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IFC Credit--Rudy Trebels

There are six court cases open regarding Rudy Trebels and IFC Credit Corporation. Readers tell me he is still playing golf in Florida, as well as vendors and lessees email Leasing News asking about doing business with him, finding stories written about him in the internet.

In the only civil case, brought by Coactiv Capital Partners on September 30, 2009, suit is for over $2 million against IFC Credit Corporation, Morton Grove, Illinois, one of their funding groups, and the two main principals, claiming the officers committed fraud as individuals, specifically not paying off leases when the lessee terminated early, and knowing that the company was "essential insolvent" for almost a year.

A status hearing is set for April 25, 2012 before the Honorable Elaine E. Bucklo.

There is the case of Greenwich Insurance and IFC Credit with Trebels named as a defendant and Leibowitz and Trebels, both in bankruptcy cases, as well as Leibowitz and First Chicago Bank.

The main bankruptcy case had a trial date set for 3/28/2013, but it was continued until 4/20/2013 with discovery cutoff September 1, 2012. Dates for other actions prior to the trial were sent by Judge Jacqueline P. Cox (7)