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Barry Drayer May Be out on Parole
Steve Barker Sentenced to 48 months

Ron Lear leaves PFF behind, joins OFC Capital
More Bank Losses, Write-down's Loom
Drayer surrenders/Barker gets 60 months
RW Professional Leasing Up-Date
RW Professional further Sentencing
Correction: RW Professional sentencing

RW Professional Trial Sentencing Coverage

United States v. Barry Dryer
Criminal Docket Number 02-767 (ADS)
"Steven dunks Barry"

Drayer-Baker to be sentenced Dec. 15
The full RW Professional Story
Drayer and Barker Found Guilty
RW Professional Trial Day "Ten"
Finally--RW Professional Trial underway

NewsDay Gets "Inside:"
Why FBI Raided R.W. Professional Leasing
"...just a salesman," claims defense attorney
Barry Drayer-R.W. Professional
R.W. Professional Trial Postponed Again
R.W. Professional Loses Motion to Suppress Evidence
RW Professional case postponed to after June, 2005
Bank of NY Buys Out RW Professional Mess
Drayer Fires Attorneys, Trial Postponed March, 2005
RW Professional Leasing Continues to Move to One Trial
RW Professional Leasing Trial Schedule for Oct. 14th
RW Professiona Up-Date 6/4/2004
RW Professional Up-Date 5/18/2004
RE Professional Leasing Trial Continues
RW Professional Leasing Up-Date 11/26/2003
River City Joins the RW Professional Fray--but Sues Crawford
RW Professional Leasing ---Up-Date 4/9/03
RW Professional---Up-Date

Up-Date on RW Professional Leasing Arrests
RW Professional Leasing---Ten Months Later
Bank of New York Is Part of Inquiry into RW Leasing