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Top Stories---November 7-11

These are the top ten stories most "opened" by readers last week.

(1) One Leasing Company Reveals Katrina Hurricane Costs

(2 ) Oregon Abuzz re: QuikTrak Exec. Expose

(3) QuikTrak Moves Matt Hennesee to Indefinite Administrative Leave

(4) NewsDay Gets “Inside”
on Why FBI Raided R.W. Professional Leasing
---“...just a salesman,” claims defense attorney for
Barry Drayer.

(5) Would you Believe?
EFG is still in Business despite the Rumors
and Who is Steve Davis?

(6) "Funder?" or "Funder Only?" -Reader Has a Point

(7) Loans without Income Proof Debut in Small Business Deal

(8) Netbank Reports ‘Irregularities'.
--- Delays ¾ Q Earnings

(9) Sales Makes it Happen
---- “In Search of Closers”

(10 ) 10,629 NorVergence Leases in Contention

(These are not the top best stories or most interesting, but a count by how many readers read the article. The one on top was read by the greatest majority of readers:)