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Top Stories--March 13-17

Here are the top ten stories most "opened" by readers last week.

(1) Sales Makes it Happen—Terry Winders, CLP
Correct answer to “ What is my rate?”

(2 ) Reasons to lease, Section 179-Shawn Halladay

(3) Leasing still a Relationship Business -Christopher Menkin

(4) Salzano's House on Line

(5) Marborough names LaChance “ Business Person of the Year

(6) Leasing Decisions of Small Firms (2006)

(7 ) Better Programs up-dated: “Leasing Software” list

(8) Are you Licensed or Don't Care? -by Christopher Menkin

(9) Cartoon--- How's My Accounting ?

(10) Selling Up -- "All Sales Are Complex" by Steve Chriest