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Top Stories--August 21-25

Here are the top ten stories most "opened" by readers last week.

(1) Leasing 102--by Terry Winders, CLP
“$1 Purchase Options”

(2) Under New President Fred Van Etten
-- Popular Reaches $15.3MM Settlement NorVergence leases

(3) Up-Date: formula for figuring rate

(4) Cartoon—
Inside Patrick “Evergreen” Byrne's Brain

(5 ) ELA to become "ELFa"--by Kit Menkin

(6) Calculators—lease/finance “up-dated”

(7) Celebrate! Romoff new Prez: One World

(8) The Bizarre NorVergence Leases--by Christopher Menkin
The Saga of Kuumba
"Maybe this is stupid?"
Who called for a Taxi?

(9 ) Baycap joins “Funder” List
(Fifty new funders added)

(10) John McCue on “The World is Flat”