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Sales: Established 20-year full service lessor seeks sales professional in small or mid ticket markets. Earn high commissions, with benefits.

About the Company:





    Classified Ads--Doc Manager / Finance / Legal

        California drivers protest in Concord

            Truckway idea put forth for California

                Weekly Bulletin Board Complaint Report

    Classified Ads---Help Wanted

        From Our Archives—Manifest Insurance Policy May 20,2000

            Now they'll know if you read their e-mail

                PDS Gaming First Quarter Results

                    Synovus Announces Quarterly Cash Dividend

    Robert Pierce in Chicago for Gladstone Capital

        News Briefs---

            Sports Briefs---

                “Gimme that Wine”

                    This Day in American History

                        Baseball Poem



########  surrounding the article denotes it is a “press release”




   “ You did a very good job, Detective Lennie Brisco.”




Classified Ads--Doc Manager / Finance / Legal


Documentation Manager: New York, NY.

10+ years in equipment leasing/secured lending. Skilled in management & training, documentation, policy and procedure development & implementation, portfolio reporting. Strong work ethic.



Finance: Chicago, IL

Experienced in big ticket origination, syndication, valuation and workout. Twenty five years, MBA, CPA, JD, LLM (Tax), structuring specialist. Inbound and outbound transactions.



Finance: Austin, TX.

20+ years all facets of lease/finance. Collection and credit management. Equipment & rolling stock structuring. $150k credit authority, $100 million portfolio management.



Finance: Lyndhurst, NJ

CFO w/20+ years leasing/financing. Respected by lenders/rating agencies full & fair financial reporting. Outstanding record restructuring debt. Adept at investor relations and mentoring people.


Legal: Los Angeles, CA

Experienced in-house corporate and financial services attorney seeks position as managing or transactional counsel. Willing to relocate.


Legal: Chicago, IL.

Illinois Attorney, 18 years in IT equipment leasing, IT services contract assurance and contract litigation, seeks in-house position, metro Chicago or California (pay own relocation).



   full listing at:




California drivers protest in Concord

    (The official publication of the owner-operator independent

      drivers association)


About 100 independent truck drivers formed a picket line in Concord, California , where they asked for increased rates and improved working conditions. Concord lies near Oakland, where some previous trucker protests took place; it is also the site of a diesel pipeline that recently ruptured.


The group of nonunion drivers said mounting diesel prices, maintenance fees and insurance rates had converged to drive the profits out of their business.


"We're better off parking our trucks, selling them and working at a 7-11 store," said Johnny Singh, an independent truck driver with Royal Trucking who spoke to the Contra Costa Times. "We're not here to cause trouble; we understand that the brokers have to make a fair profit, but they also have to understand that we have costs, and we also have families."


Others complained that the trucking companies regularly required workers to drive beyond federally allowed hours and refuse to provide time off even in emergencies.


Truckers told the paper they would not return to work until their demands were addressed.


Meanwhile, in a letter to three companies – Royal Trucking, Reliable Trucking of Pleasanton, CA, and Alegre Trucking of Lodi, CA – dated May 8, the independent truckers called for a 50 percent rate increase on all loads; a 15 percent fuel surcharge; $65-per-hour pay for standby time; compensation for toll bridge fees; a 20 percent cap on commission and broker fees; and full disclosure of the rates paid to the trucking companies by their clients.




Truckway idea put forth for California

    (The official publication of the owner-operator independent

      drivers association)



The Southern California Association of Governments has published a briefing paper saying development of user-supported dedicated truckways offers a self-financing option that would ease congestion and reduce vehicle emissions in southern California.


The paper proposes 142 miles of 2x2-lane truckway from the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports northeast through the greater Los Angeles area through the San Gabriel Mountains to Barstow on I-15 on the edge of the Mojave Desert. From there, it would continue east to Oklahoma City, Memphis, Knoxville, TN, and via I-70 to Denver and eventually, Chicago.


The idea is to link California’s port complex and the nation’s highways by allowing triple trailer and other longer combination vehicle operations. The proposal originated from the California-based Reason Public Policy Institute, a think tank.


"By permitting up to double the payload carrying capacity of presently authorized truck sizes and weights in California, the operation of LCVs along dedicated truck facilities offers the potential of fewer total trips and less regional vehicle miles traveled, a corresponding reduction in vehicle emissions, and, more importantly for private equipment operators, greater capital utilization margins,” the SCAG report said.


