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Top Stories---November 21-25

These are the top ten stories most "opened" by readers last week.

(1) Leasing firm in Fresno investigated

EFG subject of lawsuits, fraud inquiry .

(2) IFC Credit “Letter to the Editor”...

(3) ...but not to the FTC

(the above was actually the second part to "Letter to the Editor")

(4) Six Leasing Companies Wait for Pumpkin Pie

(5) Merrill Lynch Capital announces Expansion of Business

Aviation Financing in Foreign Markets

(6) Loan/Lease Broker Statutes

(7) Wheeler Says, “Fresno Bee story erroneous!”

(no other "on line" or "print" gave the other side of the story, plus a full version, quoting sources. Unfortunately it was not as well read as the accusation was the most read. editor)

(8) Looking Ahead for Leasing in 2006--Ron Caruso

(9) Rodi says, "LeaseNOW ---Mount Pleasant Capital"

(10) Sales Makes it Happen---“Focus on Results”

(This Wednesday feature had a higher rating, but was sent out to the mailing list to let them know that it originally was not listed in the "headlines" and therefore might have been missed.

It was later corrected. Editor.