TX 77079

                                    (800) 255-0552

                                    (281)-531-1777 FAX




The company’s phone numbers remain the same.  “This new space will allow us to continue to service and grow our operations throughout North America.  We are excited to be settling into our new offices.”


For information on wine and best restaurants in Houston, contact:


      Bruce Lurie


For more information on New Headquarters, please contact:


Robert J. Fisher, CLP

Vice President Sales

Douglas-Guardian Services Corporation

14800 St. Mary's Lane

Suite 200

Houston, TX 77079


Iowa Local: (515) 490-5824

TX Fax: (281)531-1777

IA Fax: (515)224-6556



### Press Release ####################################


Former Fin Pac/Puget Sound Credit Mgr. Goes to Columbia Bank



Karl Probst joins Columbia Bank as vice president and manager of equipment leasing.




TACOMA, Wash., -- Columbia Bank announced the hiring of Karl Probst for the position of Vice President and Equipment Finance Officer.  He will act as Manager of Columbia's new Equipment Finance Department where his primary duties will focus on the production of equipment loans to businesses, generated through an existing network of brokers.

    "We are very excited that we will be able to expand our equipment

financing service to our business customers -- both commercial and small

business.  Karl and Heidi are a great team and work with an established group

of brokers whom they trust and who rely on Karl and Heidi to treat their

customer's right.  Karl and Heidi both believe very strongly in great customer

service, so they will fit right in at Columbia.  It's a win for us and for our

business customers," said Mark Nelson, Executive Vice President and Chief

Banking Officer.


    Prior to joining Columbia Bank, Mr. Probst was the Credit Administrator

for Pinnacle Capital LLC.  He has over 25 years of experience in the banking

and equipment financing industry, beginning his career at Seattle First

National Bank and then moving to Financial Pacific Leasing. ( and then

to Puget Sound Leasing,, editor )


    Mr. Probst is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of

Arts in Business Administration.  He lives in Olympia where he has been active

with the United Way of Thurston County.  In Tacoma with Financial Pacific

Leasing, Karl was a Team Captain for the company's American Cancer Society

Relay for Life Team and the company was the number one fundraiser for 5

consecutive years.  Karl is not only excited about starting this new Division

of Columbia Bank, but also about getting married to Kathi O'Neil on May 16,



    Joining Mr. Probst at Columbia is Heidi DeFord, a Loan Support Specialist

who has worked with Probst as a team for the last 2 years.  Ms. DeFord is a

graduate of Eastern Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance

and Operations Management.  Heidi's previous financial experience with Westar

Financial will enable her to contribute much to the new department. She has

lived in Thurston County all of her life, where she is active in organized

volleyball and basketball.


    Columbia Bank is a Washington state-chartered, full-service commercial

bank providing products and services to individuals, businesses and the real

estate community.  A wholly owned subsidiary of Columbia Banking System Inc.,

(Nasdaq: COLB) Columbia Bank currently operates 34 branches in Pierce, King,

Cowlitz, Kitsap and Thurston counties.


    Contact:  JoAnne Coy, Vice President, Marketing Director





SOURCE Columbia Bank

Web Site:



### Press Release ##################################


Former Comdisco Chief Legal Officer Joins Insight Investments



ORANGE, Calif.--(--Insight Investments Corp., a firm specializing in technology acquisition, leasing and management, announced today that Jeremiah M. Fitzgerald has been named general counsel. Formerly senior vice president, chief legal officer and corporate secretary of Comdisco Inc., Fitzgerald will be responsible for all legal and corporate governance matters relating to Insight Investments. He will also serve as a senior member of the management team.


   "Jerry brings a wealth of experience that will be invaluable as we continue this rapid growth trajectory," said John W. Ford, chairman and CEO of Insight Investments Corp. "He will be a significant addition to our senior management team."


   Fitzgerald has 24 years of legal experience in information technology practice areas, including the negotiation of complex leasing and financing transactions with major international corporations. He has also served startup companies, worked on funding, and participated in real estate acquisition and leasing transactions. He was a key member of the team that took Comdisco Inc. from a regional technology leasing business to a nearly $4 billion multi-national corporation. 


   About Insight Investments Corp. 


