Leasing News Cartoons

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"I've taken another look at the budget, and I'm sorry I'm going to have to let two of you go."
"I know all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't do it - but that didn't mean it couldn't be done!"
"Before we get started, Mr. Merrilees, would you be interested in buying some tickets to the IRS Agents Ball?"

"Bob Teichman School of Easter Business"
"Our Senior Credit Analyst will see you now"
"I should have gone to HP Financial"
"Bob Teichman School of Easter"

"That's the first sign I've seen that the recession may be ending."
"Sorry, No data today. My human is down."
" I read somewhere that he thinks we're very large, very odd dogs."

"Just once..."
"All this---the house, the grounds , the lake -- instills a feeling of wonder in me. I wonder how I mange to pay for it all."
"No, you're not here for an audit."

"...and it's 2, 3, 4 strikes your out"
" I have to talk to that boy"
"Guilt, innocence; they are not concepts that come naturally to you, are they?"
"Oh my god I forgot! I have children"

"Let me see the first one again."
"Wall Street - Buy/Sell"
"Data Processing Center. Raw Data / Bar B Qued Data"

Popular Leasing Pres. Bruce Horton

"The Cost of Doing Business Lunch"
"Righ Brain Dominance"
"Left Brain Dominance"
"Folks, I feel as if we're turning a corner"

"In, Out, Lost in Shuffle"
"A Pat on the Back $.25"
"Oh Good!The Cowboys Boots...we're not going far"

"Leave It to Beaver"
"The Corporate Years"
"I always suspected the partners' Lounge looked like this."
Breakfast at the Grammar Cafe
"Would you like thoss eggs over easy...or
over easily?"

"That's the First Sign I've seen that the recession may be ending."
"Leave It to Beaver"
"In," "Out," "What the hell I am doing here"

"Nonsence! Money is more important than age."
"The buck Gets losts here"
"I agree money can't buy happiness, but we may be able to lease it."

"A Majority of One"
"Good idea, Lets merge and be big."
"Learning to Relax"

"Pepper & Salt"
"It's odd...just about the time you get attached to your horse, the lease expires."
"Sensitive Training"
"Insensitive Trainin"
"We're proud of our corporate managers who have risen from the streets."

"My eventual goal is to build a spaceship and colonize Venus, but for now I'm looking to move into a senior position at American Express Business Finance."
"It's my fervent hope, Mr. Sheehan, that these are meaningless statistics."
"Don't worry. We can send the deal through HP Financial Services."

"Get Well Cards"
"The word around the industry is that you have an attitude problem."
"It smells like a magazine in here."

"Under this new incentive plan, every salesman who meets its quota will get to keep his job."
"She must be in there somewhere. I hear sobbing."
CEO "No'
"I want to issue a memo that anyone found reading Leasing News on their computer will be fired here at IFC!!!"
(Not afraid of NorVergence leases, rumor has it that he has added his well-known office art collection as extra collateral to his company line of credit, It reportedly doublesany collateral needed.)
"Office of Quality Control"
Inside Patrick "Evergreen" Byrne's Brain
"Leasing Brokers' Wedding"
"Honk if you love class action suits"
"I tried to hijack a US ship"
"Get serious, Rudy, we're talking business ethics, not ethics."
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