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CMC Hanson BK Dismissed

November 11, 2005 William Conrad Hanson filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Kansas (Wichita.) The former officer of the Commercial Money Center, and Hanson and Associates, who investors are looking for, claimed less than $50,000 in “unsecured creditors” and assets of minus $197,500. On the form, Mr. Conrad estimated number of creditors to be from 16-49.

No real estate was claimed among his assets, and only listed were two accounts, less than $100 in one, and less than $500 in another, a television, bed, couch worth less than $500, and clothes less than $500, plus “Sole Stockholder WGTD Inc with a value of minus $200,000. He stated on schedule “I” his current income consists of $1,494 in monthly Social Security “government assistance.”

A hearing for creditors was scheduled for December 15th, but in a continuing strange turn of events surrounding Bill Hanson, United States Bankruptcy Judge Dale L. Somers issuing the following:

"After reviewing the file and being duly advised, the Court finds the case should be dismissed for the following reasons:


The case is therefore ordered DISMISSED."

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