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Advance Property Tax Compliance Haws Consulting Group
Barrett Management Corp. JDR Solutions
ECS Financial Services LeaseDimensions, Inc.
RPC Property Tax Advisors, LLC Madison Capital, LLC
GreatAmerica Portfolio
Services Group LLC
Orion First Financial, LLC
Group 88 Systems, Inc. Vervent


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Major Clients

Blythe Lawton
David Johnsonst

Loan Servicing, Lease Servicing, Call Center Services, Backup Servicing, Credit Card Servicing, Collections


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LeaseDimensions, Inc.
Bill Allen
Third Party Back-Office Servicing
Origination Servicing
Data Conversions & Systems Consulting
ASP Lease Administration & Origination
Back-up Servicing, IT Outsourcing, Technology Consulting, Loss Mitigation or Collections, Reporting, data analytics, or Tax Services.
US / Australia
Third Party Servicing and ASP Clients include 6 Fortune 500 Companies. Other clients are bank lessors, captive finance companies and independent lessors 
ECS Financial Services (e)
Nancy A. Geary,

Certified Public Accounts and Equipment Lease/Loan
Portfolio Management Services

United States
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Madison Capital, LLC (k) 1997 (predecessor company: 1974 - same principals)

Allan Levine
Property tax administration; vehicle titling; vehicle acquisition; vehicle disposition; billing & collections, UCC filings; insurance tracking
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Orion First Financial, LLC
David Schaefer

David T. Schaefer, President
Lease & Loan invoicing, payment processing, sales & property tax reporting, collections, workouts, repossessions & remarketing as well as credit underwriting, portfolio valuation, credit/loss analysis and due diligence procedures
United States
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RPC Property Tax Advisors, LLC

Ken Sullivan, Managing Member

Assessment appeal representation and consulting. All facets of the appeal process from initial review, application filing, tax appraisal, assessor negotiations, information exchanges, hearing appearances, property tax refund claims, general consulting.
all 58 California counties
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GreatAmerica Portfolio
Services Group LLC
Parent Company founded 1992
Joe Andries
& General Manager
GreatAmerica Portfolio
Services Group

General Manager Joe Andries
Backup and Third Party Servicing Solutions including:  Origination Workflow, Documentations, Account Support, Portfolio Mgmt, Loss Mitigation, Cash Mgmt, Tax Compliance, & Web-Based Reporting
US and Canada
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JDR Solutions (c)

(ASP) lease management software hosting, portfolio servicing, project management, consulting
Major manufacturing captive finance organizations, regional bank leasing company, specialty finance organization. 3,500-5,00 contracts managed.
Group 88 Systems Inc. (b)
Malcolm Tennant
IT Consulting,
Implementations, Migrations,
Data Conversions,
Custom Reporting,
Oursourced System Support
Confidentiality Agreements
Advanced Property Tax Compliance
Gary A. DiLillo,President
30200 Detroit Road, Suite E
Westlake, Ohio  44145
Office: 440.871.0555
Fax: 440.871.5484
Cell: 440.724.0701 (g)
Gary A. DiLillo
Property Tax Complience
See footnote (G)
Haws Consulting Group
1901 So. Bascom Ave. Suite 1050
Campbell, CA 95008
Office: 408.369.7272
Cell: 408.375.1223
Fax: 408.369.7270 (i)
Raymond V Haws, CEO
Lance A. Hulsey, VP
Property Tax Services
Barrett Management Corporation (a)
Barry Corn
Financial Institutions; not permitted to disclose names

(a) Barrett offers proactive lease management/administration of commercial/consumer vehicles and lease/finance portfolios, covering insurance, titles, registrations, sales/property taxes, tickets, collections, repossessions, vehicle transportation and dispositions. Since 1975.

(b) Group 88 is a business partner of McCue Systems Inc, maker of LeasePak. With over 20 years supporting major firms in the leasing industry, Group 88 provides data conversions, system implementations, custom software development and outsourced system support.

(c) JDR Solutions, LLC., based in Indianapolis, Indiana provides back office lease/loan administration services and hosting of related accounting and portfolio management software.

Under a preferred partnership arrangement with International Decision Systems (IDS), JDR Solutions offers its "Managed Service" solutions utilizing the robust capabilities od Infolease and related software applications. JDR will soon offer IDS's next generation software, Profinia, in a hosted environment.

For more information about JDR Solutions, visit or call.

(e)ECS Financial Services, Inc. is a 50+ year old CPA firm that specializes in providing lease and loan portfolio management, accounting, tax administration, and management advisory services to the equipment leasing, banking, and finance industries.  We service over $1 Billion of new transactions annually though portfolio administration, accounting, sales/use tax, personal property tax, and state/federal income tax preparation and compliance.  Other accounting firm services include financial statement and tax preparation, audit, expert witness testimony, operations consulting, litigation support, and strategic planning.
Nancy A. Geary, CPA, CFLP
ECS Financial Services, Inc.
Certified Public Accountants and Portfolio Management Services
847-291-1333 phone
847-291-1190 fax

(f) PFSC is the largest independent commercial lease and loan-servicing company is the U.S. and is headquartered in Portland , Oregon .  PFSC provides primary/master servicing, backup/successor servicing, and consulting for lease and loan portfolios. It currently managers over $15.00 billion in assets. Last year, PFSC last year purchased a 27,000 sq ft HQ office building that they occupy exclusively.

