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Bob Baker, CLP, Loyalty

July 10, 2000 was the start of the Leasing News Advisory Board. Bob is one of the original founders, perhaps our most outstanding supporter, as he has not only been through the thick and thin, but is the person who gives encouragement all the time, by telephone, by e-mail, even notes. He has given great encouragement throughout; always positive, enthusiastic, a “tell it like it is” personality.

He has brought in a number of members over the years to the National Association of Leasing Brokers and the United Association of Equipment Leasing, plus contributing his time to the growth of the industry, including the Certified Leasing Professional program. He has done this through health and family tragedy, never giving up. If you can count someone on your side, it is Bob. He certainly has been there for Leasing News.

Leasing News Advisory Board Member Biography

Bob Baker, CLP
Wildwood Financial Group, Ltd.
2646 Highway 109, Suite 101
Wildwood, MO 63040
Phone: 800-373-3581
Fax: 877-235-0808

Bob Baker, CLP, has been active in the Finance and Leasing Industry for over 35 years. He founded the Wildwood Financial Group, Ltd in 1994. It is considered by most to be the most comprehensive and successful Lease Training School in the Leasing Industry. Wildwood conducts training to existing Leasing Companies and Professionals as well as conducts training at its school in St Louis for entrepreneurial men and women wishing to enter the Equipment Leasing Arena as a Leasing Broker.

He was the 33rd individual in the United States to receive the coveted and prestigious CLP (Certified Lease Professional) designation. He currently is also an instructor for the foundation for those individuals striving to obtain certification.

Mr. Baker has served on the Board of Directors of the United Association of Equipment Leasing (UAEL) in 1997-1998, 2003-2004 and most recently was elected to the 2007 UAEL Board. He has also served on the Board of Directors of The Certified Lease Professional Foundation. Additionally he served as Director of Education for the National Association of Equipment Lease Brokers (NAELB). He has also served on the advisory boards of The Leasing News, Colonial Pacific Leasing, Business Credit Leasing, and The Manifest Group.

Mr. Baker is a co-author of the "Lease Professional Handbook." In 1998 he was the first recipient of the "Bill Granieri Top Gun Memorial Award." He is also a member of the Eastern Association of Equipment Lessors, National Association of Credit Managers, National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers and the United Association of Equipment Leasing.

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