   Based in California, Insight Investments Corp. helps companies worldwide better control their technology acquisition, leasing and management requirements. Since 1987 the company has provided a wide array of solutions designed to fit specific customer needs including new and used equipment acquisition, custom leasing and financing, asset management, off-lease portfolio management, excess equipment disposal, and the integration of best-of-breed technology solutions. For more information, visit or call



CONTACT:Insight Investments Corp., Orange Mark Hale, 714-939-2334 (Media)



### Press Release ###################################

Steven R. Riggs joins De Lage Landen Financial Services as Vice President & General Manager of the Financial Institutions Strategic Business Unit


WAYNE, Pa., – De Lage Landen Financial Services, a leading international provider of high-quality asset-based financing products to manufacturers and distributors of capital goods, announced today that Steven R. Riggs has joined the company as Vice President and General Manager of its Financial Institutions Strategic Business Unit.


    In his new capacity, Riggs will be responsible for overall general management of the Financial Institutions SBU, including operations, originations, marketing and new business development. The business unit is the primary provider of small business leasing services to the U.S. banking industry.


    He will report directly to Ronald Slaats, Chairman of De Lage Landen's Americas Division.


    Prior to joining De Lage Landen, Riggs served as Vice President, National Accounts for the Express Financial Solutions Division of GE Capital in Irvine, CA, where he worked from 1990 to the present.


    From 1988 to 1990, he was Western Regional Sales Manager for Chase Manhattan Leasing in Los Angeles, CA. Earlier, he held a variety of marketing and sales management positions.  


    Riggs earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Economics from California State University in Long Beach, CA.


    De Lage Landen International B.V. is a Netherlands-based international provider of high-quality asset financing products. With a presence in more than 20 countries across the globe, the company focuses on the following industries: Food & Agriculture, Healthcare, Office Equipment, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Materials Handling & Construction and Financial Institutions. In its domestic market the company offers Equipment Leasing, Consumer Finance, Car & Commercial Vehicle Leasing, ICT Leasing and Trade Finance through local Rabobanks and direct to market.


    De Lage Landen is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dutch Rabobank Group that is AAA-rated by Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s. In 2003 De Lage Landen grew its profits to $129.7 million (€114.8 million) and its balance sheet total to $17.8 billion (€14.1 billion).



    For more information, please visit our Website:




Ronald Slaats

De Lage Landen Financial Services

Phone Number: 610 386 5023

Fax Number: 610 386 5840




### Press Release ######################################





Accounting: PricewaterhouseCoopers seeks executives with experience in equipment leasing to help clients improve their leasing businesses by assessing "as is" conditions and designing and implementing solutions to operational issues.  PwC also seeks CPA's with a broad based knowledge of FAS13 and familiarity with accounting for leases with simple and complex transaction structures.

About the Company: PricewaterhouseCoopers, New York, NY.

News Briefs---


Oil Hits New 13-Year High



Fed funds futures revealing



Fair Isaac moving its hub

Most company executives already set up in Minnesota


Witness Says Tyco Chief Couldn't Grant Bonus


Demand Increases for Kona's Coffee Beans


Diana DeGarmo wows judges on 'Idol' disco night






Sports Briefs---

Bryant Scores 42 To Lift Lakers


Yankees' Long Night Ends With a Long Ball


Sharks are in (big) trouble




49ers in Trouble?---Skip Bayless






“Gimme that Wine”


James Beard Foundation Honors Culinary Elite,1145,2465,00.html


Minnesota Amendment for Wine Sales in Grocery Stores Fails in Senate


Vintners unbottle new packaging toys


May 19-23, 2004, Eighth Nantucket Wine Festival


10 Years Past Apartheid, Wine Industry Thrives—Frank J. Prial


Who Really Cooks Your Food?





This Day in American History


    1780 - During the American Revolution, Charles Town (later Charleston), South Carolina, fell to the British after a two-month siege.

    1812-John Langdon of New Hampshire was nominated to run by the

Republic party, but turned it down.  He had  64 votes to James Madison’s 82.

A very popular man in his time, he refused the job due to his age and health.

.  A second caucus was held and Elbridge Gerry was nominated.

    1847- Mormon pioneer William Clayton ,the personal secretary to the Mormon prophet, Joseph Smith, invented the first odometer while crossing the plains in a covered wagon. Previous to this, mileage was calculated by counting the revolutions of a rag tied to a spoke of a wagon wheel. He is also known

for his journal entries about the Mormons' trek west to the Salt Lake valley.