(g) Advanced Property Tax Compliance provides "best in class" personal property tax compliance services at cost effective fees. Our staff has over 70 years of experience working with leased assets. We do complete compliance process and can tailor our service to each Lessor's unique needs. The billing files we create interface with all lease management and accounting software. We offer our clients full disclosure, more accessibility to information, and greater on-line functionality than any other service firm in the industry. Each client has a secure FTP site where they have access to everything we do for them in the compliance of personal property taxes. Our Web Portal allows our client’s customer service departments to get up-to-the-minute tax data for buyouts, terminations, or tax bill copies and detail tax reports to support collections.

Major Clients include; LaSalle System Leasing, Evans National Leasing, Wells Fargo Capital Finance, California First Leasing, Dakota Financial, Merrimak Capital, Pawnee Leasing, Highland Capital, Telerent Leasing, Main Street National Bank, Presidio Technology Capital, Matsco Financial Services, Siemens Diagnostics Finance, Altec Capital, Alabama Banker's Bank, Vision Financial, VenCore Solutions, and Volvo Financial Services.

For more information about Advanced Property Tax Compliance, visit or call:

Gary A. DiLillo
Advanced Property Tax Compliance
30200 Detroit Road, Suite E
Westlake, Ohio  44145
Office: 440.871.0555
Fax: 440.871.5484
Cell: 440.724.0701

(i) Haws Consulting Group - "We have been in business since 1982 and provide property tax consulting and outsourcing services to a variety of different types of companies. We have a strong leasing background and have provided property tax management services to leasing companies for over 20 years." For more information please see our Brochure and Case Study.

(j) Broker Resource Solutions (BRS) offers document processing support services to the equipment lease broker community. Our clients are able to focus on their core business - selling and building their client list - while we handle all of the tedious details associated with putting together a perfect funding package.

Broker's who work with us have on-demand access to a highly experienced, qualified staff on an "as-needed" basis. Since we are happy to work either on a single transaction or under contract, our clients are freed from the high overhead associated with finding, hiring and training processing employees.

We work on our client’s behalf to coordinate with the lessee, vendor, insurance agent(s), funding source and any other parties necessary in order to develop and submit funding packages that are complete and fund quickly. Our extensive experience on the funding side of the business allows us to identify and resolve potential issues that can delay funding and result in lost deals. We invite you to explore our website at and contact us if you have any questions or would like more information on how to get started.

Vickie Rocco
Chief Executive Office
Broker Resource Solutions, LLC
(913) 314-9038


(k) Madison Capital was created in 1997 as a result of the merger of two companies: Harbor Equipment Leasing which began in 1983, and Fox-Valley Vehicle Leasing which began in 1974. Madison Capital has over 60 years of combined experience in commercial vehicle and equipment financing. Madison is a direct funding source for most types of equipment and commercial vehicles. In addition, Madison offers loan portfolio servicing capabilities, concentrating on firms looking to outsource their billing and collection functions. For more information on Madison Capital please visit

Madison Capital’s portfolio services include any or all of the following:

Billing and Collections
Insurance Tracking
Tax Filings for loan/lease transactions serviced
Customer Service and Support
Credit Underwriting
Vehicle Fleet Administration and Titling Services

In today’s challenging business climate there are multiple benefits of outsourcing an equipment, vehicle, or receivable program. Some benefits include customer retention, revenue enhancement, and operating efficiencies. Madison Capital’s extensive lease/loan management expertise can create an effective portfolio management plan that improves your bottom line and allows you to focus on your core competency.



(l)GreatAmerica Portfolio
Services Group LLC

We are a lease and loan outsourcing service provider specializing in backup, third party and successor servicing.  Our entrepreneurial approach to business has created a culture that puts high value on finding solutions that help our customers achieve greater success. We provide an exceptional operational platform that allows our Partners to outsource their servicing needs without relinquishing control of their customer.  An ideal Partner is a business that has identified a need for servicing and wants to reduce costs and operational barriers so they can concentrate on core strengths. Our experience, industry knowledge, capabilities, and “Helping You Get There” approach delivers value to our Partners and their customers.

Joe Andries
Vice-President & General Manager
GreatAmerica Portfolio Services Group
Tel. 877-762-3808 or 507-929-5117 Fax 877-762-3809


(m) EquipmentEngine Financial Services Company

EquipmentEngine via its Lender Solutions Practice, is a Portfolio Services company founded in early 2010 to simplify the business of managing a nationwide commercial repossession and recovery effort. Since that time, EquipmentEngine has expanded its service offering to include Payment Processing, Billing, Collection, Accounting, Tax, Creditor Offensive Litigation Management, Equipment Appraisals, Inspections, Voluntary and Involuntary Repossession, Storage, and Remarketing.

EquipmentEngine leverages Six Sigma processes, 21st century technology, and over 200 storage facilities across the country to deliver cost effective and consistent equipment management services for our clients. EquipmentEngine is headquartered in Portsmouth, NH.