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Top Stories---October 24-28

These are the top ten stories most "opened" by readers last week.

(1) Uproar re: ELA Convention in Boca Raton

(2) ELA Convention Boca Raton "Eventful Annual Convention Closes"

Flash News--

(3) Sales Makes It Happen---Salespeople Aren't Marketers!

(4) Super Brokers' List

(5) Top Ten Stories - October 17-21, 2005

(6) EFG is in Business despite Rumors

(7) R.W.Professional Trial Postponed Again

(8) Orix to Acquire Houlihan, Lokey Howard & Jukin?

(9) Classified Ads--Help Wanted

(10) CSI Leasing, Inc. Selects SAP to Catalyze Change Processes