“These operating benefits, realized as a reduction in operating costs, were estimated by the Reason Foundation of having a value of up to $40 billion a year at the national level. The capacity utilization benefits accruing with the use of LCVs can commence on trips as short as 14 miles in length, and are soundly beneficial for trips greater than 25 miles."


Weekly Bulletin Board Complaint Report



As explained several times before, this was originally to be weekly, but did not happen. The “name” of the report has continued and perhaps should be changed to “occasional.”  The main purpose was to help in negotiations and to show both sides what might be appearing in print.


Our goal is to be an ombudsman and “settle disputes.”  Often they are in discussions for weeks, and not uncommon, months.


Perhaps another goal is to show to readers what is happening in their

industry.  Often these experiences may be helpful to avoid.


We specifically do not name names, companies, and try to avoid locations.


In talking to our Leasing News advisor Teresa Kabot, she was surprised to learn we have settled over 300 claims against primarily brokers for keeping advance rentals in the last four years.  The readers don’t see them as they send the money back rather than have the complaint posted, and/or a compromise is reached---

mostly they send the entire advance rental back as it is often illegal, and definitely, unethical to keep the money without an agreement that allows you to earn it, if the lease does not fund.


It is not surprising that so many leasing brokers are angry with us, and thus the reaction by members of the National Association of Leasing Brokers



Las Vegas Conference 


“Mike Meacher ( past NAELB president) sponsored a "shoot" at a rifle range outside of Las Vegas and the targets with your photo apparently were very popular. I felt it was petty and it certainly did not help the healing process to use your photo on the targets for Uzi's and 9MM Glocks with a badge that said ‘Sheriff, Judge and Jury’.  “


  (name with held )




“Mike Meacher took a bunch out to the range which he is part owner of.  ****** told me that when the target with your face came up people were told to shoot if they wanted to. (My friend) did not shoot and felt it was in extremely poor taste. Some were laughing that they wanted to kill Menkin. He was turned off by the group.”


  (name with held )




A leasing broker believes a funder gave his lease to their direct sales force.  He submitted a lease, had it approved, but unknown to him, a direct salesman also contacted the same lessee with a lower rate.  Somehow, when the broker was away, perhaps at the NAELB

conference, the contracts arrived to the lessee, who noted the terms were changed and monthly payment, too. The direct salesman told him to sign “or else,” reportedly using “foul” language and threats to sign the lease or lose it.  So the lessee signed the lease, and it was funded as they had the equipment.


When the broker found out, he hit the roof, and talked to the lessee, plus learned the rate was much higher than he quoted as the terms had been changed (an old trick.)  He wanted the lease “unwound” or his $3,500 commission he would have earned.


The president of the company along with the broker manager looked into the complaint. Allegedly the applicant had been on their list of calls since the year 2000, and the person who closed it was a “part-time college student.”  He was reportedly “severely

reprimanded” for his language and the way the transaction was handled.  The funder agreed to unwind the lease


It is the common practice in the industry should a funder receive the same application from two brokers or more, or with their own “in house” sales department, the person who gets the lease signed, gets the commission.  There are several funders who have their own vendor and direct sales departments, who specifically go way out of their

way to keep them distinct, not share information, but things like this do happen. The head of the broker division has an excellent reputation and the president of the company got personally involved as he was concerned about his company’s reputation. 


“...the matter has not been settled.  Once the lessee receives documentation that reflects the rate and payment quoted by us, and once we receive our commission, we will consider the matter closed.  We will deal directly with ******** going forward and appreciate your assistance.”


   ( name with held )





This started June, 2003 and after complying with all requests

for financial information, he was told he was approved, and therefore

signed a proposal for $200,000 for two pieces of equipment in July,2003. One of the units that sold for $49,500 was leased on August 6,2003 and what remained was a $150,000 unit.  During this time, the applicant was renting the unit from the vendor, but could not afford the high monthly payments.  On December 3,2003 a  commitment letter was signed that required “vendor recourse” and “additional collateral.”


Several pounds of documents were faxed to us from both sides.


The broker says the lease was approved, but the applicant says it was never funded, that he lost two city contracts because he did not have the equipment, plus other opportunities, plus had an attorney involved and backed off when he realized what the time would cost him plus out of pocket expense.


