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Sales Make it Happen

Use a Tiered Approach

By: Linda P. Kester

This technique was used on me when I was a sales manager at Advanta Leasing Corp.

We used Quick Trac for all our site inspections. A rival site inspection company wanted our business. I was the decision maker, and every time the sales rep called me I would brush him off. I'd say ."just send me some information" Or . "we're happy with who we're using".

The reason I would brush him off was that I had no real reason to change site inspection companies, and I was busy. I had twelve direct reports and an annual budget of $100,000,000.

The site inspection sales rep decided to use a tiered approach, and talk directly to my highest producing sales rep, Bill Beard. They formed a friendship, and Bill asked if we could use this site inspection company on his next deal. Wanting to keep Bill happy, I said "yes".

I looked at changing site inspection companies as a hassle. I'd have to have a meeting, give out new forms, retrain my reps, and not even be sure about the service I'd receive. However, when approached by my top rep to give a new company a try, I was willing.

I remember this experience with clarity because it really hit me. This is exactly like leasing!  Vendor sales managers don't see a real reason to change leasing companies.  They brush off the leasing reps with objections like; "We'll keep your information on file".  Work both the sales managers and the sales reps. and close them to give you a try on their next three deals.  

Recently I had lunch with Bill and asked him if I could share this story in Leasing News.  He said "absolutely".  Also, he added that he acquired his top account this same way.  He approached the perceived decision maker, only to encounter resistance.  He then called on the sales force and with positive persistence slowly won their business one sales rep at a time.

Using this tiered calling approach along with an integrated marketing program, will give your prospect reasons to use your services.

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