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Top Stories--May-1-5

Here are the top ten stories most "opened" by readers last week.

(1) Archives from the Past---May 2, 2000
#1—Kropschot Announcement

(2) Broker Requirements of Allegiant-Partners

(3) NorVergence Scandal Getting “Warmer”

(4) May 2 Marlin CEO & Pres each sell 22,862 shares *

(5) Sales Makes it Happen-by T. Winders, CLP
“Probing Questions/Equipment Leasing”

(6) Archives from the Past---May 2, 2000
#2 -- Bennett 30 Year Sentence

(7) Luke Sentenced to prison for bank fraud

(8) How Dana Point got its Name

(9) Beckman-Coulter Leasing Change

(10) T-bills hit a five year high

*These two stories followed the sale of stock story, and there was not indication they were in the top ten, but should be considered, although not as "popular" with the readers in being read here:

Marlin Business Services Corp. Reports 20% Increase in First Quarter Net Income

Fitch Upgrades Marlin Leasing Receivables VII, LLC, Series 2003-1