The original “commitment fee:” was $20,730.60, with $3,094.38 to be refunded.


The agreement states, “In the event that the lease fails to commence, through no fault of Lessee, the Commitment Fee will be refunded minus any expenses, not to exceed Ten Percent(10%) of the equipment cost, within seven (7) business days.  Expenses and fees

incurred are non-refundable.”


The broker claims his expenses equal the balance of the commitment fee, or $17,636.22. He claims his Dun and Bradstreet, credit costs, telephone and delivery costs are not close to this, but his commission would be, so he believes he has “earned it.”  The fact that it also exceeds ten percent of the equipment cost was not discussed.


The lessee claims the lease was not funded, and he agreed to deduct the $750 documentation fee charged in the signing of the lease contract. He says the rental cost exceeded his profits on the jobs he performed, plus he lost jobs because he did not have the equipment, plus all the delays, lies, and “torture” should be included, but he just wants his money back as they did not fund the transaction.  They can

keep the $750 documentation fee.


“I really don't know how to thank you; I have not been able to get

any rise out of them. Thank you for your referral too


“They can contact me, they have my e mail I don't want phone calls from them. I want my money back. If I need to contact the attorney I'm sure he will want to go for the entire lost opportunity also. I had signed municipal contracts that I had to back out of appx. $750,000.00. Both I and my attorney wrote to them begging them to act so that NLB would not to remove the equipment from me in February of 2004. They did not respond.


 “I am willing to settle this if they refund $16,931.60 “


   (name with held )




A broker in *********does not want to return the “advance rental” to a  proposal where he did obtain an approval, but not according to the

terms and conditions of the proposal.  The broker states the applicant

told him he had good credit, but when he found out the Beacon score

was below 600 and he would not qualify for the rate quoted.  The applicant stated his company had excellent credit, that there were

a lot of inquiries as he had just bought a new house, and the mortgage

company shopped for the best rate, plus he was in the process of

moving, putting many things on his credit cards.  The applicant did not want to pay a “high rate,” eventually going to his own bank.  The

broker says the applicant lied and therefore he is not going to return the advance rental.


  “Who gives you the right to get involved in this? It’s none of

your business.  I earned that money. This is none of your

business. Don’t call or send me another e-mail.”


  (name with held )



Classified Ads---Help Wanted




Accounting: PricewaterhouseCoopers seeks executives with experience in equipment leasing to help clients improve their leasing businesses by assessing "as is" conditions and designing and implementing solutions to operational issues.  PwC also seeks CPA's with a broad based knowledge of FAS13 and familiarity with accounting for leases with simple and complex transaction structures.

About the Company: PricewaterhouseCoopers, New York, NY.

Broker/Lessor looking for CFO/Controller with a solid accounting background. Experience working in the Leasing industry a must.
LeasePlus knowledge is a plus.

About the Company: Nationwide Funding, Irvine, CA.


Equipment Sales Representative

Equip. Leasing Sales Rep: Strong sales and bus. dev. skills needed. Dev/manage portfolio, initiate bus. in upper Midwest . 3-4 yr  leasing exp.
or e-mail:

About the Company: Associated Banc-Corp is a diversified multibank holding co., w/ $15.5 billion in total assets. Headquartered in Green Bay, WI .  Associated has more than 200 banking locations across WI, IL and MN.

Marketing Indirect Originator


New York. One of the largest ind. equip.lessors needs  motivated, self-starter to purchase single investor leases from institutional investors; min.transaction  $1 million; portfolio of primarily investment grade lessees/good "story credits". 
Min 3 yrs exp. sourcing/ originating leasing transactions, knowledge credit and pricing.



Odyssey-click to go to website
Sales: Long Established West Coast Co., lessor/broker looking to expand. Top commission/salary/bonus. Organized with sales experience in small/mid size leases a necessity. Home office OK. Experienced back office support.

About the Company:

Sales: Established 20-year full service lessor seeks sales professional in small or mid ticket markets. Earn high commissions, with benefits.

About the Company:

 --- to post a “Help Wanted” ad, please go to:




From Our Archives—Manifest Insurance Policy May 20,2000


Manifest Issues "Insurance Policy" to all its brokers.


