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P MAP: Personal Marketing Action Plan

from the late Mike Graneri "Top Gun" Newsletter, as printed in January, 2002, Leasing News

It is generally understood in informed circles that a prerequisite for success in the selling profession is the setting of realistic income goals, and a plan for achieving them that is both implemented and evaluated. The PMAP (The Personal Marketing Action Plan) embodies the essence of successful planning and execution.

The Anatomy of a Top Gun PMAP

Set you personal income goals for the next twelve months.

- Be sure that your goals are realistic: But if in doubt, stretch a little.

· How much volume will you need to achieve your income goals?

- What will be the sources of your volume.

- What obstacles do you anticipate encountering in your quest to reach your objectives?

Examples: Competition, A so-so Economy, and Price Wars.

- What personal and corporate resources do you plan to bring to bear on these real or potential obstacles.

- Be both realistic and specific in detailing how you plan to remove and roadblocks to your goal achievement.

- Detail an evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses in the three elements of a sale

- Product Knowledge.

- Prospecting methods and Market Niche Knowledge.

- Presentation Skills.

- Your remedial plan for eliminating theses weaknesses

- Develop a PEP (Personal evaluation program) to monitor and evaluate your progress toward your goals

- Top Gun Stress Point: Conduct weekly overviews to spot early warning signs of real or potential problems, and detailed monthly evaluations of progress or lack of it. Seek help in this area from your sales manager or another Top Gun Sales Person.

- Implement a PIP (Professional improvement program) on a monthly basis.

-Build your PIP around improvement in the three elements of a sale: Product, Prospect, and Presentation.

•  Develop a chronological plan for the implementation of your PMAP and stick with it.