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Top Stories--August 14-18

Here are the top ten stories most "opened" by readers last week.

(1) Evergreen" Ex-salesmen say leases are scams

(Note the Amplicon connection in the article.)

(2) Broker Commission Survey

Perhaps readers thought this was the "results" of the survey. Actually Leasing News was asking readers to contact Linda Kester with information “on” or “off the record.”

"If your company works with equipment leasing brokers, please contact her.

"If you are an equipment leasing broker, please let us know what “funders” are offering you to send business their way.

(3) August 18, 2000---Archives
Metrolease Ceasing Operations

(In this, we up-dated the archives with John Blazek's “new” company, "Evergreen Leasing.")

(4) Mongolia: IFC Advises on New Financial Leasing Law

(I bet readers thought this was IFC Credit Corporation and not International Finance Corporation, the private sector arm of the World Bank Group. Perhaps they also thought Mongolia was going to the sign of a humorous piece. It was serious. It shows that leasing is getting popular everywhere, even in Mongolia.)

(5) Sales makes it Happen --by Kit Menkin
"UAEL Remuneration Survey"

(There were "results" compiled by UAEL for the May Conference in Dana Point, California. Perhaps it should have been title "Salesmen pay Compensation," but since it had information on credit managers, funders, and others, thought this title covered it all.)

(6) Super "Broker/Lessor" List

(Some minor up-dates, in telephone numbers, etc. We try to keep these lists current, usually with the help of the people on the list. We are told by those on the list that they have gotten "business" from being here.)

(7) FICOs dip, 40-year mortgages rise

(Readers are starting to see the results of sub-prime mortgages, and interest only mortgages, such as losses now being experienced by NetBank, among others; plus new programs grow such as "reverse mortgages" and 40-year mortgages!!!)

(8) Linda Kester Waiting for your e-mail

(This is the announcement to contact Ms. Kester regarding broker commissions at your company. The purpose was not have a statistical survey, but to get her opinion on the increasing percentage of commissions to attract equipment leasing brokers. You can still reach her at: )

(9) Leasing Library Closed---Parker Retires

(“Where did it go and why?" Ted said in the first line of his announcement of retirement. Boy, I sure know what he is talking about.)

(10) More on CMC $300 Million Tax Evasion Indictment

(I think this would have been higher, but it followed the Wednesday "flash" which hit the East Coast at 5pm, so Thursday the original story was highly read.)

The Flash

CMC Officers Indicted for $300 Million Tax Evasion

(This was basically a press release sent by the US Attorney's office in San Diego. Leasing News has been a resource of information, they reported and wanted to reciprocate. As a matter of fact, the most requested information in our archives concerns the Commercial Money Center, and the most e-mail about up-dates concerns CMC as to "what is happening?" Here you got a case with three major government agencies, alphabetically, the FBI, IRS, and US Attorney, working together to bring down this indictment. I can report here that many readers sent emails to us congratulating the three agencies' hard work. Many brokers, funders, and customers, too, were celebrating.