Here is the essence of The Manifest Insurance Policy:


" Your lessee and vendor lists will remain confidential to The Manifest Group. At no time will this information be shared with anyone outside The Manifest Group. This policy holds true even if your company is no longer doing business with the Manifest Group"


Troy Molitor, General Manager


( more fundors should issue such a policy--editor/congratulations to The Manifest Group for their leadership in the leasing industry )


A full copy of The Manifest Insurance Policy can be sent to you.




Now they'll know if you read their e-mail






### Press Release ###############################


PDS Gaming Corporation Reports Financial Results for the First Quarter 2004



LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--05/19/2004--PDS Gaming Corporation (Nasdaq:"PDSG"), a company that finances, leases and sells gaming equipment for the casino industry, today reported its operating results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2004.


   For the three months ended March 31, 2004, the Company reported net income of $158,000, or $0.04 per diluted share, compared with net income of $260,000 or $0.07 per diluted share, for the three months ended March 31, 2003. Revenues were $17.3 million in the first quarter 2004 and $9.4 million in the first quarter 2003. Operating lease rentals increased from $5.4 million in the 2003 quarter to $8.8 million in the 2004 quarter, reflecting a larger lease portfolio. The Company completed $28.8 million in originations during the first quarter 2004, compared with $31.5 million in the first quarter 2003.


   Revenues from equipment sales and sales-type leases increased to $7.6 million for the first quarter 2004, compared to $1.9 million for the year-earlier quarter, due primarily to higher sales of equipment coming off lease. Interest expense increased by $1.0 million to $3.2 million for the first quarter 2004, compared to $2.2 million for the year-earlier period, as a result of higher debt levels which financed growth in the portfolio and, to a lesser extent, a higher weighted average cost of funds in the first quarter 2004.


   PDS Gaming Corporation provides customized finance and leasing solutions to the casino industry in the United States. It is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, and its common stock trades on The Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol "PDSG". 


   This press release includes statements that may constitute "forward-looking" statements, usually containing the words "believe," "estimate," "project," "expect" or similar expressions. These statements are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements inherently involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from the forward-looking statements. Factors that would cause or contribute to such differences include, but are not limited to, factors to complete currently anticipated finance and lease transactions, changes in regulation of the gaming industry, continued acceptance of the Company's products and services in the marketplace, competitive factors, dependence upon third-party vendors, changes in interest rates and other risks detailed in the Company's periodic report filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. By making these forward-looking statements, the Company undertakes no obligation to update these statements for revisions or changes after the date of this release.        


     For additional information, please contact:  

  Peter D. Cleary, President, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer             

of PDS Gaming Corporation, at (702) 736-0700                



### Press Release #############################


Synovus Announces Quarterly Cash Dividend



COLUMBUS, Ga.---Synovus (NYSE:SNV) today announced a quarterly cash dividend of $0.1733 per share. The cash dividend is payable on July 1, 2004, to Synovus shareholders of record as of June 18, 2004. 


   Synovus (NYSE:SNV) is a diversified financial services holding company with more than $22 billion in assets based in Columbus, Ga. Synovus provides integrated financial services including banking, financial management, insurance, mortgage and leasing services through 41 affiliate banks and other Synovus offices in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Florida and Tennessee; and electronic payment processing through an 81-percent stake in TSYS (NYSE:TSS), the world's largest third-party processor of international payments. In 2004, FORTUNE magazine named Synovus as one of "America's Most Admired Companies" and also ranked Synovus No. 20 on its list of "The 100 Best Companies To Work For." See Synovus on the Web at


### Press Release ############################# 


Gladstone Capital Opens Office in Chicago, IL; Hires Robert Pierce as a Managing Director.


McLean, VA: Gladstone Capital Corp. (NASDAQ: GLAD) announced today that the Company has hired Robert Pierce as a Managing Director to head up its Chicago office.  Mr. Pierce was most recently a Senior Vice President and Team Leader in GE Capital’s Global Sponsor Finance unit in Chicago, working with private equity sponsors and their portfolio companies.  Prior to joining GE, he spent five years at Heller Financial in Chicago, originating and underwriting transactions from private equity sponsors in the Midwest and West. 


“We welcome Bob to the Company,” said a spokesperson.  “He is a great addition and a valuable asset to our team.  We are excited about opening our Chicago office and feel it is an important move to further grow our business.” 

