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Top Stories--June 19-23

Here are the top ten stories most "opened" by readers last week.

(1) Leasing News Major Policy Change

(2) Bob Fisher has “Wholesale Financing”

(3) Lease Agreement/Commitment Letters

(4) Why I Became a CLP
Greg Rieke-"Small Ticket Lessor"

(5) Correction: Steve Dinkelaker

(6) Greystone Equipment Finance joins "Funder list"

(7) Oracle pays $130M dump RE lease

(8) Sales Makes it Happen-by Linda Kester
“Never Give Up!”

(9) Imperial Capital merges with Maverick Leasing

(10) Classified Ads---Senior Management

-----Not included
Leasing News Flash
Former CyberNET President pleaded guilty, faces 4 Felony charges