Leasing News Advertising Rates

Rate Chart per month

Size (pixels width by height) One Month Three Months One Year
Small - 500p x 300p $795 $750 $695
Medium - 500p x 400p $895 $850 $795
Large - 500p x 470p $995 $950 $895
Extra Large - 600p x 480p $1,095   $1,045  $995

Ad Prices are by month. Monthly price is reduced when committed to a longer term than one month.

Most advertisers run at least three months, often extending to a longer period due to the results received.

Leasing News retains the right to refuse ads that don’t meet our criteria, such as misuse of Evergreen clauses or complaints received on their practices.


Alexa ranked us number #1 website among our news group. We don’t just print press releases, but have commercial business reporters and regular columnists.

Display Ads

The ads appear appear in each edition, published three times a week, normally Monday-Wednesday-Friday. The days change due to Monday holidays to two days: Tuesday-Thursday news editions.

The display ads appear at the end of news articles chosen by the editor, specifically, not randomly. A display ad also rotates in each news edition, placed in the lower half of the masthead.

Display ads are also rotated to appear in the newsletter email. Your ad will be seen by our subscribers when they open our email. Leasing News email open rate is well above industry average.

Each morning two stories with their ad get placed in our 18,000 “followers” on LinkedIn, as well as over 12 commercial business and associations.

Many advertisers have several ads that rotate, meaning each news edition gets a different ad from their group.

Help Wanted Ads

Help Wanted Ads are different than display as they appear in the classified section of each posted Leasing News, always after the top stories of the day. If more than one, the larger ads appear on top, following newspaper protocol.

Each news edition also has a different Help Wanted ad appear at the top of the Masthead in addition to the online classified help wanted section. In effect, the Help Wanted ad on top of the masthead will also appear in the classified section, creating the ad appearing twice in the same edition.

Help Wanted ads are also rotated to appear at the top of the newsletter email. Yyour ad is directly sent to our subscribers email inbox. Leasing News email open rate is well above industry average.

All ads are designed by an agency or companies who have digital departments. The sizes vary from our rate card as the designer choses.

Please inquire at kitmenkin@leasingnews.org