When introduced to plural marriage, he was reluctant but eventually became one of its most enthusiastic proponents, marrying ten women and fathering forty-two children.

    1869-The first news reporter at a political convention who was a woman was Mary Ashton Rice Livermore, one of the editors of the New Covenant, who covered the Republican National Convention, May 12-18, 186-, at the Chicago Wigwam, Chicago, IL, which nominated Abraham Lincoln.

    1863-The first Confederate ship to surrender to the Union was the Planter, a 313-ton side-wheel steamer serving as an armed dispatch boat.  It was surrendered off the harbor in Charleston, SC, by Robert Smalls, an African-American salve who was its pilot.  He and the African-American crew took charge of the ship, while the captain was ashore.  Flying the Confederate flag, they saluted with cannon fire the forts on their voyage northward. When out of reach of ammunition, Smalls hoisted a white flag of truce and turned over the ship to the U.S.S. Onward.  In appreciation, a special act of Congress was passed on May 30, 1982, awarding Smalls and his partners one-half the value of the Planter and its cargo.

    1864- the heaviest action of the Battle of Spotsylvania, Virginia, began at dawn, when Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock, with 20,000 men, attacked a Confederate salient.  Creating a gap, Hancock’s men captured some 4000 men and 20 large guns  In another part of

the  Battle of the Wilderness, the two great general met again after Hancock made

this gap Lee had positioned his troops in breastworks ( a temporary, quickly constructed fortification, usually breast high--a popular war move seen often in Mathew Brady photographs ) along a horseshoe formation utilizing the natural features of the landscape. During Grant's attack on the very strong and fortified position both sides suffered losses of more than 12,000 in what became known as "the Bloody Angle." Lee was forced to use every available man in order to protect the position and so ordered his troops to pull back during the night. Neither side won and both sides suffered heavy losses, perhaps a lesson well remembered by General Lee and General Grant, who was in favor of a different reconstruction of the South than transpired, even when president.  They were

to meet for the surrender less than a year from this battle.

    1883- Hazel Lucile Harrison birthday: Afro-American concert pianist who made her debut with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in 1904. She was blocked from concerts with major American orchestras because of her race and sex.

   Her technique and ability was praised for years in Europe.   Her mother, a hairdresser and manicurist , was the daughter of slaves who followed the underground railway to the north.


    1893- Georgia Lee Witt Lusk birthday, educator, state government official, and congressional representative is known as the first lady of New Mexico.

   In 1924 she was elected superintendent of schools in her home county and elected superintendent of public instruction for the state 1930.   She moved on to the U.S. Congress in 1946, and was a member of the War Claims Commission (1949-1953). Lusk was instrumental in getting free textbooks in all the New Mexico school.

    1903—Theodore Roosevelt visits San Francisco, caught on film by

H.J. Miles.  (video playback needed to see black and white silent film at, 14.3mb download, too, and the president turns away from the camera at the closet point, but to see the people and the times is quite interesting(the date on the film

is the date it was released, not the actual day of May 12:


 ( lower half of:  

    1912-Alto sax player Marshall Royal Birthday, played lead sax for

Count Basie for over 20 years, plus was the band manager, born Sapulpa, OK



    1928- Burt Bacharach birthday.

    1934- A great dust bowl storm darkened the skies from Oklahoma east to the Atlantic Coast.

    1955 -  Sam Jones of the Chicago Cubs pitched a no-hitter against the Pittsburgh Pirates, winning 4-0. Jones became the first black pitcher to throw a major-league no-hitter.

    1955 - Gisele MacKenzie played a singer on the NBC-TV program, "Justice". She introduced her soon-to-be hit song, "Hard to Get". The song went to number four on the "Billboard" pop music chart by September.

    1955 - Passengers crowded in to ride the last run of the Third Avenue elevated, "The El", in New York City. The way-above-ground train trip down memory lane went from Chinatown to the Bronx.

    1956---Top Hits

Heartbreak Hotel/I Was the One - Elvis Presley

Standing on the Corner - The Four Lads

The Wayward Wind - Gogi Grant

Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins

    1956- the Sun Record Company in Memphis ran an ad in the music trade papers announcing the first record by what was termed "one of the truly great talent finds." The artist was Johnny Cash, and the record was "I Walk the Line."