To contact Bob Pierce, please call 312-674-4664 or email

  The Chicago address is 200 South Wacker Drive, Suite 3140, Chicago, IL 60606.


Gladstone Capital Corporation is a publicly traded business development company with capital resources that exceed $235 million.  Gladstone Capital Corporation provides senior term loans, senior subordinated loans and junior subordinated loans to established private businesses. To learn more about our financing capabilities please feel free to call one of our Managing Directors at 703-286-7000 or visit the Company website at



### Press Release #########################



News Briefs---


Rates Rise, Changing Face of Home Sales


Tyco Lawyer Was Paid $36 Million Over 3 Years



Stonecipher says tanker deal is alive




Air Canada halts talks with CAW, declares impasse after days of negotiations


Fla. Trying to Help Shrimpers


Jasmine Trias is voted off 'American Idol'



Diana DeGarmo sings on 'American Idol' Tuesday night. She and Fantasia Barrino have advanced to the final show



The next 'Idol': Fantasia or Diana



   Drudge Report


Over the next 30 years, more than 82 million Baby Boomers, between the ages of 38 and 55, will be heading into or approaching retirement. And as we all know, medical advances and increasing life spans mean that it is important to start planning and saving as soon as possible in order to help ensure that you can enjoy your retirement and maintain your quality of life.

You can reach the story directly by going to





Sports Briefs---


          Sharks' season ends with 3-1 loss |Kit|Y


Timberwolves eliminate Kings



             Barkley won't pursue Monday Night Football job


Warriors fire Eric Musselman


Source: Warriors to Hire Montgomery


Schmidt pitches 1-hitter, wins 1-0





“Gimme that Wine”


Australian wine market exports slow


Wine film uncorked at Cannes,0,5655642.story?coll




Brand Oregon Is Sour To Some



Willamette Valley Vineyards Inc., Oregon’s only publicly held winery, reported a profit of $123,361 on revenue of more than $1.8 million in the first quarter of 2004.


Canadian Wine tours expand range


E-Mail Removal Form:





This Day in American History


    1638- Dorchester, MA voted to establish a property tax to support public schools:

  “ It is ordered the 20th of May,1639, that there shall be a rent of twenty pounds a year for ever imposed upon Tomsons Island to be paid by every person that hath property in the said island according to the proportion that any such person shall from time to time enjoy and possess there.”

    1704-Elias Neau founds school for slaves in New York His real name was Elias Naud. He was from France,  a seaman who sallied to Haiti before arriving in New

    1768- Dolley Madison, a widow, married James Madison.  During the British invasion of Washington, D.C., in the war of 1812 she escaped with valuable state papers from the White House before it was burned by the British.   Strong-willed, she hung her wash in the east room of the White House to show her disdain for those who thought the presidency was royalty. She was a noted and charming hostess in the complex game of Washington society.   She acted as hostess for George Washington and reportedly her charm and social grace was a great aid in Madison being nominated for President.

    1775-North Carolina. Commemorates claimed signing of a declaration of independence from England by citizens of Mecklenburg County. There is quite a controversy of this event.  Historian Allan Nevins, apparently with good reason, says it was a fraud. It was not put into written form until 1800, it wasn’t a county clerk on the basis of his memory of the event.  Mecklenburg does figure in the developing schism with Great Britain.  In May 1775 some resolutions were passed denying the authority of the king in North Carolina. But there was no mention of independence.” Some North Carolinians, smarting over the Mecklenburg fraud, maintain that they still deserve recognition as the first to declare Independence. The claim is based on a meeting in Halifax, where the delegates to the Congress were instructed to “concur with the delegates of the other Colonies in declaring Independency.”  The meeting was held in April, 1776.  North Carolinian James Street insisted that this “ was the first explicit declaration by any Colony in favor of complete separation from Britain.” Street,” The Revolutionary War(1954),pg.79).

    1777-the first treaty between states after the Declaration of Independence was concluded between George and South Carolina at Dwitt’s Corner, SC.  Under its provisions, the Cherokees were forced to retire behind a line running southwest through Georgia form the straight part of Pickens County on the North to a point just below the mouth of the Tallulah at the western tip of the state. Since landing

on the continent, the natives were moved further and further from their original

“homeland.” From an estimated population, some say well into the millions , the population shrank

to several hundred thousand, due primarily to disease brought from the old world to humans and animals.. 1825-Birthday of Antoinette Brown, the first woman minister in U.S. History.

