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Top Stories--July 17-21

Here are the top ten stories most "opened" by readers last week.

(1) Bulletin Board Complaint
Balboa Capital, Irvine, California
(One of the most read articles in the history of Leasing News )

(2) Readers on “Evergreen Leases”
( Thoughtful opinions on why they don't write them. )

(3) Gerry Egan on “Evergreen Leases”
( A “street smart” approach to Evergreen Leases. )

( There was actually part II, and well-read, as it had two great photographs: )
Gerry and Jamie Gerry on the Road Again

(4) Evergreen Lease laws
( Only two states outlaw commercial “Evergreen leases.” )

(5) Tiger Leasing joins “Broker/Lessor” list
( And the list is at 275, going to 300 soon. We plan to divide into two sections as it is getting too large. )

(6) Why I Became a CLP
John Winchester-- "One World Chairman"
( Not only good to hear from Mr. Winchester, but a picture of his grandchildren visiting him at the beach---worth the open just to see these katsjammer kids. )

(7) NorVergence---FTC Shoe to Follow
( This was the only media breakdown of leasing companies, dollars, and what was involved, including not only the filing with the introduction “on line,” but only one we saw on line that had the “exhibits.”)

(8) ICON Fund Congratulations : to Become Largest Public Equipment Leasing Fund
( Paul Weiss does it again. )

(9) Sales make it Happen-By Terry Winders, CLP
“Insurance: Part of Sales Presentation”
( This originally was an explanation of leasing insurance, explained, and really should be shared by operations and others with some excellent information. )

(10) Pictures from the Past-- 1994-Bill Graneri
( And his tapes have been converted with better quality on CD, now available from the widow. )

Three Extra Editions (sent to those on our e-mailing list)

(very high "open," but not counted in the top ten as statistics not known in comparison to web site statistics.) If you are not on the mailing list, you didn't
receive these:

ICON Fund to Become Largest Public Equipment Leasing Fund

NorVergence Bankruptcy Trustee Sues 26 Banks/Officers

FASB/IASB Meeting News

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