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Top Stories--August 7-11

Here are the top ten stories most "opened" by readers last week.

(1) IFC gets Walloped in Jury Trial

(This was the most read story since Leasing News has been keeping records of "Top Stories," evidently also sent to many who are not regular readers.)

(2) Balboa Capital pushes "Evergreen" to Brokers

(Look for more stories as readers do not appear to be in favor of the "Evergreen" clause in lease contracts.)

(3) Sales Makes it Happen---by Linda Kester
“Broker Commissions”

(Consistently always in the "Top Ten;" readers evidently like what she writes about and her opinion.)

(4) Leasing 102 by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP
“Revenue ruling 179”

(A new column by Terry Winders and the subject was obviously of interest to many readers.)

(5) NY AG Spitzer gets Nine more NorVergence settlements

(This was an exclusive, not from a press release. Periodically check court and AG web sites for information, and found these. Six were current, and three not as current. Why these companies did not settle when GE, CIT and the majors did is not answered here.

The terms and conditions were the same or better.)

(6) "Being a Broker" Module: Big Hit

(Again, a follow-up to another exclusive story, wanting to find out how this program was received. The NAELB has been very responsive when you ask them for information and Leasing News greatly appreciate this.)

(7) June brings top Second quarter for 25 Leasing companies

(The results with graphs, including one of our own.)

(8) Pacific Capital joins “Funder List”

(includes the announcement of more "funders" being added with an List "A" and List "B")

(9) NetBank posts loss, halts dividend

(Leasing News is working on a story that NetBank leasing is for sale; Dwight Galloway, Charles Randall and their staff may move again to stay together.)

(10) Lisa Lersner, Lease & Finance Consulting

(When she placed an ad in our Classified ads-Outsourcing, thought there may be an interesting story here. It seems the readers agree.)

“Consultant: Ridgefield CT.

Lisa Lersner w/20 years exp. specializing in leasing technology now providing lessor selection and management services, including the securing of debt and equity and acquisition guidance services.

Email: Go to”