A graduate in theology from Oberlin College in 1850, she was refused ordination by a number of churches, but finally accepted by the Congregational Church in South Butler, New York (1852-54.) She married into the renowned Blackwell family (Elizabeth was the first woman physician in U.S. history and her sister Emily, also a physician, was one of the organizers of the first woman's hospital.)

Antoinette had six children and abandoned her battles for women's rights. Later she resumed her women's rights activities to become one of the most sought after speakers in the nation. She also published a number of well received books, her last book “The Social Side of Mind and Action” (1915) was written when she was 90. She lived to 96, long enough to see women get the vote.


    1851-birthday of Emil Berliner, Jewish immigrant, who came to the United States in 1870 from Germany and later worked for Alexander Graham Bell's telephone company. In 1877, the year after Graham invented the telephone, Berliner developed an improved telephone receiver. Ten years later, Berliner dramatically improved the phonograph when he developed the flat gramophone record, which quickly replaced Thomas Edison's recording cylinder. He also developed a method for mass-producing records. He also

invented the microphone among other achievements.

    1856-revolutonizing communication, David Edward Hughes of Louisville,KY, received a patent on a telegraph ticker that successfully printed type.  He then sold his rights to the Commercial Company for $100,000 on November 1, 1855, a huge sum of money or the day, perhaps the first “dot commer” of the “communication revolution” to follow. The modern teleprinter, telex system and computer keyboards are all direct descendants of this invention

    1862- President Lincoln signed the Homestead Act opening millions of acres of government-owned land in the West to settlers or “homesteaders,” who had to reside on the land and cultivate it for five years.

    1872- Madeline McDowell Breckinridge birthday; U.S. social activist who began by organizing and taking part in grassroots movements in her native Kentucky battling for educational and health facilities.   She campaigned for juvenile courts, branched out into fighting political corruption while heading charity organizations and was even instrumental in building a tuberculosis hospital (a disease she suffered from most of her life).   She headed the Kentucky Equal Rights organization which not only successfully passed suffrage in a southern state, but also obtained rights for married women that "allowed" them to keep their own earnings, have joint custody of their own children, etc.

    1873-Levi Strauss secures the necessary patents for canvas pants with copper rivets to reinforce the stress points. Born in Buttenheim, Bavaria, in 1829, the young Levi Strauss emigrated to the United States in 1847.. He arrived in San Francisco in 1853 with a load of merchandise that he hoped to sell in the California mining camps. Unable to sell a large supply of canvas, Strauss hit on the idea of using the durable material to make work pants for miners. Strauss' canvas pants were an immediate success among hardworking miners who had long complained that conventional pants wore out too quickly. In 1872, Strauss received a letter from Jacob Davis, a customer and tailor who worked in the mining town of Reno, Nevada. Davis reported that he had discovered canvas pants could be improved if the pocket seams and other weak points that tended to tear were strengthened by copper rivets. Davis' riveted pants had proven popular in Reno, but he needed a patent to protect his invention. Intrigued by the copper-riveted pants, Strauss and his partners agreed to undertake the necessary legal work for the patent and begin large-scale production of the pants. Davis' invention was patented on this day in 1873. In exchange for his idea, Strauss made the Reno tailor his production manager. Eventually, Strauss switched from using canvas to heavyweight blue denim, and the modern "blue jeans" were born. Since then, Levi Strauss & Company has sold more than 200 million pairs of copper-riveted jeans. By the turn of the century, people outside of the mining and ranching communities had discovered that "Levi's" were both comfortable and durable. Eventually, the jeans lost most of their association with the West and came to be simply a standard element of the casual American wardrobe.

    1901-pianist Jimmy Blythe born Lexington,KY|PM&p=amg&sql=B10175

    1916- Norman Rockwell’s first cover for the Post, depicting a boy having to care for his infant sibling—pushing the baby carriage while his buddies set oft to play ball—appeared on the May20 edition. His last Post cover appeared in 1963.

