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East Coast Leasing Company Update
Wednesday, early afternoon, NY time

From Phil Dushey, Manhattan

"We have no power in 50% of Manhattan. We are a little "FREAKED OUT," but safe.

"I have lived in New York City area all my life and have never
experienced devastation like this in all my life. In New York we had
horrible flooding and power outages. From 39th Street which is in the
middle of Manhattan ,down to Battery Park which is at the tip of New
York and where my office is located there is no power; literally 10's
of thousands of businesses are shut down including mine. Probably 10
million people are affected and cannot get to work.

"Hopefully it will be resolved soon but the estimates are as short as a day or two to weeks away. The subways are completely shut down and flooded. It's hard to understand this but close to ten million people a day ride the subway . Buses just started running on a limited basis today. The main tunnels to the city are shut down because they have over 12 feet of water in them. These are tunnels that are about 2-3 miles long. Again this effects millions of people every day.

"Along the beaches it's total devastation . Houses are gone and beach boardwalks have disappeared . So far we have over 50 deaths reported and they expect it to be hundred's in a few days.

"In New Jersey where I have a home the devastation is much greater. I live in a condo development on the beach. We had a mandatory evacuation so I left on Sunday and am currently staying with my daughter in Brooklyn where we had minimal damage compared to the rest of the city.

"In my development are of the homes were completely destroyed. I was a little luckier because my apartment is on the second floor. Our beach is gone and the pool area and clubhouse are destroyed. we have an area called Pier Village which is 10 minutes away from me. It has restaurants ,stores and a beautiful beach. In the summer tens of thousands of people come here. IT'S ALL GONE I could go on and on but everyone in our area was not prepared because we never experienced anything like this or thought it was possible . We will pull through this but never forget it. Whole communities are under water and millions of people are stranded but our resolve is strong.

"Have a great day and everyone should give their kids and family a Big Kiss."

Phil Dushey
Global Financial Services
1 State Street New York NY 10004
Philip Dushey
212-480-4900 Ext 5005


"Black Rock Capital in Bridgeport CT still without power. Hope to be back on line today.

"In office and somewhat operational - No phones but we have power and obviously internet - Like the economy we're struggling through it."

George Booth


From Bob Runyon:

Just wanted all my friends in the business to know we are fine. We are the Jersey Shore and I live within feet of the Toms River which, if anyone knows this area, is directly across from the barrier island we all know as Seaside, NJ…which is devastated. They are allowing NO ONE on the barrier islands, I have been told there are Federal agents on the bridge, not even allowing local police to return, don’t know why There is no place on the barrier islands for the Governor to set his helo down. Even he is being denied access.

The little town I live in has fared very well, not so much for the towns immediately surrounding us. There is significant damage and hundreds of thousands maybe still millions who will be without power for a long, long time, maybe as much as an additional week for some. There are hundreds of houses lost, billions of dollars in damage, and that is only here in my little part of the Jersey Shore. We are most fortunate for the friends we have and the community we live in, most of this little town has power and the roads are passible. The tides are receding and then reoccurring as is normal, but each tide brings more debris, which tell the story from down and up river. I saw this morning a 35’ x35‘ section of pier decking that was washed over a four foot fence and has come to rest next to the road, the fence is still standing, so you know how high the tide was…about seven to eight feet. Comically some set up chairs on it ….kind of reminds me of the deck chairs on the Titanic. Most marinas are in chaos, boats are floating askew, some tied to the docks which had broken free and are floating but not tied to anything. Our friends 35’ sail boat road out the storm at anchor as we watched, all they said was glad they had insurance.

The Mantoloking Bridge, which many may know connects Brick NJ to Bay Head NJ, is closed. It was reported a house floated into it and it may have sustained damage, kind of strange to see a house floating in Barnegat Bay, but this I have not confirmed.

There are many fires burning from ruptured gas lines on the barrier islands where houses used to be, but very few if any people can reach that area and if they did what could they do. The amusement rides at Seaside are mostly in the Atlantic Ocean as this time, guess they will not be working any time soon.

If I see more or as time permits I will give you updates.”

Thank you,
Bob Runyon