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Top Stories--- October 31-November 4

These are the top ten stories most "opened" by readers last week.

(1) ELA Holds Firm on Conference Cancellation Policy
---- Fleming to Retire

(2) Impact of the three Hurricanes on the Leasing Industry

( 3) Ira Romoff: Sovereign Buys Independence Bank

(4) SunBridge Capital joins the “Funder” List

(5) Exclusive Interview with Gary H. Souverein, Pawnee Leasing

(6) Two New Healthcare Equipment Leasing Studies Provide Comprehensive Overview and Details of Healthcare Financing Marketplace

(7) Alco Leasing Joins the “Funder Only” List

(8) Sales Makes it Happen---“The New Sales Professional “

(9) Illinois courts dismiss IFC suits v. NorVergence customers on jurisdiction and res judicata grounds

(10) ELA may Return Portion of Boca Raton Registration to Non-Attendees

(These are not the top best stories or most interesting, but a count by how many readers read the article. The one on top was read by the greatest majority of readers:)