     May 20-21,1927- Captain Charles Lindbergh, 25-year old aviator, departed from rainy, muddy Roosevelt Field, Long Island, NY, alone at 7:52am this day in 1927 in a Ryan monoplane named Spirit of St. Louis.  He landed at Le Bourget airfield, Paris, at 10:24pm Paris time ( 5:54pm NY time, May 21, winning a $25,000 prize offered by Raymond Orteig for the first nonstop flight between New York City and Paris, France (3,600 miles ).  The "flying fool" as he had been dubbed by some doubters became "Lucky Lindy," an instant world hero.

    1920 -The Chicago police, dressed as soldiers and farmers, raid the Wrigley Field bleachers arresting two dozen Cub fans for gambling as Grover Cleveland Alexander blanks the Phillies, 6-0.

    1931-Kenton Lloyd “Ken”Boyer, baseball player and manager, born at Liberty,MO. Boyer was an exceptional third baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals, winning the National League MVP awards in 1964.  He managed the Cards from 1978 though June 8, 1980. Died at Ballwin,MO, Sept 7,1982.

    1932- Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic this day .

    1941-Harry James records “ You Made Me Love You,” putting the band on top!

    1942-Glenn Miller Band records “ I’ve Got a Gal in Kalamazoo.” Victor.

    1944-The Stan Kenton Band with Anita O’Day records “ And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine.”  

    1944-Singer  Joe Cocker Birthday

     1945- Cher, whose full name is Cherilyn Sarkasian LaPier, was born in El Centro, California. She and husband Sonny Bono enjoyed great success beginning in 1965 with the chart- topping "I Got You Babe." Sonny and Cher became household names with their TV series which ran from 1971 to '75. But a marriage breakup also ended their professional career together. Cher went on to a successful career as a singer and an actress, hitting number one with three singles in the early '70s, "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves," "Half-Breed" and "Dark Lady." She revived her singing career in 1988 with two top-20 singles, "I Found Someone" and "We All Sleep Alone." Recently, she scored a hit with the resurrected 'I got you babe' performed with MTV's Beavis and Butthead.

    1948- In front of only 5,001 fans in Chicago, Joe DiMaggio strokes four extra base hits for the fourth time in his career as he hits for the cycle for a second time in a 13-2 rout of the White Sox. The 'Yankee Clipper' paces the Bombers' 22-hit attack with a two home runs, a triple, a double and a single and drives in 6 runs.

    1951-The first “Ace” to fly a jet was Captain James Jabara of Wichita, KS, a member of the fourth Fighter Interceptor Wing, who shot down his first and sixth enemy Mig Jet airplanes this day in 1951 over Sinjuiju northwest Korea.  He eventually defeated 15 Migs over Korea and became the second triple jet ace. ( the first Triple jet ace was Captain Joseph Christopher McConnell,Jr., who shot down 16 MiG-15s.  He shot down three in one day, May 18. He completed 106 missions

in Korea.  His neighbors built him a house in Apple Valley, CA, known as Appreciation House.   He was killed August 24, 1954 at Edwards Air Force base,

CA, while testing a new plane, an F-86H.)

    1953-In just their 13th game of the season, the Braves, in their first year in Milwaukee, surpassed their total of 1952 attendance of 28,1278, their last year in Boston.

    1954- Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock" was released. The record was not a hit until after it was included in the soundtrack of "Blackboard Jungle" the following year.

    1956---Top Hits

Heartbreak Hotel/I Was the One - Elvis Presley

The Wayward Wind - Gogi Grant

I’m in Love Again - Fats Domino

Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins

    1957 - A tornado touched down to the southwest of Kansas City and traveled a distance of seventy-one miles cutting a swath of near total destruction through the southeastern suburbs of Ruskin Heights and Hickman Mills. The tornado claimed the lives of forty-five persons, and left hundreds homeless. It was the worst weather disaster of record for Kansas City. About all that remained of one house was a small table and a fish bowl atop, with the fish still swimming about inside the bowl, rather unconcerned.

    1961- A white mob attacked a busload of Freedom Riders in Montgomery, Ala., prompting the federal government to send in United States marshals to restore order.

