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Top Ten Stories - October 10-14, 2005

1. Merlin Business Services Corp. Announces Preliminary Estimate of
Lease Portfolio Outstanding in Areas Hardest Hit by Hurricane Katrina

2. Sales Make It Happen --- Rethinking Loyalty

3. Sterling National Bank Opens N.J. Regional Office

4. Top The Stories --- October 3 – 7, 2005

5. Pictures from the Past—WAEL 1991 Board of Directors

6. Fitch Issues Presale on GreatAmerica Leasing Receivables Funding L.L.C.

7. Leasing Portals

8. Optimus Financial Services Changes Name to Reflect Focus
on Information Technology Market

9. Leasing Association Conferences—Fall, 2005

10. Leasing Software Companies

(These are not the top best stories or most interesting, but a count by how many readers read the article. The one on top was read by the greatest majority of readers:)