    1957 - A.J. Foyt earned his first auto racing victory in Kansas City, Missouri. He went on to become a four-time winner of the Indianapolis 500 - in 1961, 1964, 1967 and 1977.

    1960- Elvis Presley appeared on Frank Sinatra's "Timex Spectacular" on ABC TV. Presley sang one of Sinatra's hits, "Witchcraft," while Sinatra tackled "Love Me Tender."

    1962- Billboard reports last year's most-played jukebox disc was country star Jimmy Dean's "Big Bad John." One vote behind was Chubby Checker's "The Twist."

    1964---Top Hits

Hello Dolly! - Louis Armstrong

Do You Want to Know a Secret - The Beatles

My Guy - Mary Wells

My Heart Skips a Beat - Buck Owens

     1964-Barbra Streisand wins the Grammy Award for Best Female Vocalist for The Barbra Streisand Album

    1965- the Rolling Stones began a two-day recording session at Chess Studios in Chicago, laying down the basic tracks for "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction."

    1969-the first transpacific sailboat crossing by a woman was made by Sharon Sites Adams, who sailed form Yokohma, Japan in a 31-foot fiberglass ketch, the “Sea Sharp.” She arrived at San Diego, CA, on July 25, having covered a distance of approximately 5,620 miles in 74 days.

    1969-Chevrolet announced that it would discontinue production of the Corvair. The Corvair, which had come under heavy attack in Ralph Nader's 1965 diatribe Unsafe At Any Speed, never achieved great success, thanks mostly to its reputation for poor safety. Nader called the Corvair "one of the nastiest-handling cars ever built." The front-wheel drive model was accused of flipping over in moderately severe accident conditions. In the end, over five hundred individual court cases dealing with the Corvair were filed against General Motors. GM never lost one of these cases, although it did settle out of court in a number of them. Debate continues over whether or not the Corvair was actually an unsafe car. Some contend that the front-wheel drive and the heavy horsepower of the car were too much for some drivers to handle. Whatever the case, the public's attitude toward the Big Three car executives changed dramatically during the course of the debate over Nader's book. The insidious tactics used by GM to silence Nader may have been more damaging to the company's reputation than the poor handling of the Corvair. In the end, the debate killed the sale of the Corvair, and its discontinuation followed a 200 percent decrease in the model's sales between 1965 and 1969. Today it is a “collector’s item.”

    1970- At Wrigley Field only 5,264 fans see Ernie Banks hit his 500th  career home run, but on hand to witness the historic home run is umpire Frank Secory who was also one of the umps in the September 20,1953 game in which Mr. Cub hit is initial round-tripper. The second- inning line drive off Braves' pitcher Pat Jarvis into the left-field bleachers, is retrieved by Atlanta outfielder, Rico Carty after it bounces back onto the field and gives the ball to the Cub first baseman .

    1972---Top Hits

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - Roberta Flack

I Gotcha - Joe Tex

Betcha By Golly, Wow - The Stylistics

Grandma Harp - Merle Haggard

    1972 -A cloudburst dumped 16 inches of rain north of New Braunfels, Texas sending a 30 foot wall of water down Blueders Creek into the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers. The flood claimed 18 lives and caused more than 20 million dollars in damage.

    1977 - The Eagles earned a gold record for the hit, "Hotel California". The award was the second of three gold record singles for the group. The other million sellers were "New Kid in Town" and "Heartache Tonight". Two number one songs by The Eagles - "Best of My Love" and "One of These Nights" - didn’t quite make the million-seller mark.

    1979- the new Jefferson Starship, with Mickey Thomas replacing Grace Slick as lead vocalist, debuted at a free concert in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Thomas had been the lead singer on Elvin Bishop's 1976 hit "Fooled Around and Fell in Love."

    1980---Top Hits

Call Me - Blondie

Ride like the Wind - Christopher Cross

Lost in Love - Air Supply

Beneath Still Waters - Emmylou Harris

    1985-The Jewish conservative movement ordained the first female rabbi, Amy Eilberg at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City.
    1985 - Lionel Richie received an honorary Doctor of Music degree from Tuskegee Institute in Alabama - his alma mater. Richie had put 14 hits on the pop charts in the 1980s, including one platinum smash, with Diana Ross, "Endless Love" and four gold records ("Truly", "All Night Long", "Hello" and "Say You, Say Me"). All but one song ("Se La") of the 14 charted made it to the top ten.