    1964---Top Hits

My Guy - Mary Wells

Love Me Do - The Beatles

Ronnie - The 4 Seasons

My Heart Skips a Beat - Buck Owens

    1967-Only a week after surrendering the top of the R&B chart to Martha & the Vandellas, Aretha Franklin retakes the top spot with "Respect." A tune that will also be Number One on the pop chart. It was originally recorded and written by Otis Redding who would say he prefers Franklin's version to his own

    1972---Top Hits

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - Roberta Flack

Oh Girl - Chi-Lites

I’ll Take You There - The Staple Singers

Grandma Harp - Merle Haggard

    1973 - Ken Moore beat 4,030 competitors to win the 63rd Bay-to-Breakers footrace in San Francisco, CA. Moore stepped his way to the finish line in 37 minutes, 15 seconds over a course measured at 7.8 miles.

    1978 - Mavis Hutchinson, 53, made it to New York City to become the first woman to run across America. The 3,000-mile trek took her 69 days. She ran an average of 45 miles each day. Now that’s what we call a daily workout.

    1980---Top Hits

Call Me - Blondie

Ride like the Wind - Christopher Cross

Lost in Love - Air Supply

Gone Too Far - Eddie Rabbitt

    1982 - TV’s "Barney Miller" was seen for the last time in its original network run on ABC-TV. Hal Linden as Barney, Abe Vigoda as Fish and a talented cast continue to bring the fictional 12th Precinct to TV screens through syndication.

    1985 - The Dow Jones industrial average broke the 1300 mark for the first time. The Dow gained 19.54 points to close at 1304.88.

    1985-The game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Cleveland Indians in Cleveland was rained out. Remarkably, this was the first rainout of the season in either league, after a major-league record 485 games had been played without a postponement.

    1985 - Larry Holmes retained the heavyweight boxing title of the International Boxing Federation at Reno, NV by defeating Carl Wilson in 15 rounds. The fight marked the first, heavyweight title fight in Reno since Jack Johnson and Jim Jeffries duked it out in 1910.

    1985-Daryl Hall and John Oates headlined a concert for the grand re-opening of the legendary Apollo Theatre in Harlem. The show benefited the United Negro College Fund and also featured two of the original Temptations, David Ruffin and Eddie Kendrick.

    1987 - The Milwaukee Brewers ended a 12-game losing streak by beating the Chicago White Sox by a 5-1 score. The Brew Crew had opened the season winning 13 games in a row.

    1988 - Thunderstorms in the south central U.S. produced wind gusts to 70 mph at Omaha, NE, and wind gusts to 80 mph at Midland and Dallas, TX. Temperatures in California soared into the 90s and above 100 degrees. San Jose CA reported a record high of 97 degrees.

    1988---Top Hits

Anything for You - Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine

Shattered Dreams - Johnny Hates Jazz

One More Try - George Michael

I’m Gonna Get You - Eddy Raven

    1990 - Thunderstorms produced severe weather across the southeastern quarter of the nation through the day and night. Severe thunderstorms spawned six tornadoes, including one which injured two persons at Algoma, MS, and another which injured nine persons at Rogersville, MO. There were 119 reports of large hail or damaging winds. Thunderstorms produced baseball size hail at Houston MO and damaging winds which killed one person at Toccoa GA.

    1995-Don Henley marries Sharon Summerall in Malibu. Among those present and who performed were Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Sting and Tony Bennett.

    2001- Barry Bonds becomes 13th player in major league history to hit home runs in four consecutive at-bats. The Giant outfielder went yard in his final two at-bats yesterday and homers in his first two official turns at the plate today.





Baseball Poem


"I Dream of a Baseball Star"


   by Gregory Corso



I dreamed Ted Williams


leaning at night


against the Eiffel Tower, weeping.


He was in uniform


and his bat lay at his feet


-- knotted and twiggy.


"Randall Jarrell says you're a poet!" I cried.


"So do I! I say you're a poet!"


He picked up his bat with blown hands;


stood there astraddle as he would in the batter's box,


and laughed! flinging his schoolboy wrath


toward some invisible pitcher's mound


-- waiting the pitch all the way from heaven.


It came; hundreds came! all afire!


He swung and swung and swung and connected not one


sinker curve hook or right-down-the middle.


A hundred strikes!


The umpire dressed in strange attire


thundered his judgment: YOU'RE OUT!


And the phantom crowd's horrific boo


dispersed the gargoyles from Notre Dame.


And I screamed in my dream:


God! throw thy merciful pitch!


Herald the crack of bats!


Hooray the sharp liner to left!


Yea the double, the triple!


Hosannah the home run!






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