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Financial Fuel for the Economy’s Engine


The U.S. Economy is growing! A look at the rising trends in industrial orders and output suggest that companies are responding to the stronger pace of demand. More importantly, companies appear to be interested in expanding their operations, not just in replacing tired old machinery, equipment and computers. Growing payrolls are another key sign that  businesses are feeling better about the future and are expanding.  Commerce says the economy grew at a 3.9% annual rate over the summer and current data shows a sharp upward shift in prospects for the future. 

The Business Roundtable’s latest CEO Economic outlook survey, shows that 50% of the CEO’s expect their companies to increase capital spending over the next six months.

Perhaps The Most Encouraging sign that financial conditions will remain supportive is a new attitude toward risk. This is seen in the narrowing in credit-quality spreads

Leasing Credit Line 

A Leasing credit line can be established for your equipment purchases throughout the year.  A simple one page document to add to your current lease line is the only documentation needed.  Request this option at funding.

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January, 2005

Barbara Griffith

Financial Fuel
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Perhaps the most encouraging
Leasing Credit Line
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7 Ways to improve


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7  Ways to Improve your life in   2005 

Set Your Priorities:  Figure out what is important to you the rest will follow

Clean your Closet:  If you have not worn a piece of clothing in two years toss it

Grow A Plant:  The body changes and reacts to the presence of plants

Listen to New Music:  It’s a new you!

Read More Books:  Because it is one of life’s great pleasures.

Exercise A Little, The benefits are seeing your grandchildren grow

Volunteer:   Volunteering doesn’t just help people on the receiving end; studies show that  it drastically improves health and happiness.

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