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Top Stories--February 27-March 3

Here are the top ten stories most "opened" by readers last week.

(1) Marlin Y/E Growth/Utah Industrial Bank ( in organization )

(2) Quail Capital Corp. Joins “Super Broker list”

(3) Bank of the West, Indirect Leasing Group
Joins “Funder List”

(4) 1st Heritage Bank joins “Funder” list

(5) Popular Leasing to Begin Acquiring Small Ticket Leasing Portfolios

(6) Range Rover Makes's Top 10

(7) Selling Up-"Negotiate Now"-by Steve Chriest

(8) Looking for information on Royal Links, Iowa Court

(9) Utah Industrial Bank Latest LCA Bank Corp.

(10) Correction: Pat Widmar 847-562-1095

The Top Ten did not include the "Extra" sent out as an e-mail and therefore was not "opened" to be counted.

NorVergence BK charges Salzano son stealing $1/2 MM