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Royal Links is Not

In a move to beat the deadline filed by Biissel & Brook, LP, the Swanton, Ohio firm that allegedly bilked 11 leasing companies and up to 1300 golf clubs throughout the United States, paid $209 to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, claiming $8.1 million in debts and only $57,693 in assets. Royal Link allegedly owes approximately 1,300 golf courses millions of dollars for advertising reimbursements on leased refreshment carts. Royal Links pledged to provide the golf courses beverage carts from third-party leasing companies and to reimburse the golf courses for monthly rental fees if they kicked in free advertising.

The case was assigned case number 05-38503 to Judge RICHARD L SPEER .The first for Meeting of Creditors 341(a) meeting to be held on 10/12/2005 at 12:30 PM at Ohio Building, Toledo. Filed by United States Trustee.(ust25, United States tr)

On July 8th, Lord, Bissell & Brook LLP served interrogatories and document requests on Royal Links USA. By rule, Royal Links had 30 days to respond to these. This was the first written discovery served in the Royal Links Litigation. Lord, Bissell & Brook is also sent out subpoenas to the various leasing companies during the coming week. Service of subpoenas on the leasing companies will hopefully trigger responses from the leasing companies with respect to possible settlement discussions.

Leasing News asked both the firm and the National Golf Course Owners Association for a comment, which they say will be forthcoming..

The National Golf Course Owners Association has more than 6,000 member courses worldwide and an audience of more than 18,000 through Golf Business magazine, NGCOA, hired the Chicago-based laws firm of Lord, Bissell & Brook LLP filed a class action against the leasing companies on behalf of members who contributed funds for this.

C&J Leasing
CFC Investment
Dollar Bank Leasing
Excel Financial
Frontier Leasing
IFC Credit
Key Equipment
Landmark Financial
Pawnee Leasing
Preferred Capital
Susquehanna Patriot

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