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Top Stories--April 10-14

Here are the top ten stories most "opened" by readers last week.

(1) Archives---April, 2001--- Tom Depping and Today w/FS

(2) CIT Announces Senior Appointments

(3) Era of cheap money near end?

(4) Pioneer Capital up-date “Funder List”

(5) Top 10 Most Unusual Sales Tax Laws

(6) NorVergence Lessee Listserve Reactions

(7) Pictures from Past- Boettigheimer-1989

(8) Why I became a CLP --Nancy Pistorio

(9) Jeffery Taylor---“Three Year Chip”

(10) Cartoon--Teichman Easter Business

It should be noted that most likely those that went to Pictures from Past-Boettingheimer , most likely read into the next story and that is why it did not get a high count:

Bernie Boettigheimer Retirement Party