    1987 - In Washington, actor-director Woody Allen and others testified in Congress against film colorization. Ted Turner, multi-millionaire businessman, was transforming black-and-white films he had purchased to colorize. Many people regarded his alterations of original films as criminal acts.

    1987 - A heat wave persisted in central California. Afternoon highs of 100 degrees at Fresno CA and 102 degrees at Sacramento CA were records for the date.

    1988 - Unseasonably warm weather prevailed in the western U.S. Eight cities reported record high temperatures for the date, including Pendleton OR with a high of 92 degrees and Phoenix AZ with a reading of 106 degrees

    1988---Top Hits

Wishing Well - Terence Trent D’Arby

Anything for You - Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine

Pink Cadillac - Natalie Cole

Cry, Cry, Cry - Highway 101

    1989 - Showers and thunderstorms associated with a low pressure system stalled over New York State drenched Portland ME with 4.50 inches of rain in 24 hours. Rains of 5 to 7 inches soaked the state of Maine over a four day period causing 1.3 million dollars damage.

    1996- IBM and Sears signed a deal to sell Prodigy to an investment group called International Wireless. The two companies co founded the online company in 1984 and invested more than $1 billion in the venture. It was one of the first internet companies. The buyout was welcomed by Prodigy's management, who received an ownership stake in the company

    1998-Top Hits

Too Close-Next

My All- Mariah Carey

You re Still The One- Shania Twain

Everybody [Backstreet s Back]- Backstreet Boys

    2001- Striking out 15 Orioles, Boston's Pedro Martinez ties an American League record set in 1968 by Indian hurler Luis Tiant for most strikeouts over two games, 32. The Red Sox fireballer had 17 strikeouts in his last start against the Devil Rays.





Written by Don Angel © in 08-1997

Published: Baseball Almanac (08-2003)

The sun is shining bright
No clouds are in sight
Pitching would be the key
Innings one, two and three
Inning four
Visitors strike a 1-0 score
Inning five
Bats come alive
Eight batters would come to the plate
Three runs being the fate
Being down by four
The home team needs to score
A single to left
Eyeing a base running threat
The pitcher's attention is slow
So off to second the runner goes
On the catcher's attempted throw
Sailing into the shortstop to low
Line drive up the middle
Another run is whittled
As a result of a homerun
Now entering the sixth, down one
Visitors still winning
Sixth, seventh and eighth inning
At the start of inning nine
It is up to the relief to shine
A strikeout of the side
Brings the bottom of the ninth in stride
As the closer comes into put out the fire
Team members are asked to show their desire
The batter takes his stance
Giving the third base coach a glance
Three balls, two strikes
Hoping for one he likes
An umpire's call
"A ball"
First base on a walk
Second base on a balk
With runner intact, the crowd reacts
When a feared slugger comes to bat
Wishing for a seventh game remembrance
Broadcasters giving those not in attendance
"It's a long fly,
and Aloha, means good-bye"!




Special Report


The Mysteries And Future Of Websites


by Naseem Javed


Websites have just completed a full circle of a hard struggle,

and somehow survived where other traditional marketing tools

and old principals failed big time. Now the same sites and domain

names must face harsher realities once again, all to ensure high

visibility and exposure they so provide. Today without visibility,

on e-commerce, websites are simply doomed. While billions of web

pages poised for the right match, only clashing into billions of

surfing customers are simply flooding each other. Millions of splashy

logos with billions of expensive web pages are all deeply

submerged in this ocean of e-commerce. Customers all over

the world are only amused as they watch the websites struggle

to gain attention at a zillion choices per second. Their mysterious

behavior on search engines and the role of alpha-structures of each

and every domain name is now a very big question. Why?


 Boom time, a million domain names a day were registered. Those days,

most unusual, silly and totally dysfunctional names were the sought after

icons of get-rich-quick dreamers of the exuberant populace. 99% of

such names failed. Exhausted or expired such names have now disappeared.

