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Top Stories--April 24-28

Here are the top ten stories most "opened" by readers last week.

(1) Orix Closing U.S. Mid-Market Leasing Department?

(2) Commonwealth Capital Founder passes away

(3) Bank of New York gets “warning” from the Feds

(4) Woodring Jumps Ship to Join Dakota Financial

(5) Getting Wise to Lies on Resumes

(6) Pictures from the Past--2002 "Top Gun” Richard Baccaro

(7) Sales Makes it Happen--by Bob Teichman, CLP
"Lease Packaging"

(8) Last Call: Bernie Boettigheimer Retirement Party

(9) Citi Commercial Business Group realignment

(10) Selling Up by Steve Chriest
“Ending the Crisis in Sales Management”

(10) Why I Became a CLP "What the Designation Means”

(This is our first "tie" since doing the ten top stories. editor)