Franchise Mortgage Acceptance Corporation (FMAC)  (11/1999) purchased by Bay View  Commercial Corporation


    Heller Financials Commercial Services Unit (10/99 purchased by CIT )


    Commerce Security, Sacramento,Ca (8/99) Ron Wagner ceases taking brokered/discount business (Preferred Leasing was one of their sources) and make it an "in-house banking product (Hq'd in Southern California at El Dorado Bank). Deadline to fund deals was end of November, 1999. Several months later Ron decides it is time to play golf. He becomes the first to see "The Perfect Storm" brewing ahead.


    Japan Leasing Credit claims ( JLC --6/99 purchased by Orix )

    Liberty Leasing ( 6/1999 closed, California company )


    Tokai Financial Services sold to De Lage Landen (3/99)


    Golden Gate Funding ( 2/99 purchased by Westover Financial )

    Rockford Industries (2/99) sold to American Express



    Leasing Association (11/98) purchased by GE Capital, NASDAQ halts stock sales $13.4 loss last qtr. (10/2000) assets for sale


    Unicapital 1998 - original purchases by  date by Unicapital: 
American Capital Resources, 

Boulder Capital Group,
Cauff, Lippman Aviation,
Jacom Computer Services,
Matrix Funding,
Merrrimac Financial Assoc, 
Municipal Capital Markets Group
 The NSJ Group,  
Portfolio Financial Servicing
 (2/98)  (acquires assets of Unicapital),                                                                                 
The Walden Group. 
 K.L.C. Inc.dba Keystone Leasing - 
(5/98)  back in business.                                                                                             
Jumbo Jet, HLC Financial,  
Saddleback Financial Corp.-
(7/98)  back in business U.S.                                                                                     
Turbine Engine Corp. 
The Myerson Companies dba BSB Leasing 
(9/98) back in business under original owner now-Don Myerson.

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