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Top Stories--August 28-September 1

Here are the top ten stories most "opened" by readers last week.

(1) The most controversial book of the decade on leasing.

(This week Leasing News will have a book review on Jeff Taylor's latest,
"The Future of Equipment Leasing.")

(2) Sunrise Closing its Doors/King retiring

(A reader sent us a question which leads to this exclusive story and interview. The great majority of our "inside stories" come directly from readers. Thank you.)

(3) Sales Makes it Happen—by Linda P. Kester
“Broker Commissions – Follow-Up Report”

(A follow-up from her previous column. Of all the trainers, she appears to have the largest following, is the most read.

She ended this article :

This issue did touch a nerve. Other questions I received included:

1. If the funder gets their yield what do they care how much I get on top of that?
2. Does a higher commission mean less of a return in a default?
3. How high will the “split” go to get broker business?
4. Has the role of the salesperson changed that they can obtain a higher commission and part of the residual?

I'll address each of the above questions in a subsequent article. Again, if you have an opinion on this subject be sure to e-mail me at

(As the late and great San Francisco Columnist, and a good friend, Herb Caen
said, “ If you got it, flaunt it.”)

(4) Cartoon—Leasing Brokers' Wedding

(5) Archives-August 30, 2000---Manifest is Sold

(signed by Troy Molitor, Brian Bjella, Brad Peterson
General Manager Extension 2002
Director of Sales - East Extension 2914
Director of Sales - West Extension 2911
Yes, you got it. They are no longer there.)

(6) Leasing 102--by Terry Winders, CLP
“Equipment Return Requirements"

(7) FASB: Revamping Ancient Leasing Standards

(8) Key Equipment names Jeff Enoch Vice President
and Director Construction & Industrial Segment

(9) Two Viewpoints: Evergreen Leases

(This subject is not going to go away. Such contracts should be illegal in every state, not just two. When the industry cannot control its ethics, the government steps in and laws are created--from the meat industry, child labor laws, and to tricks by unscrupulous sales techniques.)

(10) Story Credit Up-Dated

Kit Menkin, editor