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Patrick Sponsel Succumbs to Cancer

Patrick Sponsel, 55, Sharpe Financial Network, past president of the National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers, passed away last night after a long and valiant fight with cancer. 

The NAELB is preparing a press release. It appears a memorial service will be held this Saturday

This ran in the July 9, 2012 Leasing News edition:

Pray for Patrick Sponsel

Sharpe Financial Network
President, National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers
(Reprinted from the NAELB Forum Listserve with permission)

“I had Colonoscopy 2 Fridays ago June 22nd and was waiting for results with appointment scheduled with General practitioner on Friday last week. Previously passed specialist prostate exam June 14th. I had been struggling with this recurring illness more and more frequent since January with same symptoms similar to severe flu I was having in Denver. (Severe Abdominal gas-like pain and nausea followed by diarrhea and much less frequent symptom but vomiting). Tried changing everything within my diet, though perhaps was stress related ulcer, eliminated gluten from diet. Each change would feel better or milder symptoms for a while until another episode or two would eliminate that as a conclusion.

“The frequency of the symptoms had increased to twice in same week and so was very ill last Thursday June 28th. I went to Dr’s office first thing in morning and vomited while there during exam, and was checked into the hospital. The colonoscopy was negative for polyps, but really is a scope internal to the organ. They did CT scan and found growth (tumor) that bowel had wrapped itself around causing obstruction (tumor was external of the bowel) Operated Friday June 29th and removed the small bowel and portion of larger bowel including the appendix and lymph nodes. The surgeon is a general surgeon so I’ve yet to see an oncology specialist. The test results from the removed tumor are due back tomorrow, but surgeon’s opinion (based upon previous experiences) is that likely to have been cancerous. The surgery removed all existing tumor and the lymph nodes that surround the removed organ, but cancer can travel through the system and regenerate elsewhere especially if previously entered thru the lymph nodes. The following procedures for treatment of which we are all familiar then come under the care of oncologist which I have yet to meet or decide upon.

“I meet with the surgeon on Monday July 9th, 2pm, to get the results from the tests and to discuss next steps. If tests are returned negative, won’t need to meet oncologist. Please Pray for that. Thank you for your concern and prayers to this point. It’s working!”

Patrick Sponsel

((Kit, to respond to your request for permission to use my story as incentive for colonoscopy I guess if it motivates someone in your circulation to have it done I guess so. Certainly doesn’t hurt. (Literally and figuratively))

Patrick Sponsel

The article brought many comments, including:

From Bernard Whitley, President, BW Transportation Solutions Inc.
DBA: BW Capital Solutions, Irvine, California:

"Patrick, you and your family will be in my prayers and my thoughts and I wish you a speedy recovery, I have been in your shoes so please hang in there.

"On a side note, if you are at the age of fifty please go and have a colonoscopy done make that a birthday present to yourself and your family, if you are African American the age, is actually 45 and not fifty.

“Last year in February at the age of 51 I had a colonoscopy done I had put it off for a year, with my wife on my case to get it done I finally caved in, when I woke up from the procedure the doctor informed me that he was sending me to a surgeon without giving me a whole lot of information, to make a long story short I had about 13 inches of my colon removed and about nine inches of my lower intestine removed, all due to a precancerous polyp that was fort anally caught early, a quote from my surgeon during my follow up visit, "I you would have waited one more year you and I would be having a different conversation." I walked out of my surgeon’s office with tears in my eyes because I knew I had dodged a bullet.

"Those words are still stuck in my head to this day, so please take a few hours and get it done the procedure is not as bad as it sounds."

Hopefully this reminds us all to have a colonoscopy and not put it off.
May Patrick Rest in Peace…