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Top Stories--April 3-7

Here are the top ten stories most "opened" by readers last week.

(1) Founder of Leasing Company dies in car accident

(2) $13 Million Telecom Leasing Scandal

(3) FBI Raids United Leasing Office

(4) BSB Leasing Cartoon

(5) T-Bills Continue to Rise

(6) O'Romoff to Retire, Again?

(7) Order a “QuikTrak”

(8) EAEL Spring Conference

(9) Alert---Today's Destiny, Inc., Max Day, et. al.

(10) NorVergence Lease “Dirty Dora”

Not counted was a very popular:
Friday Evening, Prepare for Passover (Wednesday night)
“Macho Matzoh Man” go here:

An extra sent out, cost Leasing News readers, as a half a dozen cancelled their subscription:

UAEL Dana Point Spring Conference, which also included an offer for a free business personality profile for the first 40 who responded:

The point was to promote Leasing News presenting Paul Menzel, CLP, with the Leasing News Person of the Year 2006 Award at the Dana Point, California conference. The site was chosen by Mr. Menzel, active in other associations, but we can only guess the event is not that far from his office in Santa Barbara, California, plus he is an ex-board member of UAEL (and present board member of the Equipment Leasing Association.) He has many friends in the leasing association from his old days of hawking for Puritan Leasing to his present position at Pacific Capital Bank.