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Top Stories--December 12-16

 These are the top ten stories most "opened" by readers last week.

(1) What's Behind Marlin's Sr. VP/CFO Resignation?

(2) Leasing News Extra- Federal Reserve Rate Increase

(3 ) Leasing News Extra --- ELA Convention Registrant Checks in the Mail Today

(4) 330 Attended the Boca Raton ELA Conference

(5) CLP Down to 173

(6) NetBank Revolving Lines of Credit

(7) Bob Rodi New "Franchise Qualifier”

(8) Archives-1991— Rick Wilbur and the Wild Kingdom of SIGs

(9) Recomm similar to Royal Links or NorVergence?

(10 ) Sales make it Happen ---Hidden Issues
--The first in a series that after the follow up article will focus on a new approach to listening for salespeople.