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Top Stories--May-15-18

Here are the top ten stories most "opened" by readers last week.

(1) Judge Montgomery Rules What a surprise!!!

(2) Orix USA Lease Financing “flat”

(3) Cartoon— Kit Menkin in Pocket of Mike Fleming

(4) Sales makes it Happen---by T.Winders, CLP
“Personal Guarantees

(5) Two Corrections: Ron Lear and Bull Dog

(6) U.S. Bank Equipment Finance Realigns Machine Tool Finance Group

(7) Cartoon--- IFC VP Operations Patrick A. Witowski

(8) Why I Became a CLP
Part 1 -"The First CLP Attorney”


(8) Why I Became a CLP
Part 2 -"The Train Attorney” Jim Coston


•  Halladay to Moderate Vendor Financing Program Roundtable

(10) Pawnee Stock Closing, Monday, May 15