While ICANN and the domain registrars wonder on the disappearance

of continual registrations and renewals, the real question now is the fate

of the remaining millions of business domain names in active use on global

e-commerce today.


From its inception, when the genius founders doodled on a napkin and

came up with the big five suffixes: .com, .net, .gov, .edu, .mil, and .org,

and declared “www” as the one and only key to cyberspace, changing

business forever.  This weird and strange thing called a domain name costing

pennies in comparison to a trademark registration, was often left to webmasters

or junior staff to play with. Today, if a domain name issue is not being

dealt at a senior boardroom level, then behold the quick demise of that corporation;

from marketing to branding and just about everything else it does.

A URL is the only key that opens the gate to a corporation, its products,

images and identities. There is no other bypass to the URL to access a website.

As the old-fashioned print-driven advertising and branding has taken the back seat,

the marketing and survival strategies for these new cyber-branding issues

are all on the forefronts.


               Five New Magical Skills Necessary For Survival



What are Alpha-Structures and why are they killing great websites?


You must be able to decipher how and why your business names are composed

and structured and only then you can achieve your marketing goal? This process

of fine tuned analysis is not a simple routine for English major or linguists, rather

a science and a fine art.  Names must go through a critical analysis under

the Laws of Corporate Naming. One must determine the size, personality,

and length plus the choices of alpha character as each emulates its own unique signals.


Are names too short or too long, do they have the right number of letters,

do they fit the personality of your company? Do your customer recognize

your desired message in that name? This skill is a must for all marketing and

branding teams, and is essential for corporate image management.

Complexities of e-commerce and massive duplication of similar and identical

names on the web have made this a tactical exercise. General branding exercises are not

naming analysis. Establish a review and get all your names properly analyzed,

this in not expensive at all compared to what is at stake. Use professionally designed

training available via webinars and executive workshops



What is “Search-Ability” and why can it keep you in oblivion?


You can check your name’s visibility in a second by entering it on

Google in “quotes”. It makes a huge difference where you are on a search page

Are your names popping up on the first page, somewhere after 10 pages

or nowhere to be found? Study search-engine-optimization in great detail. 

It’s now a brand new frontier. Either your customers can find you easily or you’re

simply lost. No amount of money can create a bounce to your expensive websites

or your big budget branding in these times, except your alpha-structure of your URLs.

Only an in-depth analysis will point to the problems and show methods to fix them.



What is Global “Domainization” and how do you expand your reach?


How many domain names do you have and why? The art of cyber-branding now

demands sharper skills on domain registrations and their website management.

Multiple domain names create multiple problems in multiple markets. There

are rules to be followed. The power of e-commerce is all hidden in its access

via URL’s as there is no other way to get to a page of your site. Great opportunities

are missed by not having a sophisticated naming system for global cyber branding.

Have a proper system in place to manage global complexity. There are too many

fancy services most are flaky, faceless and without references yet offering strange

global registrations and localization, so be aware.



What is Linguistics and why do they embarrass your international customers?


Whatever you call a name in one country can mean something entirely different

when it circumnavigates around the globe. How do you tackle such languages

issues? Acquire skills and a deeper understanding of global communications.

Even if you’re a regional player, your sites are still visible and exposed to the

entire globe. Cyber branding is an extremely global phenomenon.



What is “Mindsharing” and how do you win new customers?


Mindshare is more important then marketshare. Customers must allow a name

brand to settle in their minds before they give you cash. Market positioning is

more critical then profit maximization. The human mind is gravitated towards

good names those are end-user-friendly and trustworthy. With millions of silly and

randomly structured names, the mind becomes overly tired. So, what are good,

catchy names and how do you establish them? It becomes easy once you have

the right expertise. Go online and bring in professional webinars within your entire

corporations, this is the most cost effective way to make e-learning a possibility

and this will also bring harmony in your branding while dramatically increasing

your overall marketing performance. 





Big branding has gone for a big sleep, no need to wake it up. Now the most cost effective way is to handle your cyber-image using new set of skills and new techniques to turbo-charge your overall cyber-marketing. The future will be pretty clear when planned today.




Naseem Javed author Naming for Power and also Domain Wars, recognized as world authority on global Name Identities and Domain Issues, introduced The Laws of Corporate Naming in the eighties and also founded ABC Namebank, a consultancy he established in New York & Toronto a quarter century ago.   




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