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Top Stories--February 13-17

These are the top ten stories most "opened" by readers last week.

(1) John Estok, Executive Vice-President of IFC Credit

(2 ) Sales Make it Happen--Sales Isn't Just for the Salesperson- Bob Teichman,CLP

(3) When is a Lease Not a Lease?

(4 ) Cartoon—Office of IFC Credit Exec. VP John Estok

(5 ) Einhorn also pays $1,031,034.35

(6) True Leases - True Challenges-- Steve Chriest

(7) Are the NorVergence Lessees being misled?

(8) MAEL No More—Cady owed $200,000?

(9 ) Where is Charlie Lester on Valentine's Day?

(10) An Analysis of Leasing Company IPO

Not Counted in the top ten was the "flash" sent on Friday afternoon about the conviction of Barry Drayer and Stephen Barker/RW Professional trial (More people opened the story on Saturday. Sunday had a lot of “first opens,” too, as well as Monday. A high amount over four days.