Jeffrey Taylor
4844 E. Endora | Scottsdale, AZ 85254 | 602.708.4981

Specialty Training for Equipment Leasing Professionals

*** Boosting Performance ***

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Course Dates

Jan 29-31, 2007 Scottsdale, AZ

Course Times

Day 1 - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Day 2 - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Day 3 - 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Course Location

Location to be announced privately to paid students

Course fee

$1000 which includes course tuition, training material, breakfast and afternoon snacks (Lunch not included)

CPE Credit

Call for Details

Purpose of Course

This class is designed to reenergize, revitalize and refocus your day-to-day activities in order to maximize your earnings.

Who Should Attend

  1. Entrepreneurs who want to break into equipment leasing
  2. C-level professionals who want to maximize the performance of their corporation
  3. Sales professionals who want new marketing ideas
  4. Finance professionals who need to come current on latest accounting, finance and tax rules, regulations and trends
  5. Training personnel who are responsible for training other professionals

Day 1 AM

  • Economic Outlook
  • Characteristics of Small Ticket, Middle Market and Large Ticket Markets
  • Market Stats, Volumes and Profitability Targets
  • Lessor Risks
  • Risk Management
  • Infrastructure Trends
  • Effective Use of Brokers

Day 1 PM

  • Defining Your Value-Added Proposition
  • Positioning for Critical Path Advantage
  • Dealing with Difficult Vendors and Lessees
  • Dealing with Difficult Co-workers
  • Identifying and Destroying Your Self-Destructive Habits
  • Repositioning for Success
  • Using the Internet to Your Advantage
  • The Need to Have your Own Website

Day 2 AM

  • Review of FASB 13, CICA 3065 (Canada) and IAS 17 (International)
  • Disclosure and Management Reporting
  • Update on Sarbanes-Oxley (SARBOX)
  • Impact of PCAOB/IASB/SEC on Accounting Issues
  • Update on Revenue Recognition, Impairment, Fair Market Value and Securitization
  • Analysis of Tax Rules Under Democrats

Day 2 PM

  • Marketing to Marginal Credits
  • Working with the "Sales Prevention" group
  • Financing Tough Deals
  • Structuring For Profitability
  • Putting Together An Effective Lease
  • Review of Lease vs Loan Analysis

Day 3 AM

  • Getting Your Brain To Focus On Success
  • Dealing with People Smarter Than You
  • Dealing with People More Powerful Than You
  • Improving Your Negotiation Skills
  • Handling Objections Under Any Circumstance
  • Winners Close Everytime

Agenda Subject To Change

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